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Finding and purchasing car insurance in Tacoma is easy when you shop and compare insurance coverage online. Our instant auto insurance quotes simplify the process of shopping for Tacoma car insurance while also providing a large selection of quotes from highly rated insurers.

From the comfort of your home or office at a time convenient to your schedule you can obtain Tacoma auto insurance quotes. All you have to do to get started in enter your zip code, answer a few questions and then receive multiple quotes from different carriers straight to your computer’s browser.

Car Insurance Agents in Tacoma

If you would prefer dealing with an insurance professional in their office location, Tacoma is also home to many insurance agents that can assist you with shopping for auto insurance in Tacoma. Their knowledge of local driving conditions can offer insight into the types of coverage that you need to stay fully protected. The following resource links to top rated carriers and the agents that represent their Tacoma car insurance coverage.

Tacoma Allstate Insurance Agents

Thirty-four insurance agents represent Allstate in Tacoma, Puyallup, Lakewood, Spanaway, University Place, Milton, Federal Way, Lacey, Auburn and Gig Harbor.

Tacoma Farmers Insurance Agents

Farmers Insurance has 50 agents offering auto insurance in Tacoma with several that provide services in Spanish, Russian, Punjabi, Korean and French.

Tacoma Geico Insurance Agents

Geico Insurance has 2 offices in the State of Washington – Seattle and Spokane. The Seattle office provides quotes and coverage for car insurance in Tacoma and the surrounding areas.

Tacoma Progressive Insurance Agents

Progressive Insurance is represented by 18 agents in Tacoma, Washington.

Tacoma State Farm Insurance Agents

Tacoma is home to 50 State Farm Insurance agents including representatives in the surrounding cities of Fife, University Place, Federal Way, Lakewood, Gig Harbor, Puyallup, Spanaway, Sumner, Auburn, Kent, Des Moines and Bonney Lake.

Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner Consumer Toolkit Agent Lookup

Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner provides a consumer toolkit website for users to look up information on licensed agents, agencies and companies doing business in the State of Washington. This website tool allows consumers to review agent’s license status and the companies that agent represents. It also lists any investigations or disciplinary actions.

If our resource listing does not include your agency or company, send us a message with our email form. At the present time, individual listings for agents are only available in the paid feature section of our site.

Tacoma Car Insurance Rates

Car insurance rates in Tacoma are some of the highest in the nation. The average annual car insurance premiums in Tacoma are $2,052 making them 3 percent higher than the average US premiums of $1,998 according to statistics by CarInsurance.com. They are also 23 percent higher than the State of Washington average of $1,575 per year.

Driving in Tacoma

Located on the Puget Sound, the port city of Tacoma is the 3rd largest population in Washington with a total of 198,000 residents. When included with the populations of the entire Puget Sound region, there are actually almost 1 million people living and working in the area. The main mode of transportation is by car, and the city is laid out in a grid system in order to make navigation through the area easier.

A total of 7 highways run through Tacoma with the major Interstate 5 linking the city with Seattle in the north and Portland in the south. Public transit also makes up a large part of the city with buses, commuter trains and ferries actively used by residents and visitors.

The 2011 Best Drivers Report published by Allstate determined that the city’s drivers are not the safest in the country.

Tacoma placed 141 out of 200 cities for having the best drivers with a 23.2 percent chance of being involved in a traffic accident. Their driving results actually decreased by 5 points from their 2010 ranking of 136th.

Tacoma is situated in Pierce County, and according to a Traffic Safety Report for 2006-2010 by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the county came in 2nd out of 39 Washington counties for most traffic fatalities. In 2010, Pierce County had 47 deaths due to traffic accidents with 25 of those deaths involving alcohol or drug impaired drivers.

For current traffic conditions in Tacoma, the Washington State Department of Transportation provides a website with traffic reports and cameras. Drivers can view the site to determine if their driving route has any traffic, road closures or construction work and then plan accordingly to avoid delays.

Washington Auto Insurance Laws

Like most other states Washington auto insurance laws require drivers carry auto liability insurance. The minimum requirements are rather low with $25,000 bodily injury per person, $50,000 for 2 or more people and $10,000 for property damage.

Washington drivers must also carry proof of insurance when driving, and if caught without proof, motorists face fines of $450 or higher. While car insurance laws in Washington only require liability insurance, most vehicle owners will need to obtain additional comprehensive or collision coverage to protect themselves financially if involved in an accident.

Tacoma Car Insurance Quotes

Tacoma car insurance quotes are usually based on driving records, age of the driver, type and age of car as well as credit history. Even without a flawless driving record, Tacoma motorists can find affordable auto insurance. Shopping online for car insurance in Tacoma is one of the most convenient ways to obtain quotes and make better decisions concerning your insurance coverage.

Because rates differ between companies, it is important to compare a minimum of three quotes in order to get the full picture of the pricing and types of coverage available in Tacoma.

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