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If you live in Tulsa and own a car you need car insurance. It’s not rocket science, but it is still important that you make the right choice. This is especially true these days, when hundreds of dollars can separate one policy from another.

The key then is to get Tulsa auto insurance quotes. You can get those right now simply by using the from above. For more about other insurance topics for Tulsa drivers, please keep reading.

Speak With An Tulsa Insurance Agent About Your Policy

If you’re not interested in getting a quote online, you may still want to speak with an auto insurance. Fortunately, we have included a list of some of the largest agents and agencies in the Tulsa area.

Tulsa Allstate Insurance Agents
There are 20 insurance agents in Tulsa working for Allstate.

Tulsa Farmers Insurance Agents
The Farmers agent website lists over 50 Tulsa car insurance agents, who operate within 5 miles of downtown.

Tulsa Geico Insurance Agents
Geico has one Tulsa auto insurance agent on hand.

Tulsa Progressive Insurance Agents
There are currently 5 agents and brokers in Tulsa who can sell you Progressive auto insurance.

Tulsa State Farm Insurance Agents
There are 43 State Farm insurance agents, selling car insurance in Tulsa.

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Your insurance agency not listed? If you own an insurance agency that operates in Tulsa and would like to be included in our listings above please use our contact form. At the current time we do not accept individual agent listings except as part of our paid featured listing option.

Tulsa Car Insurance Rates

Drivers in Tulsa have it bad when it comes to getting their cars insured. According to CarInsurance.com you can expect to pay $1932 per year just to cover your car. This is $300 more per year than drivers in the rest of the US pay and $200 more per year than the average Oklahoma state driver. Given these high rates, it makes getting a good auto insurance quote in Tulsa that much more important.

Tulsa Driving Conditions

Driving in Tulsa is slightly more dangerous than the US norm. According to the Allstate drivers report drivers in the city get into accidents about once every 9 years, or about 11% more often than drivers elsewhere in the country. You should also strongly consider looking at a traffic report before leaving for your trip in Tulsa. Knowing where problems occur can save your life.

Oklahoma Auto Insurance Laws

It is always important to follow your state’s auto insurance laws. Oklahoma has pretty simple requirements for auto insurance. By law you are only required to buy liability driver insurance. You’ll need to get at least 25/50/25 coverage, which provides up to $50k for bodily injury damages and up $25k for property damage. However, this may or may not be enough depending on your circumstances. To find out more about Oklahoma’s auto insurance laws, your best bet is to speak to a licensed agent who is allowed to give you advice.

Tulsa Car Insurance Quotes For You Now

It is always a good idea to get several car insurance quotes no matter where you live. For drivers in Tulsa it’s easy to get quotes from multiple insurance agents using the simple form below. Just enter your zip code and then follow the on screen instructions.

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