Shipping Your Car With The Right Insurance Coverage

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Adequate insurance when shipping a car should not be overlooked when deciding what company will ship a car to a new location. Preparing a check list before choosing an insurer will assure that everything necessary is being covered.

Begin by looking at the car carefully and noting any leaks or damage that will be documented in a pre-transportation inspection of the vehicle’s condition. Some states require this documentation before allowing the mover to cross their borders.

Cars should be emptied of all personal effects as these add to the weight of the car and cost of shipping and are not covered by insurance. Any items, such as a radio or CD player, or anything that could be shifted around, should be removed to prevent damage to them or the interior of the car.

Insurance is vital when shipping a car as it will be on a truck that may be hauling as many as ten other vehicles. There is always a chance of an accident and the insurance should cover any damage that results.

When making a decision about which car mover to select, questions should include information about the insurance coverage along with questions about cost, services and delivery times. It is important to understand exactly what the insurance covers and how claims are made in case of everything from dents to damage to the vehicle in an accident and whether or not every part of the vehicle is covered or just the body and how it is covered in the case of a total loss.

By law, every company that transports vehicles must have insurance policies covering the car that is being moved. It should be made available to the client along with the mover’s credentials and licenses. A written list of everything agreed to should be signed by an official of the moving company as this is a legal commitment.

In some cases, some aspects of the mover’s insurance may also be covered in the owner’s insurance company policy for transportation of a car by a third party however it might require an additional premium.

There are also free checklists online that include everything from suggestions for inspecting the car before signing a moving agreement, the necessary paper work to include, interior car preparation cleaning, questions to ask the prospective mover and how to obtain the most reliable insurance coverage.

Among these items, the insurance coverage may be the most important because having the car arrive at its destination in the same condition as when it left the owner’s home, or having any damage repaired or having it replaced in case of total wreck, can make the difference between a successful move or a car shipping disaster.

Author Bio: Tom Henderson has many years of experience helping people move their cars long distances – international car shipping included. When he’s not busy coordinating the logistics of moving cars at Ship Your Car Now Tom enjoys blogging about the process to help movers and car owners alike.

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