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The benefits of shopping for car insurance online stem mainly from the convenience and ability to research a large number of companies all from the convenience of home. No need to worry about looking through the phone book and staying on the phone for hours. You also won’t have to spend gas money driving to agent offices.

With just the click of a mouse, you’ll have access to car insurance quotes specifically designed for your needs and area. Then you can take the time to compare rates and coverage features to find just the right policy for your vehicle.

Car Insurance Agents in Plano

Plano auto insurance agents provide excellent resources to local residents who would like one on one service and attention. Agents offer expertise in helping Plano motorists secure coverage suitable for meeting Texas auto insurance requirements while also protecting the driver, their vehicle and other motorists. Our Plano car insurance guide serves as a resource for finding local agents as well as aiding in understanding the types of coverage that will best suit driver’s needs.

Plano Allstate Insurance Agents

Plano is home to more than 50 Allstate Insurance agents. With locations in the east, west and north sections of the city, Plano drivers can easily find agent offices close to home or work. Many offer bilingual Spanish services to those in the community needing assistance in their native language.

Plano Farmers Insurance Agents

Farmers Insurance maintains a network of 50 auto insurance agents to assist local clients including bilingual representatives, who provide services in Spanish, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, Mandarin, Portuguese, Punjabi, Farsi and Persian.

Plano Progressive Insurance Agents

Progressive Insurance offers 5 Plano auto insurance agents in both west and east sides of the city.

Plano State Farm Insurance Agents

Fifty State Farm Insurance agents serve Plano and neighboring cities including Richardson, Garland, Allen, Murphy and Frisco. More than half of the agents offer services in Spanish.

Texas Department of Insurance Agent Lookup

Consumers may look up information about licensed insurance agents in Texas by visiting the state’s Department of Insurance website. With only a first and last name, you can make sure that an agent is properly licensed and discover if they have any complaints or disciplinary action listed in their records.

If your agency is not listed in our resources section, send us an email using our contact form. We only accept individual listings for agents through our paid feature option at this time.

Plano Car Insurance Rates

CarInsurance.com reports that Plano car insurance averages $1,520 per year making the city’s premiums 12 percent higher than the Texas average annual auto insurance premiums of $1,363. The good news is that Plano auto insurance rates are 24 percent lower than the national average of $1,998. With Texas car insurance rates varying based on location, Plano drivers should plan on checking rates each year to ensure that their coverage and pricing is competitive.

Driving in Plano

Located in Collin County, the city of Plano is the 9th largest in population in the state of Texas. The city is actually part of the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex and home to the headquarters of some of the largest corporations in America including Dr. Pepper, Frito-Lay, Pizza Hut, JC Penney, Dell Computers and Siemens Software.

Plano’s reputation as one of the best and safest suburban areas also happens to contribute to it being one of the wealthiest cities in the U.S. according to CNN and Forbes Magazine. The city’s road system is set up on a grid master plan that uses multiple lane highways and major thoroughfares for navigation within Plano and to other suburbs of the Dallas area.

It is serviced by U.S. Highway 75 to the east, Texas Highway 121 in the north and two toll roads, the North Dallas Tollway in the west and President George Bush Turnpike to the south.

Drivers in Plano are relatively safe when behind the wheel. According to the Allstate 2011 Best Drivers Report Plano drivers ranks 153 out of 200 cities for safety and collision frequency. And in studies by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Collin County experienced 34 traffic related fatalities in 2010 with 16 of those caused by alcohol impaired driving and 13 involved motorcyclists. Considering the fact that almost 260,000 residents live in Plano and 782,000 in Collin County, the deaths due to car accidents are low for an area of this population size.

Drivers in the DFW metroplex can view real time traffic reports for Plano and surrounding cities by visiting the website of the Texas Department of Transportation. The site offers updated information about traffic incidents, congestion and road closures.

Texas Auto Insurance Laws

The state of Texas does require that all drivers carry proof of auto insurance in their vehicles; however, despite this mandated coverage, the state’s laws are some of the least stringent in the country. Texas auto insurance minimums are quite low, and the law only requires the purchase of bodily injury and property damage liability.

Because severe penalties are imposed for failure to obtain auto insurance coverage, Texas motorists need to carry appropriate coverage and keep proof inside the vehicle whenever in operation. Texas car insurance laws do assign fault in accidents so that drivers accept financial responsibility when they are the cause of an accident.

Plano Car Insurance Quotes

You can shop now for car insurance in Plano by using our online quote form to submit your zip code. That way, you’ll receive instant quotes right on your computer desktop or laptop, and then you’ll be able to sort through available coverage to find the right policy for your auto. Once you choose the policy for you, there’s even an option to purchase Plano car insurance coverage right online, making insurance shopping easy and convenient for your busy schedule.

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