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Car Insurance Agents In Norfolk

When you want personal service and attention, an insurance agent can be a valuable resource for providing Norfolk auto insurance rates and policies. Local agents understand the state and community legal requirements for coverage so that they can design personalized insurance protection plans. Norfolk is home to many auto insurance agents who can assist area residents with securing the right car insurance policies to meet their budget and coverage needs.

Norfolk Allstate Insurance Agents

A team of 15 Allstate Insurance agents are available to provide auto insurance in Norfolk and surrounding cities such as Virginia Beach, Portsmouth and Yorktown.

Norfolk Farmers Insurance Agents

Farmers Insurance agents number 50 in the Norfolk Virginia area. Many bilingual agents are available to assist clients in Spanish, Tagalog (Filipino), Cantonese, Mandarin, French and Greek.

Norfolk Geico Insurance Agents

While Geico Insurance does not have an agent in Norfolk, there is one available in Hampton Roads, just 16 miles away. Motorists may also purchase Norfolk car insurance by visiting the company website or calling the support hotline.

Norfolk Progressive Insurance Agents

Norfolk is home to 7 Progressive Insurance agents to assist residents with insurance for their cars, motorcycles, boats, RVs and ATVs.

Norfolk State Farm Insurance Agents

Fifty State Farm Insurance agents service the Norfolk area including Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach and Suffolk.

Virginia Bureau of Insurance Agent and Agency Lookup

The Virginia Bureau of Insurance offers a helpful website for consumers to check the status of insurance licenses in the state. The site displays agent status and companies that agent represents as well as any complaints or disciplinary actions.

If your agency isn’t on our list of insurance resources, submit your info using our contact form. Individual agent listings are only accepted through our paid features option.

Norfolk Car Insurance Rates

According to CarInsurance.com, Virginia auto insurance rates are some of the lowest in the nation. The state’s average annual premiums are only $968. Norfolk car insurance rates, on the other hand, are 38 percent higher at $1,565 average per year. The good news is that Norfolk auto insurance premiums are still lower than the national average of $1,998 by 22 percent. Motorists should review their coverage each year to make sure they are receiving the best rates possible.

Driving in Norfolk

Norfolk’s population of 242,000 makes it the 2nd largest city in Virginia, and it is part of the larger metropolitan area known as Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Newport News statistical area. This metro region is comprised of 1.7 million residents in nine cities within seven different counties. Norfolk has a proud heritage of being a strategic military and transportation hub and is also home to the largest naval base in the country and NATO headquarters. Travel in this metro area is eased by the large number of highways, tunnels and bridges that link different parts of the city.

Norfolk does have its share of traffic congestion. The Inrix.com National Traffic Scorecard ranked the entire metro area of Norfolk as 30th out of 100 cities for most congested traffic areas. When evaluating cities based on safe drivers and collision frequency, the Allstate Insurance 2011 Safe Drivers Report listed Norfolk as 169 out of 200 cities for safe driving with an average 34.6% likelihood that drivers may be involved in a traffic accident.

Norfolk is not part of a county. Instead, it is an independent city within the Commonwealth of Virginia, and according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, the city of Norfolk experienced 9 deaths related to traffic accidents in 2010. Of those 9 fatalities, 6 involved drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Virginia Auto Insurance Laws

Virginia auto insurance laws are quite unique compared to other states. The state has mandatory auto insurance minimums; however, drivers may opt out of insuring their vehicle for a $500 fee payable to the state DMV.

Uninsured drivers that pay this opt-out fee drive at their own risk because should they be involved in an accident, they will be liable to pay for all costs associated with property damage or medical bills. Penalties for driving without insurance or the required uninsured motorist fee are fairly stiff.

Violators face suspension of driver’s license and car registration, and then must pay a reinstatement fee of $500 and file a SR-22 financial responsibility certificate for 3 years. Learn more about Virginia car insurance requirements by visiting our resource page that details everything you need to know about insuring your vehicles in Virginia.

Norfolk Car Insurance Quotes

The advantages to shopping online for Norfolk Car Insurance are numerous with the main benefit being quick and convenient access to all the auto insurance information you need to make a decision right from the comfort of home. Use our quote tool today to find affordable coverage simply by entering your zip code in the box below. That’s all you need to find auto insurance in Norfolk.

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