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As an Oklahoma City resident, you can now save money on your car insurance simply by entering your zip code above to get instant Oklahoma City auto insurance quotes. These are free, no-obligation quotes from some of Oklahoma’s and America’s biggest car insurers.

On thee other hand, you may have questions about your auto insurance policy. You may want to know basic things such as where you can find local insurance agents to more complex issues such as state laws that govern how much and what type of insurance coverage you need.

If you would like to find out more about insurance in Oklahoma City and the state of Oklahoma as a whole please keep reading.

Find Oklahoma City Auto Insurance Agents Near You

Oklahoma City Allstate Insurance Agents
Allstate has many agents serving Oklahoma City and the intimidate surrounding communities. In addition to agents actually in Oklahoma City you can find them in Midwest City, Edmond, Del City, Moore and many more.

Oklahoma City Farmers Insurance Agents
Farmers Insurance also has many agents in Oklahoma City. In fact they have roughly 50 agents within 7 miles of downtown, so there is a really good chance they have an agent and an office close to you.

Oklahoma City Geico Insurance Agents
Since Geico is mostly just an online and phone only insurance agency they have only one agent in the Oklahoma City and another in Mid West City.

Oklahoma City Progressive Insurance Agents
Progressive is more of a direct to consumer insurance company compared to some of the other names on this list. However, they do have deals with 20 local agents and agencies in the Oklahoma City area, who can offer Progressive’s insurance products. Alternatively, you can just shop directly from their website.

Oklahoma City State Farm Insurance Agents
State Farm still relies on it’s strong network of agents in Oklahoma City. They have over 50 agents in OK City itself.

Your insurance agency not listed? If you own an insurance agency that operates in Oklahoma City and would like to be included in our listings above please use our contact form. At the current time we do not accept individual agent listings except as part of our paid featured listing option.

Average Oklahoma City Rates For Drivers

Drivers in Oklahoma City can expect to pay a little more than the national average when it comes to getting their car insured. How much more will depend on what type of driver you are. For example, The Oklahoma Insurance Department’s own data shows annual car insurance premiums for Oklahoma City drivers can range from a low of $288 to a high of $6,425. CarInsurance.com puts the average annual price tag for insurance at $1,806, about $300 more per year than the US and OK averages.

Oklahoma City Accident And Driving Information

Driving in any big city is never fun and Oklahoma City is no exception. For example, Allstate lists the city as the 84th best city to drive in the United States, with an accidents being about 5% more likely to happen. The INRIX National Traffic Scorecard finds that the city has the 39th worst traffic congestion in the whole country, although none of the 1,000 worst traffic corridors are found in the City.

OK City has has it’s fair share of traffic accidents and fatalities. In 2010, the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office found that the city had 15,909 total car crashes, a little under 1 in 3 of all crashes in the state of Oklahoma. Fortunately, Oklahoma county is actually very slightly safer than Tulsa county, which is the state’s worst for fatalities according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Each county records a little over 70 fatalities per year, but Tulsa county is getting worse, while Oklahoma county is roughly staying even.

Oklahoma Auto Insurance Laws

Oklahoma City is obviously found in the state of Oklahoma. Moreover, auto insurance laws are set at the state level. This means Oklahoma City drivers have to meet the same basic requirements that those in the rest have to as well. The key things to know about coverage in the state is that it is based under the comparative negligence fault principle. Basically, if you cause an accident you liable for your share of the damages.

This is why liability car insurance is mandatory in the state. To legally drive in the state you need to have at policy with at last 25/50/25 coverage. In simple terms this means bodily injury coverage of $25k per person and $50k per accident, along with 25k for property damage liability insurance. These amounts only pay out to other drivers if you are at fault and do not protect you from many common accidents. Thus, it is a good idea to discuss your insurance needs with a lichened Oklahoma City car insurance agent.

For more about Oklahoma state’s auto insurance laws you should check with an agent and/or the Oklahoma Insurance Department (link below).

Oklahoma City Auto Insurance Quotes Are Good For Saving Money

If you live in Oklahoma City and you are in the process of looking for an ideal car insurance policy, then the best way to go about this is to look online (why you’re here I’m sure). You can easily get a free car insurance quote from different insurance providers.

Car insurance comparisons are necessary if you want to get the best rates. Keep in mind that your choices are as wide as the number of insurance providers out there licensed to do businesses in the state (dozens at last count). While it is important to find a car insurance company that you can trust and stick with, this does not mean that you cannot explore other options.

It is important to reevaluate your policy and your provider every time you need to renew your policy. You can get a car insurance quote for your Oklahoma City car insurance from different companies so that you can compare them in terms of coverage and rates. You should also make it a point to address all of you car insurance questions to your company or agent so that you can clarify all of them.

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