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When driving in the Lonestar State, auto insurance is a necessity. Of course, insuring your vehicle is required by state law, but motorists also need to have coverage in order to fully protect themselves from the cost of unexpected accidents.

For those living in the West Texas town of Lubbock, shopping for auto insurance is easier than ever before. With the convenience of online insurance quotes, Lubbock drivers can research and compare pricing and coverage options in the few seconds it takes to click the computer mouse.

The beauty of shopping for Lubbock car insurance online is how this technology saves time and allows computer users to obtain a wealth of information about insurance companies and their policies. No need to drive around or wait on the phone for information, online insurance shopping is fast becoming the most popular means to find and purchase auto insurance in Lubbock and cities just like it all over the country.

Car Insurance Agents in Lubbock

Lubbock car insurance agents have locations throughout the city to provide a place for area residents to drop in and learn more about the requirements for Texas auto insurance and specific protection plans designed especially for individual needs. Many highly rated insurance companies offer local agents to help Lubbock drivers evaluate and choose coverage, and then provide servicing and claims handling after purchase.

Lubbock Allstate Insurance Agents

There are 12 Allstate Insurance agent offices in the city of Lubbock with half of the agents able to provide insurance services in Spanish to those in the community who need help in their native language.

Lubbock Farmers Insurance Agents

A team of 50 Farmers agents provide auto insurance in Lubbock and neighboring cities including Slaton, Levelland, Littlefield, Post, Floydada, Plainview, Morton, Lamesa, Muleshoe, Seminole, Hereford, Big Spring, Andrews, Canyon and Colorado City.

Lubbock Progressive Insurance Agents

Six Progressive agents offer Lubbock car insurance quotes and coverage to area residents.

Lubbock State Farm Insurance Agents

State Farm Insurance has 38 local agents for Lubbock and surrounding cities including Slaton, Levelland, Littlefield, Brownfield, Floydada, Plainview, Lamesa, Tulia and Muleshoe.

Texas Department of Insurance Agent Lookup

The Texas Department of Insurance hosts a website for consumers to check licensing status of insurance agents along with the companies they are authorized to represent and any complaints or disciplinary action on file.

If you do not see your company in our resource listings, be sure to let us know using our email form. At the present time, individual agent listings are only accepted using our paid option.

Lubbock Car Insurance Rates

The State of Texas enjoys some of the lowest rates in the country. In fact, the state’s average auto insurance premium of $1,363 is 32 percent lower than the national average of $1,998. Lubbock car insurance rates are actually somewhat higher than the state’s averages. CarInsurance.com reports that Lubbock auto insurance averages $1,510 per year making the city’s rates 11 percent higher.

Of course, even though Lubbock’s rates are higher than the state rates overall, the city still offers a 24 percent average discount to the United States average. Because of the variation in rates between Lubbock and the State of Texas, drivers will benefit from getting quotes each year to ensure that they are still receiving the best rates possible for their area.

Driving in Lubbock

The city of Lubbock is situated in northwest Texas and is home of almost 300,000 residents. As the 11th largest population in Texas, it is actually considered an economic, educational and medical hub for this region of the state. Interstate 27 connects Lubbock to Amarillo in the north where it intersects with Interstate 40, which leads west to New Mexico and the Pacific Coast and east through Oklahoma ending all the way on the east coast in North Carolina.

As with many Texas cities, Lubbock’s roadways are designed in a grid to make navigation through the city easier. The city’s Loop 389 was originally designed to help the flow of traffic by creating a bypass, but unfortunately, this freeway still has issues with major traffic congestion.

Fortunately for Lubbock drivers, the slight traffic congestion has not affected the safety conditions when traveling through the city. Allstate Best Drivers Report for 2011 listed Lubbock as 69th in being home to safe drivers with only a 2.5 percent likelihood that travelers through the area would become involved in an accident when compared to national averages.

Lubbock drivers rank153 out of 200 cities for safety and collision frequency. In fact, statistics provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration demonstrate that Lubbock County only had 39 traffic fatalities in 2010, and when you consider that the population is just under 300,000, the number of deaths caused by vehicle accidents is extremely low. It is important to note that 51 percent of those deaths involved alcohol or drug impaired driving incidents.

Texas Auto Insurance Laws

To drive in Texas, motorists must carry auto insurance in minimum amounts determined by Texas auto insurance laws. Although car insurance is mandated, the laws are some of the least restrictive in the United States. Drivers must have bodily injury and property damage liability, but insurance professionals recommend that drivers carry higher policy limits and consider comprehensive and/or collision coverage in order to fully protect themselves in the event of an accident.

Learn more about Texas car insurance minimum requirements as well as the laws that apply to auto insurance in Lubbock and the whole state by visiting our state and city resource pages.

Lubbock Car Insurance Quotes

By taking time to research and compare coverage options from Lubbock car insurance companies online, you’ll save yourself time and effort without ever having to leave your home or office. You’ll become a more informed insurance shopper, and be able to determine which coverage is right for you. To get started with receiving free insurance quotes, simply input your Lubbock zip code in the box below today.

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