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It isn’t always easy finding car insurance in Spokane. There are so many agents and companies available that it can be difficult to ascertain which company and policy is the best. It can also take time to drive around time visiting agents or calling on the phone. Fortunately, the internet has made shopping for Spokane car insurance much easier.

Consumers can now obtain instant quotes right online from home or office at a time that is convenient for their schedule. Online insurance shopping is a fast growing trend that allows drivers to obtain quotes fast and take care of getting this required coverage without a lot of stress or hassle.

Car Insurance Agents in Spokane

Spokane auto insurance agents also live and work in the community so they are an excellent resource for evaluating your insurance needs and helping you find coverage that is right for you. For some people, having that one-on-one personal attention is what they prefer when it comes to buying insurance. There are many agents available in the area who represent highly rated and reputable auto insurance companies.

Spokane Allstate Insurance Agents

Spokane is home to 20 Allstate Insurance agents who provide auto insurance to Washington drivers.

Spokane Farmers Insurance Agents

Farmers Insurance offers 50 agents in the Tacoma area with bilingual representatives available to assist clients in Spanish and American Sign Language.

Spokane Geico Insurance Agents

There is a Geico Insurance office available in the city to assist area drivers with obtaining car insurance in Spokane.

Spokane Progressive Insurance Agents

Progressive Insurance has 34 agent offices in Spokane to provide auto insurance quotes and coverage.

Spokane State Farm Insurance Agents

Twenty-eight (28) State Farm agents offer quotes and coverage for auto insurance in Spokane, Mead, Cheney, Liberty Lake and Deer Park, Washington.

Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner Consumer Toolkit Agent Lookup

Consumers may use the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner website to find information about licensed agents including company appointments, investigations and disciplinary action, if any.

Send a message with our email form if you do not find your agency or company in our resource list. Currently, we only accept individual agent listing in our paid feature section.

Spokane Car Insurance Rates

Auto insurance rates in Spokane are 26 percent lower than the national average car insurance premiums of $1,998 and 6 percent lower than the State of Washington’s average rates of $1,575 based on research completed by CarInsurance.com.

Even though Spokane car insurance rates are lower than both Washington State and the nation, drivers should take time each year at renewal to shop and compare quotes from multiple carriers. That will help to keep motorists informed about any rate or coverage changes and can also result in lower rates as well.

Driving in Spokane

Spokane serves as the county seat for its county of the same name and has a population size of almost 209,000 based on the US Census of 2010. It is Washington’s 2nd largest city and the nation’s 3rd largest in the Pacific Northwest. The entire region’s population is closer in size to 471,000 residents.

The city’s streets are based on a cardinal direction street grid with Interstate 90, US Highway 2 and US Highway 395 running through the city and making up the area’s most heavily traveled corridor. The State’s Department of Transportation has diligently worked to keep traffic flow moving on the area’s highways and is working on adding additional infrastructure to ease traffic congestion.

Some of that diligence has paid off considering that Allstate’s 2011 Best Drivers Report ranked Spokane drivers as the 40th best drivers in the nation out of 200 other cities.

The Traffic Safety Report published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for 2006 to 2010 found that Spokane County came in 5th out of 39 counties in Washington for vehicle related fatalities.

The county’s traffic fatalities numbered 26 for 2010 representing a 41 percent decrease in car related fatalities from the previous year. More than half of the 2010 deaths involved drug or alcohol impaired drivers.

The Washington State Department of Transportation offers a website for drivers to view up-to-date traffic reports for Spokane. The site lists traffic incidents, road closures and construction delays.

Washington Auto Insurance Laws

All drivers in Washington State must have auto liability according to Washington car insurance regulations. The state’s minimum limits for coverage are $25,000 per person for bodily injury with $50,000 for two or more as well as property damage liability of $10,000.

All motorists must keep proof of insurance in the vehicle to avoid being fined $450 or more. Our state resource guide outlines auto insurance laws in Washington State along with the required minimum insurance coverage.

Spokane Car Insurance Quotes

While many Spokane car insurance companies provide coverage for the area, it is important to note that not every insurer offers the same coverage, rates or customer service. By taking the time to obtain auto insurance quotes for Spokane, you will become a more informed insurance shopper and be able to discern which coverage is right for your needs and budget. To get started, enter your zip code in the box below for free auto insurance quotes instantly viewable right on your computer screen.

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