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You can get instant auto insurance quotes above to save money on your coverage. Those of you who live in Oregon, and are interested in looking for more information about car insurance, may find the rest of this article to be quite helpful.

Getting car insurance is not only a good idea, but it is necessary too. The state has laws that insist that everybody has to have coverage for their vehicles.

This is why there are a lot of people who are interested in finding out all that they can about auto insurance. In order to save money when looking for an insurance policy, you have to know what you’re looking for.

Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements In Oregon

Oregon has fairly straightforward minimum insurance requirements. As a driver in the state you are required to have several different types of coverage.

Your minimums for each type are as follows:

  • Bodily injury liability coverage of $25,000 per person;
  • Bodily injury liability coverage of $50,000 per crash for bodily injury to others;
  • Property damage liability coverage of $20,000 per crash for damage to the property of others;
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage of $15,000;
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage of $25,000 per person;
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage of $50,000 per crash for bodily injury.

Now when you get your insurance quotes, all reputable insurance companies will only offer plans with at least this much coverage. If they offer plans with less than this coverage, they are likely scams, so stay away.

Overall, you really should buy much more liability coverage than then minimums outlined above. Moreover, you also really need to consider additional coverage options, such as an umbrella liability policy, collision coverage, comprehensive coverage and more.

Oregon State Auto Insurance Laws

Oregon operates under the fault based principle of auto insurance. The main law governing Oregon auto insurance is ORS 806, also known as Oregon’s Financial Responsibility Law. It sets down most of the requirements for insurance and penalties for failing to comply with them. If you really want to know about all your insurance requirements, you are strongly urged to read it.

It states (among other things) that all vehicle owners in the state must purchase the liability limits listed above, unless they are exempted from doing so under OSC 806.020. If your vehicle is exempt from OSC 806, you may still need to purchase other types of insurance coverage.

It is your responsibility to know your insurance requirements. The following vehicles may be exempt from OSC 806:

  • An antique motor vehicle issued permanent registration under ORS 805.010.
  • A farm trailer.
  • A farm tractor.
  • An implement of husbandry.
  • A motor vehicle of special interest that is maintained as a collector’s item and used for exhibitions, parades, club activities and similar uses, but not used primarily for the transportation of persons or property.
  • A snowmobile.
  • Class I or Class III all-terrain vehicles.
  • A motor assisted scooter.
  • An electric personal assistive mobility device.

Assuming you are like most drivers in the state; your vehicle is not exempt from purchasing insurance. In that case you are required to carry proof of insurance at all times when operating your vehicle. Your insurance company is required by law to send you an insurance card to act as proof of insurance. Failure to show proof of insurance could result in fines.

Worse yet, if you are caught driving without any liability insurance at all, you could be issued fines, have your driving privileges suspended, and your car impounded. Once you pay all associated costs you will then be required to file an SR-22 proof of future responsibility form with the DMV for at least 3 years following a conviction.

Finally, there are two other important programs you should be aware of. The first is the Automobile Insurance Plan of Oregon, which can help you find insurance coverage, if you can’t buy insurance on the open market. The second is the Oregon Insurance Guaranty Association, which protects you in the event that insurer goes bankrupt and can no longer payout any claims.

Oregon Car Insurance Companies

There are 261 car insurance companies that can sell policies in Oregon. You can look all of them up using the DCBS Insurance Company Search. It lists all companies authorized to sell insurance in the state. The following companies are among the 25 largest private auto insurers in Oregon (In order of size):

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company (including Fire and Casualty)

Farmers Insurance Group (includes Mid Century Insurance and Coast National)

Safeco Insurance Company of America

Progressive Casualty Insurance Company (both Classic and Universal)

American Family Insurance

Allstate Insurance Company (including Fire And Casualty, and Property and Casualty)


Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company

COUNTRY Mutual Insurance Company (includes Preferred Insurance Company and Casualty Insurance Company)

Liberty Mutual Insurance Company


Mutual of Enumclaw Insurance

Oregon Mutual Insurance

The Hartford

American Commerce Insurance Company

It should be clear that we are in no way endorsing any of the companies listed above. You always need to do your homework before buying a policy. You can learn more about company complaints and how to file your own company complaint at the Oregon Insurance Division website.

Average Oregon Auto Insurance Rates

Oregon auto insurance rates fall just slightly to the cheap side. In 2008 the Insurance Information Institute found that average car insurance rates in the state were $727 per year, placing the state as only the 26th most expensive in the whole country.

More recent numbers from a much smaller (online only) sample, again show the state as being relatively affordable. For 2011, claims the average quoted price for insurance in Oregon was $1,187 compared to their national average quoted price of $1,441 per year. Thus whatever the number is, you’re probably getting a better deal on insurance in Oregon, compared to other higher cost states.

If you’re curious about how your rates are set in Oregon you should read the Consumer FAQ from the Oregon Division of Insurance site. If you’d like to learn more about reducing your premiums, you can read the Saving money on auto insurance page from the Division of Insurance and/or our much more complete guide on how to save money on auto insurance.

Oregon Car Accident Statistics

Driving in Oregon is actually getting safer all the time. In 2005 there were 487 traffic fatalities in the state. Yet, in 2010 the Oregon Department of Transportation reported that there were just 317. The state is also slightly safer than the US national average too.

In Oregon there are 1.11 traffic fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles traveled compared to the national average of 1.14. Nevertheless, in 2010 there were still 44,094 accident which resulted in a further 30,493 injuries both major and minor. Therefore, even though traffic deaths are falling, there is still some risk.

The Department of Transportation claims that the worst month to drive in is December; worst day is Friday; and the worst time is 5-6pm. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has found that the following 5 counties were the most dangerous to drive in: Multnomah County, Lane County, Clackamas County, Marion County and Josephine County.

If you do find yourself in an accident, the Oregon State Bar has some basic information on what you should do. You should also be familiar with the Oregon DMV requirements for reporting an accident. If any of the following has occurred you’ll have to file an Oregon Traffic Accident and Insurance Report (Form 735-32) with DMV within 72 hours:

  • Death;
  • Injury (No matter how minor);
  • Damage to your vehicle is over $1,500;
  • Damage to any one person’s property over $1,500;
  • Damage to any vehicle is over $1,500 and any vehicle is towed from the scene as a result of damages from this accident;

So try to keep in mind the facts and figures mentioned above when out driving. Drive safe and arrive alive.

Oregon Car Insurance Quotes To Save Money

One way that is almost guaranteed to save you money is to get Oregon car insurance quotes before committing yourself to any car insurance policy. Getting a quote will give you a clear idea of how much money you will have to spend on a certain insurance plan.

Each company will have their own Oregon car insurance quote. In order to get the best deal, you will have to get as many quotes as you can so as to compare all of them together.

Something you have to keep in mind is that the cheapest car insurance policy will not necessarily be the best insurance plan you can get. You have to consider other factors as well. For example, the advantages to the insurance plan along with other such benefits that may come with it.

One kind of insurance plan that is quickly rising in popularity are those that offer complete protection, above and beyond simple liability insurance. Opting to get an insurance plan with collision, comprehensive and other coverages can be much safer than regular insurance plans. They can save you hassle and you can get them for not much more than simple liability protection, if you make good use of free quotes.

Another way of getting vehicular insurance that is quickly becoming popular is buying Oregon auto insurance online. Looking for an Oregon car insurance quote online is much easier than speaking with several companies. Also, the likelihood of you finding a decent company, that offers better rates are much higher if you search online.

When it comes to getting vehicular insurance, make sure you do not rush things. Because getting the right Oregon car insurance quote will lead to you saving a lot of money. It is also a good idea to get the plan with the most benefits that is ideal for your situation, rather than just taking the first plan you see.

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