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Getting an Oklahoma car insurance quote need not be that difficult. Especially now that you can use the Internet to find the best insurance company for your needs. There are several Oklahoma car insurance sites that you can visit to see what insurance policies they have for you.

For one you can just use the free form at the top of this page. By entering your zip code, it will find insurers who want to offer you their best deal on auto insurance coverage. Choose one or as many as you’d like to find out more information about their plans.

Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements In Oklahoma

The first thing most insurance buyers want to know is how much they need to buy. Oklahoma has relatively simple minimum auto insurance requirements. However, you should be aware that getting minimum coverage may not be enough to fully protect you in the event of an accident. You should always consider buying more than the minimum.

You are required to buy at least the following liability insurance coverage (known as 25/50/25 coverage):

  • Twenty-five Thousand Dollars ($25,000.00) because of bodily injury to or death of one person in any one accident;
  • Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000.00) because of bodily injury to or death of two or more persons in any one accident;
  • Twenty-five Thousand Dollars ($25,000.00) because of injury to or destruction of property of others in any one accident.

You are not by law required to buy any other type of insurance coverage. Nevertheless, you can sometimes add other coverage for only a relatively minor additional cost. For example, Uninsured Motorist Coverage can be added for between $31 and $201 per year for $25,000/$50,000 coverage and Medical Payments (Med-Pay) coverage can be added for $7 to $128 per year for a $2,000 medical payments limit.

You should also be aware of what liability car insurance does not cover. The following will not be covered under a simple private passenger liability only policy (but may be covered under more complete auto insurance policies):

  • hit-and-run accidents;
  • uninsured motorists (uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage can be purchased separately);
  • rental car costs (can be added to your policy);
  • vehicle towing (optional Towing and Labor add-on);
  • Your own medical expenses (Med-Pay coverage can be added separately);
  • Damage caused by racing activities;
  • Theft of the car itself or belongings inside (additional comprehensive coverage can cover this);
  • Damage to your car if you cause an accident (collision insurance can cover this);
  • Pay off your car loan if you car is declared a total loss (GAP insurance can cover this);

Finally, although purchasing insurance is the preferred method of demonstrating financial responsibility in Oklahoma. You do actually have one additional option. You may deposit $75,000.00 in cash, or a certificate of deposit, issued by a financial institution located in Oklahoma, in an amount of at least $75,000.00, with the Department of Public Safety, subject to certain restrictions and requirements.

Remember all minimums and requirements listed above are subject to change and you should always double check with the Department of Public Safety, the Insurance Department and/or your licensed insurance agent before purchasing any policy.

Oklahoma State Auto Insurance Laws

Oklahoma does a very good job of publishing and providing access to the various auto insurance laws that exist in the state. In fact, virtually all Motor Vehicle laws in Oklahoma can be found under Title 47 – Motor Vehicles from Oklahoma’s Statutes. For insurance purposes you should pay particular attention to articles 1-7 from Chapter 7 as they relate most directly to your rights and obligations as an insurance policyholder.

Here are a few key things for you to consider about insurance laws in Oklahoma. First, the state operates as an ‘at-fault’ state based around the idea of who is at fault in an accident. They and their insurance company will have to pay all associated costs if found fully at fault.

However, Oklahoma also has comparative negligence laws which basically state that partial fault or negligence can found in an accident. For example, you could be found to be 80% responsible for an accident and thus would be liable to pay 80% of all costs.

Finally you should know, you are always required to carry proof of financial responsibility when operating your motor vehicle. Usually this just means carrying an insurance card issued by your insurer. Please be aware that failure to have proper insurance could result in the suspension of your driver’s license and fines.

If you forge or fake proof of insurance you could be faced with a fine of not more than $1,000 or imprisonment for 1 year or both. If you suspect fraud is occurring you can report it to the Department of Insurance. So buy insurance, obey all traffic laws and you should remain accident free, and avoid insurance problems too.

Oklahoma Car Insurance Companies

There are many companies authorized to write insurance policies in the state. If you have a complaint against your insurance company, you can now file it online. If you are looking to buy a policy online, you can always make use of our free online quote service.

Alternatively, you can visit the websites of each of the following big insurers in Oklahoma and request a quote from them individually.


American National Property And Casualty Company

Farmers Insurance Group


Liberty Mutual

Mercury Insurance

Oklahoma Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance

Progressive Direct

Safeco Insurance

Shelter Mutual Insurance Company

State Farm

United Services Automobile Association (USAA)

Average Oklahoma Auto Insurance Rates

All the companies above are also required to post their current hypothetical rates for different drivers, in the 5 biggest urban areas of Oklahoma. These rates are updated approximately once every month, so you can get a good idea of how much you should be paying.

Currently rates range from a low of $259 per year, for a married 55 year old woman, who commutes 18 miles round trip to work ,with no accidents or moving violations in three years. To a high of $4,302 per year, for a single 16 year old male, who drives to school and has no accidents or moving violations on his record. Of course these are just theoretical examples, but what are the actual average rates charged to consumers? How do they compare to the rest of the country?

Unfortunately, the answer to that question depends on what source you use. The Insurance Information Institute claims that the state is only the 33rd most expensive in the country. In 2008, average annual premiums clocked in at just $663, versus a national average of $789.

On the other hand, has found that Oklahoma’s car insurance rates are above the national average. They claim for 2011 that average premium rates are $1,538 per year in Oklahoma versus $1,441 in the US overall.

Therefore, it can not be definitively stated where Oklahoma comes in. The reason for the difference in the numbers has to do with the fact that the Insurance Information Institute’s numbers include all drivers in the state; young and old. Whereas the numbers only include those searching for a policy online. On average this tends to be younger, less experienced and hence more expensive drivers (see sample rates above).

The best way to save money on your premiums is by getting several auto insurance quotes. Yet, if after getting quotes you are still having difficulty obtaining insurance, you can always get in contact with the Oklahoma Automobile Insurance Plan. It servers as an alternative way to get insurance for those who can’t purchase it on the voluntary market.

Oklahoma Car Accident Statistics

Driving in Oklahoma remains more dangerous than the rest of the United States as a whole. The good news is that the state is getting safer as time goes on. According to the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office in 2010, there were 191 crashes per day for a total of 69,807 crashes overall. This resulted in 36,549 injuries (both serious and minor) and 668 fatalities. Overall, the fatality rate per 100 million vehicle miles traveled fell from 1.57 to 1.40, but this remains well above the US national average.

In terms of driving the following 5 counties are the most dangerous according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: Tulsa County, Oklahoma County, Cleveland County, Canadian County, and Creek County. Therefore pay special attention if you drive in these areas.

To avoid traffic you might want to look at the Oklahoma Traffic Information page from Federal Highway Administration. If you do find yourself in an accident you should follow the information provided by the Oklahoma Insurance Department about What To Do In Case Of An Accident.

Why You Should Get Oklahoma Car Insurance Quotes

The best thing about getting an Oklahoma car insurance quote is that you will be able to compare prices from insurance companies instantly. Not only that, but if you are unsure of what type of car insurance policy to purchase, there are insurance agents available that will eagerly help you out.

You might even consider getting a customized insurance policy tailored to fit your needs. There are definitely numerous advantages waiting for you when you use our instant Oklahoma auto insurance service.

When looking for a motor vehicle insurance quote, it is best to remember that no two companies offer the same rate. That is why it is recommended that you browse thoroughly. You may be surprised to find cheap insurance quotes that offer the same coverage at a price that better fits your budget.

Shop around for the lowest insurance rates with the aid of an Oklahoma car insurance quote service any time you want to. It is fast, easy and convenient and you get to save more time and money as well.

You can choose among the insurance policies being offered today, including Uninsured/Underinsured policies to cover you when you get into an accident with someone who is not insured, or Med-Pay coverage to cover medical bills arising from an accident. Safety for you and your loved ones should be your top priority, so don’t wait and make sure you have good policy today.

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