Recent Examples Of Why Auto Insurance Quotes Are Important To Get

When Renting a Car Do I Really Need Extra Insurance?
November 20, 2013
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Recent Examples Of Why Auto Insurance Quotes Are Important To Get


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Most people know why auto insurance quotes are important.

You see TV ads such as Geico‘s that claim 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance:

Yet, for many the message fails to sink in.

Take a recent story from El Paso Inc, it is about Thomas Mitchell, an Arizona driver who was able to reduce his car insurance premiums in half after getting a quote for car insurance. The interesting thing about the story, is that his current insurer was willing to beat the new price quote he received, but admits it would not have done so unless he asked.

This story shows just how important it is to make sure you get quotes on a regular basis as your insurance company won’t voluntarily give you lower rates unless you ask.

The second reason to get auto insurance quotes is when your driving situation changes. This may be due to an accident, age milestone or any other change that could impact your auto insurance rates. One very important thing to look into, is the impact a new teen driver in your family could have on your family’s insurance premiums. A recent discussion on Reddit shows the potential issues that can arise. The user claims that:

So, I get straight A’s. I am poor. I live with my dad only and I have had my license for half a year now. I haven’t gotten behind the wheel since the day of my driver test and i want to drive sometimes, legally. I might use want to drive to school one day a week or maybe drive one day on the weekend. My dad said it would cost hime [sic] about 4 times as much to add me to his plan, which is ridiculous. How can I drive legally like this. I will barely use the car. I live in California. Tell me if you need any other info, thanks. Is there a cheap or free way to add me to his plan. Car is a 2002 Acura RSX.

Having your premiums rise by 4 times, just for adding an occasional teen driver, is excessive. In this case his father’s insurance company likely does not want to insure a car with a teen driver. Thus, they give a ridiculously high quote. In this case, you need to shop around and find a company that is happy to insure teen drivers.

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why auto insurance quotes are important


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