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If you live in the State of Wyoming, it is best that you take advantage of the opportunity to get your Wyoming car insurance quote online. You can get started instantly by entering your zip code above. Then just follow the instructions and you’ll be saving money on your next car insurance policy in no time.

You may interested to know that there are many different aspects to auto insurance in Wyoming. We have included information on some of the more important ones below. You can learn about your required insurance minimums, important insurance laws, Wyoming insurance rates and a whole lot more. Keep reading to find out more or use the quote form above to start saving quickly.

Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements In Wyoming

Even drivers in Wyoming still need auto insurance. The Wyoming Automobile Insurance Guide (see link at the bottom of this page) lays out what insurance is and is not required in Wyoming. Currently, you are only required to carry two types of liability insurance. You will need at least:

  • $25,000 bodily injury liability insurance for injury or death to 1 person in 1 accident;
  • $50,000 bodily injury liability insurance for injury or death to 2 or more people in 1 accident;
  • $20,000 property damage liability insurance for damage or destruction of property in 1 accident.

You should know that these are minimums only. There is nothing stopping you from buying more liability insurance coverage. In fact many experts think that the minimums are too low. Don’t be afraid to speak with your licensed insurance agent or company about what your auto insurance needs and requirements are.

Also, you should know that although uninsured motorist coverage is not mandatory it will be included in your insurance policy by default. You can opt out, if you do so in writing, but only when you make the initial application. If you do not opt at that time, then you are required to keep it as part of your policy. In Wyoming uninsured motorist coverage only covers the bodily injury portion of your policy, and does not cover any property damage.

Finally, you may choose to purchase other additional forms of auto insurance to increase your protection. Popular options include Medical Expenses Coverage, Physical Damage Coverages (Collision and Comprehensive) and Transportation Cost Coverages (Rental Reimbursement and Towing). None of these are mandated by law, but you might want to check with your agent or company if they may be right for you.

Wyoming State Auto Insurance Laws

There are several sections of the Wyoming Statutes that affect your rights and obligations as a driver in the state. Like all other states, Wyoming has it’s own financial responsibility laws. The ones relating to auto insurance can be found in Title 31 – Motor Vehicles. It is the legal basis for the insurance requirements you see above.

Almost all people choose to meet their financial responsibility obligations by buying at least a basic auto insurance policy. However, the law does give you two alternatives. You can also choose instead to get a bond in an amount determined by the State Department of Transportation, or get a Certificate of Deposit for at least $25,000 deposited with the State Treasurer. Not all drivers are eligible to take part in these programs, and you have to get in contact with the State Department of Transportation, Financial Responsibility Program in Cheyenne.

Do not think you can drive without insurance or other proof of financial responsibility. Law enforcement officers are legally allowed to ask for proof at any time. If you are caught without proof of financial responsibility (an insurance card is usually all you need) you have 7 days to produce it. If you fail to produce it, you can be fined up to $750 and/or spend up to 6 months in jail.

You may also face Reinstatement Fees and the requirement to file an SR-22 form for 3 years. So do yourself a favor and make sure you buy insurance, the new Insurance Verification System is making it all the more likely you’ll get caught if you haven’t.

The other very important thing to know about insurance in Wyoming is that it operates under the comparative negligence tort system. This can be found in Title 1 – Code Of Civil Procedure of the Wyoming Statutes. It is very important to know how the claims process works and will have an important impact should you get in an accident.

Essentially, comparative negligence just means that a degree of fault can be assessed in any accident. If you are 5% at fault in an accident and the other driver is found to be 95% at fault, then you can reclaim up to 95% of the costs from the other driver. However, if you are found to be more than 50% at fault in an accident you can’t reclaim any costs, although the amount they claim from you will still be proportionate to their degree of fault. So long as don’t cause any accidents, you do not need to worry too much about this provision, but it is still good to know.

Finally, you may want to have a look at other insurance laws and you should at least have a look at Title 26 – Insurance Code. It includes information not found in the other sections of the Wyoming Statutes. At the end of the day, you can always ask your insurance agent or company what you need to know. They are allowed to give advice about Wyoming insurance for your personal needs.

Wyoming Car Insurance Companies

Even though Wyoming is not among the most populous states in the country, there are still has many insurance companies to choose from. The trick of course is finding that one that will both give you a good deal and be there if you need them. Getting a quote from our site is one good way to begin your search.

Another, is to have a look at the websites of some the larger insurance companies who happen to be members of the Insurance Information Institute.

Allianz of America, Inc.

Allstate Insurance Group

Bituminous Insurance Companies

Chubb Group Of Insurance Companies

Farmers Group, Inc.


The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc.

The Hartford Financial Services Group

Harleysville Insurance

Kemper Corporation (formerly Unitrin)

Liberty Mutual Group

MetLife Auto & Home


OneBeacon Insurance Group

Safeco Corporation

State Auto Mutual Group

State Farm


Zurich North America

Of course before you pick any insurance company, you’re going to want to look at the complaint ratios against them. If you’re not sure why this is important, then you should read this handy complaint ratio explanation.

Finally, if you have your own issues with your auto insurer, you may want to consider looking into how to file your own consumer complaint.

Average Wyoming Auto Insurance Rates

Wyoming should be considered among the more affordable states when it comes to buying an auto insurance policy. In 2008, the Insurance Information Institute found that the state was the 21st cheapest in the country. The average premiums paid by drivers that year were $632, about $150 less per year than the national average.

It seem likely that low rates persist today. provides information on the average quote they process and they claim the average quote for Wyoming drivers and car owners is $1,118 per year. This is over $300 less than the average quote given to the average American driver.

Still no matter how you look at it, you need to get a least a few Wyoming car insurance quotes to make sure you’re getting the best rate for you.

Wyoming Car Accident Statistics

Wyoming has more than its fair share of car accidents each year, according to 2010 Traffic Crash Information from the Wyoming Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In 2010 the state had 14,653 crashes resulting in 4,462 injuries and 153 fatalities.

In comparison to other states, these numbers are higher than they should be. For example, in 2009 Wyoming had 1.40 fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles traveled, while the rest of the US had just 1.14. The problem is largely concentrated in the 4 worst counties, which collectively contain over 50% of all traffic fatalities in the state according to the NHTSA. They are: Fremont County, Sweetwater County, Laramie County and Natrona County.

Yet, no matter which area you drive in and which roads you drive on, it pays to be safe. Have a look at the Wyoming Travel Information Service, Highway Safety Programs, and WYDOT’s News and Information for more information about making your Wyoming driving safer.

Wyoming Car Insurance Quotes For Savings And Safety

There is an an extensive network of car insurance providers in Wyoming. Many, if not most now offer free online Wyoming car insurance quotes. Getting these quotes online will help you find and enjoy some of the more affordable rates in the state.

Getting insurance, apart from satisfying state insurance requirements, also serves as a safety net for you and your family. There are awesome auto insurance plans that offer their policyholders the widest coverage. Yet, this coverage may vary from one company to another. The best way to make sure you get the right one for you at a price you can afford is by comparing the quotes of leading companies.

Doing extensive research online, can also help you in your search for your best Wyoming car insurance quote. Hundreds of sites provide the most comprehensive information about Wyoming car insurance quotes. You can compare insurance quotes and also their respective coverage. Through this, you can find an affordable, yet highly efficient car insurance policy, tailor-made just for you.

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