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Houston is smack dab in the middle of oil country, but that doesn’t mean Houston car insurance premiums are any lower than in the rest of Texas or even the United States for that matter. The same rule applies, if you want cheaper rates for your policy you have to get free auto insurance quotes. By entering your zip code above you can begin right away.

On the other hand you might want to get a little more information about the Houston car insurance market before getting your quote. There are a few things you may be interested in learning that we have outlined below. This includes information from Houston insurance agents to the amount of coverage your are legally required to buy.

Houston Auto Insurance Agents

Virtually all of the major national insurance companies have at least a few local agents in Houston. Below you can find information about where to find agents from many of the leading auto insurers.

Houston Allstate Insurance Agents

Allstate operates a huge network of agents in Houston. At last check they had 246 car insurance specialists that can help you in a variety of different languages. Some of these include Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Arabic, Vietnamese, Chinese and even Faroese (seriously!). With such a large network of agents chances are there is one close to your home.

Houston Farmers Insurance Agents

Farmers Insurance also has a large number of local agents that can help you. Their website lists at least 50 local agents who can help with your car insurance needs. Therefore there is probably one close to you.

Houston Progressive Insurance Agents:

Progressive’s website lists 10 agents operating in or around Houston. This makes them one of the smaller players in terms of agents in the city. However, you can still purchase online.

Houston State Farm Insurance Agents

State Farm has many agents working for them in Houston. Their website currently lists 50 agents who offer a variety of insurance products. Thus, they may be worth giving a call if you prefer to deal one on one with an agent.

Your insurance agency not listed? If you own an insurance agency that operates in Houston and would like to be included in our listings above please use our contact form. At the current time we do not accept individual agent listings except as part of our paid featured listing option.

Typical Houston Car Insurance Rates

Driving in Houston can be downright expensive. In 2011, the typical price paid for a Houston car insurance policy was $1,748 per year. This is much higher than both the Texas average of $1,294 and even the national average of $1,440. This makes it very important for you to shop around and make use of our free quote form, which can be found at the top or bottom of this page.

Houston Driving Information

Houston is a big place with a metro population of over 6 million people. So it stands to reason that with a lot of people comes a lot of cars. Furthermore, it is ranked as the 7th most congested city in America. This partially explains why driving in Houston can be so expensive and time consuming. The trick to maintaining low premiums is to stay a safe driver.

That is why it very important you pay attention to Houston traffic information. Avoiding traffic could help you stay out of a car accident. If you’re new to the city you may want to get some Houston driving tips to make sure you know and can avoid any well known major pitfalls or problems.

Texas Auto Insurance Laws

As you already know Houston is in Texas and is thus drivers in Houston are subject to all the same rules, regulations and laws that everyone else in the state is. The most important one to be familiar with it the Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Act. As you may or may not know the last major update to the law took effect on January 1, 2011. It sets out the minimum liability coverage you must buy if you drive a car in Texas, Houston included!

Reasons To Get A Houston Car Insurance Quote Online

In the United States today people are clamoring for lower car insurance rates, premiums and policies, and this includes those living in Houston Texas. By lowering insurance, people in Houston can spend their hard-earned money for other important things. Below are some great methods on how you can lower your premiums to a rate that you will be able to afford.

Putting safety first is a good way to lower those Houston TX car insurance premiums. Adding anti-lock brakes, side airbags, as well as seat belts can all reduce the risk of you injuring yourself. This allows the auto insurance company to give you an equally lower premiums.

There are some car insurance companies that support saving mother nature and to show this, they give great discounts on the premiums of those who have fuel efficient cars like hybrids. So, having a fuel-efficient car such as a hybrid not only saves you money on gas but auto insurance premiums too.

Having a car can be really expensive, with all the safety precautions that you need to get as well as the gas expenditure that will constantly drain your wallet. Simply following the advice above will result in some savings on your car insurance. Yet, to save serious money you’ll need to get some Houston car insurance quotes, available for free below. All you have to do is enter your Houston zip and away you go.

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