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Arlington, Texas is the 3rd largest city within the Dallas-Fort-Worth metroplex, the 7th largest city in Texas and the 50th largest U.S. city. Because it also does not have any public transit for its citizens, living in Arlington requires extensive use of personal transportation in order to get around town, especially since there are many roads and highways coming into and out of the town as drivers make their way between Fort Worth and Dallas. This makes having the appropriate coverage for car insurance in Arlington vital to fully protecting you and your loved ones.

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Car Insurance Agents In Arlington

With so many vehicles on the roads in Texas, licensed insurance agents are in demand to provide Arlington auto insurance quotes and policies for residents. The following links offer information about agents who represent the largest auto insurance carriers in the U.S. They are familiar with the community and can assist citizens with finding the best car insurance in Arlington.

Arlington Allstate Insurance Agents
There are 38 Allstate agents for Arlington and surrounding areas including Grand Prairie. Of those 38 selling auto insurance in Arlington, exactly half or 19 agents speak Spanish and can provide insurance services to the Spanish speaking community.

Arlington Farmers Insurance Agents
The city of Arlington is home to 50 Farmers Insurance agents ready to serve the immediate car insurance needs within the community. These local agents are able to serve a wide variety of cultures with their ability to speak multiple languages to better communicate with potential clients. Available languages that Farmers agents speak in addition to English include Vietnamese, Spanish, Chinese, Thai, Cantonese, Russian and Persian.

Arlington Geico Insurance Agents
Geico is well known for being a direct provider of auto insurance by phone and on the internet. The Dallas Fort Worth metroplex has three Geico agents available for personal service to residents of North Dallas, Denton and Arlington. Shoppers may visit the local offices to obtain quotes and car insurance for Arlington and surrounding areas.

Arlington Progressive Insurance Agents
With only 5 Arlington independent insurance agencies available in the Arlington area, Progressive Insurance does not provide wide coverage for the metroplex. The available Progressive agents in the community provide personal service to English, Chinese, Spanish and Vietnamese speaking individuals to assist in finding the right auto insurance coverage. In addition to personal auto insurance in Arlington, they also write coverage for ATVs, motorcycles, boats, RVs and golf carts.

Arlington State Farm Insurance Agents
Fifty Arlington auto insurance agents for State Farm offer their personal car insurance expertise to the local community. Consumers may visit agent offices or call to obtain competitive auto insurance quotes, coverage, policy and claims servicing.

Texas Department of Insurance Agent Lookup
The Texas Department of Insurance hosts an agent lookup feature on their website. This helpful resource provides licensing information on agents and agencies, and consumers can check the insurance department records to make sure that an agent or agency is properly licensed and whether they have any complaints filed against them. It also lists the companies that agents hold appointments with or represent for the sale and servicing of insurance policies.

If your Arlington agency is not listed, please use our contact form to reach us about being added to our listings. Presently, we only accept individual agent listings in our paid feature option.

Arlington Car Insurance Rates

CarInsurance.com lists Texas car insurance rates as 40 percent lower than the national average; however, the city of Arlington’s car insurance premiums are roughly $1,622 per year, which is 19 percent higher than the Texas annual average of $1,073. Arlington residents can expect to pay higher rates than both the Texas and national averages so obtaining quotes for car insurance in Arlington will enable you to find the best rates possible.

Driving in Arlington

As part of the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, Arlington joins this large metropolitan area in being the Inrix.com 5th worse city in the United States for traffic congestion. It also has many road corridors that create further congestion and make quick travel impossible especially during peak periods of morning and evening rush hours. In Allstate Insurance’s Best Drivers Report for 2011, Arlington is ranked 170 out of 200 with a 35% greater likelihood this community will experience traffic collisions when compared to other cities in the study.

Arlington is located in Tarrant County, Texas, and for the five year period between 2006 and 2010, the Department of Transportation ranked the county in the top ten for auto fatalities in the state of Texas. It came in 5th for fatalities, and in 2010 alone, there were 134 accidents that resulted in death. Sixty-four of those fatalities were due to alcohol impaired drivers.

Due to the high rate of accidents in Arlington, it is important to stay up to date with traffic conditions in the city. Avoiding areas of congestion and hazards as well as leaving early to avoid rushing can help drivers stay safe when out on the roads. Preventing accidents is important to maintaining low rates on Arlington auto insurance.

The Texas Department of Insurance maintains a Dallas Fort Worth Traffic site that allows area residents and visitors to track road conditions in the whole Metroplex. You can find special messages, incidents, lane closures and more by visiting the traffic conditions website. There is also a search feature that allows users to input the city of Arlington or a specific address for more detailed driving information.

Texas Auto Insurance Laws

Texas auto insurance is required for all drivers in the state, and the law mandates that vehicles have a minimum amount of bodily injury and property damage liability coverage in order to drive on Texas roads. Learn more on our site about the required limits and additional Texas auto insurance laws necessary to fully protect your property. When an accident happens, the state law requires that fault be assigned so that the driver and their auto insurance carrier pay for damages.

Arlington Car Insurance Quotes

With so many local agents available in Arlington and surrounding cities, shopping for car insurance in Arlington allows drivers to find competitive quotes with some of the best insurance companies in the marketplace today. With insurance programs designed to meet the unique needs of each individual driver, agents are able to provide clients with personalized attention. Get started today by submitting your zip code in the box below to find competitive savings on your auto insurance.

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