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Deciding which Laredo car insurance is right for your needs can sometimes be a challenge, but with the help of our online auto insurance resources, you’ll gain a complete understanding of Texas legal requirements for coverage as well as find listings for agents in your local community. Our instant quote tool also provides you with the opportunity to obtain Laredo auto insurance quotes from multiple carriers from the comfort of home or office.

Armed with this important data, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions about the coverage that is right for your needs. Simply enter your zip code in the box above to instantly receive rates and policy information from some of the most highly rated insurance carriers in the United States. Once you’ve compared policies and found the appropriate one, you can even purchase it right online.

Car Insurance Agents in Laredo

For those insurance shoppers that would also like to meet a local agent, the following resource listing provides links to top insurance companies and their agent representatives that live and work in Laredo. You can even stop by agent offices to obtain competitive quotes to compare rates offered by area agents with our online quotes.

Laredo Allstate Insurance Agents

Allstate has 7 agents representing their car insurance in Laredo. All 7 representatives are bilingual to help those in the community who need assistance in Spanish.

Laredo Farmers Insurance Agents

Eighteen Allstate agents provide auto insurance in Laredo with the majority speaking Spanish for those residents in the area needing assistance in their native language.

Laredo Progressive Insurance Agents

For Laredo auto insurance rates, coverage and policy service, Progressive Insurance has 6 independent agent offices.

Laredo State Farm Insurance Agents

Laredo is home to 6 State Farm Insurance agents. All are bilingual and offer insurance services in Spanish to the local community.

Texas Department of Insurance Agent Lookup

Consumers may search the Department of Insurance website to learn more about licensed agents in Texas. The site lists license status, company appointments and any disciplinary action taken against an agent.

If your company is not listed, please email us using our contact form. Listings for individual agents are only accepted in our paid feature section.

Laredo Car Insurance Rates

Averaging $1,601 per year, Laredo car insurance rates are almost double the state’s average of $839.50 according to research by CarInsurance.com. Despite rates being higher than the average state’s premium, the city’s rates still remain 22 percent lower than the national average of $2,060. Different insurance carriers provide varying rates for various areas in the state of Texas so drivers need to shop for new quotes at each renewal in order to maintain affordable Laredo auto insurance premiums.

Driving in Laredo

Located on the U.S. and Mexican border, the city of Laredo serves as the seat for Webb County with a metro area close to 637,000 in population size. The majority of Laredo’s economy is based on trade with Mexico and Interstate 35 serves as a substantial trade route for manufacturers to transport goods between both countries.

The transportation industry has a large presence in the city, and the international airport maintains regular flights from both DFW and Houston. Residents regularly use available mass transit services including bus, trolley and paratransit vans. The county also runs a rural bus system to bring rural residents into the city from nearby small towns. Traffic can be heavy especially in southern parts of the city during peak drive times.

Despite the typical ttraffic found with such a large population, Laredo is one of the safer cities to drive in the U.S. according to the 2011 Allstate Best Drivers Report. The insurance company ranked Laredo 28 out of 200 cities for having the best drivers with the likelihood of experiencing an accident very slim.

Traffic congestion has not affected the safety conditions when traveling through the city. listed Laredo as 69th in being home to safe drivers with only a 2.5 percent likelihood that travelers through the area would become involved in an accident when compared to national averages. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported in their Traffic Safety Facts for Webb County in 2006-2010 that the number of fatalities resulting from car crashes totalled 113 over a 5 year period. For 2010 there were 18 traffic related accidents representing a 18 percent decrease in deaths compared to 2009.

Texas Auto Insurance Laws

Texas auto insurance laws require that all drivers carry minimum liability insurance. The requirements for coverage are less stringent than most other states, but motorists must have bodily injury and property damage liability in order to legally drive on Texas roads. While the Texas minimum car insurance requirements are relatively low, most insurance companies advise drivers to carry higher policy limits to financially protect themselves from the high costs associated with being involved in an accident.

Laredo Car Insurance Quotes

By researching and comparing Laredo car insurance quotes, you’ll be one step ahead in finding additional savings on your car insurance policy. Many times insurers offer additional discounts for consumers that pay bills electronically, bundle with other insurance coverage and/or by increasing deductibles. The internet also provides a wonderful resource for finding lower insurance rates and additional discounts from reliable companies. Get started today by entering your zip code below to receive instant insurance quotes online within minutes.

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