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Driving without any auto insurance coverage is illegal in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The insurance laws of Pennsylvania require every driver to be covered with at least the mandatory minimum car insurance coverage. The fastest way to get coverage is by requesting several free Philadelphia car insurance quotes using the form above.

If you drive without car insurance in Philadelphia, you run the risk of being apprehended and being fined a substantial amount of money. There is even the risk of the suspension or even cancellation of your driver’s license. To be able to drive around Philadelphia without any hassle, you just have to make sure you have the proper Philadelphia car insurance.

Philadelphia Auto Insurance Agents

Although buying insurance online is now extremely common and the only practical way to ensure low rates, auto insurance agents remain popular. Philadelphia has many insurance agents to choose from that represent many different insurers. Here are some of the more popular ones.

Philadelphia Allstate Insurance Agents

Allstate currently has 45 agents in Philadelphia itself and another 55 in the surrounding communities. All of whom can provide you with a variety of insurance products including auto insurance.

Philadelphia Geico Insurance Agents

Despite being the largest city in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia has no local Geico insurance agents. The simple reason is that Geico prefers to sell its insurance online.

Philadelphia Progressive Insurance Agents

Progressive has affiliations with 20 Philadelphia based brokers and insurance agencies selling car and vehicle insurance.

Philadelphia State Farm Insurance Agents

Given that State Farm prefers the insurance agent model for selling its insurance, it is no surprise that they have many agents in Philadelphia. At the current time their website lists no fewer than 50 agents who can help you with your car insurance needs.

Your insurance agency not listed? If you own an insurance agency that operates in Philadelphia and would like to be included in our listings above please use our contact form. At the current time we do not accept individual agent listings except as part of our paid featured listing option.

Philadelphia Car Insurance Rates

Getting your car insured in Philadelphia is expensive. The Insurance Information Institute has found that it is the second most expensive city in the United States (behind Detroit) to buy auto insurance. They place average annual Philadelphia car insurance premiums at $4,076. This is well over 4X the average rate for Pennsylvania as a whole.

Looking at just online quotes, CarInsurance.com has found average rates of $2,313 per year in Philadelphia; about double the Pennsylvania average. Whatever the actual average rate paid by drivers is, you can be sure you will pay a lot for coverage. One very good quick method for making sure you get the best rate is to compare companies. You can do this by getting quotes either from the top or bottom of this webpage.

Philadelphia Driving Information

It may come as a surprise if you drive in Philadelphia, but the city is proportionally better for drivers than many others. The INRIX traffic scorecard found the city as being the 9th most congested, despite being the 5th largest Metropolitan area in the United States. Small comfort when you’re stuck in traffic.

Both the Schuylkill (I-76) and Delaware (I-95) Expressways are singled out as being problematic. 8 of the top 10 bottlenecks in the whole city can be found at intersections with either of these two expressways. To help keep yourself accident free you should be sure to stay on top of Philadelphia traffic conditions.

Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Laws

When shopping for a Philadelphia auto insurance, it is important for you to remember that the minimum liability insurance requirement for the state of Pennsylvania follows the 15/30/5 rule. These numbers stand for the fifteen thousand dollars that will be paid for death or bodily injury caused to a single person; thirty thousand dollars allotted for death or bodily injury caused to multiple persons; and five thousand dollars that will answer for damages to property.

You may also want to consider taking out a higher liability insurance policy and/or one that will cover things like theft, your own injuries and losses due to damage to your own vehicle. The other key thing to know about Pennsylvania auto insurance law is that it is one of the few states where you have a choice between limited and full tort insurance coverage. To learn more about auto insurance laws in Pennsylvania you are strongly recommended to visit the Pennsylvania Insurance Department website.

Philadelphia Car Insurance Quotes

Searching for an insurance company that will meet your insurance needs according to your preferences, is now easy with free online car insurance quote websites like ours. Online car insurance quotes are now available twenty-four hours a day right here. And to make it easier, you can quickly and easily compare rates when you get two or more Philadelphia car insurance quotes.

Philadelphia car insurance provides the protection that you need in case of unfortunate events that occur when driving your car. The coverage that you need will depend greatly on the kind of driver that you are. The kind of insurance policy that you need is best defined by the kind of risks that you take when driving your car.

Generally speaking it is best to buy as much coverage as you can afford. Always make sure you maintain at least the minimum coverage required by the state of Pennsylvania (outlined above). You can learn more about all your coverage options when you get free quotes below now.

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