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Shopping for Toledo auto insurance can be easy when you have the right resources at your fingertips. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. This page serves as a resource for auto insurance shoppers to find local rate and agent information as well as knowledge concerning Ohio car insurance requirements.

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Driving in heavy city traffic puts every vehicle on the road at risk. Make sure to obtain car insurance in Toledo to fully protect yourself from potential liability should you be involved in a car accident. Enter your zip code below to research and compare available rates and coverage for your car.

Car Insurance Agents in Toledo

When evaluating online car insurance quotes, you might also consider contacting a local Toledo auto insurance agent to learn more about available insurance for the area. Professional insurance agents can tailor specific insurance programs to suit your needs since they are familiar with the local community and have expertise in providing insurance protection to Toledo residents.

Toledo Allstate Insurance Agents
Twenty-seven insurance agents represent Allstate in Toledo and the surrounding suburbs of Sylvania, Perrysburg, Northwood, Holland, Oregon and Maumee.

Toledo Farmers Insurance Agents
Farmers Insurance provides 50 insurance agents in Toledo and surrounding areas. For those clients needing assistance in German, Greek or Spanish, Farmers also has bilingual agents available.

Toledo Geico Insurance Agents
Geico does not have any agents in the immediate Toledo area. There are 3 Geico agents in the entire state of Ohio: Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati. Toledo motorists may choose to contact one of the Ohio Geico agents or contact Geico directly by phone or on the company website to obtain rates, quotes and coverage.

Toledo Progressive Insurance Agents
Progressive Insurance offers 7 independent insurance agencies to meet the auto insurance needs of the community in Toledo.

Toledo State Farm Insurance Agents
State Farm Insurance has 50 agents in Toledo and nearby suburbs including 3 bilingual agents that provide assistance to Spanish speaking residents.

Ohio Department of Insurance Agent Lookup

The Ohio Department of Insurance offers an agent lookup feature on their site so that insurance shoppers can learn more about insurance agents they are considering for handling their coverage needs. The site lists agent licensing information, appointments and disciplinary actions, if any.

If your insurance company is not included on our resource list, notify us by email using our contact form. Presently, we only accept individual agent listing using our paid feature option.

Toledo Car Insurance Rates

CarInsurance.com lists the national average for car insurance as $1,678. Ohio offers up to 29 percent lower rates to drivers with its $1,205 average auto insurance premiums. Toledo’s average rates are slightly higher than the state’s at $1,333, but still substantially lower than the national figure by 21 percent.

Driving in Toledo

With the 4th largest population in Ohio, Toledo also happens to be the county seat for Lucas County. Well known for its industrial and manufacturing background, the city’s downtown area has experienced new development and upgrades to draw in new residents. The city is home to three major interstate highways and offers residents plenty of opportunities for mass transit with local bus lines and rail. With the large population, traffic congestion is always a consideration and driving with numerous vehicles on the road can put your vehicle at risk for potential accidents.

The most prevalent times of congestion in Toledo is during rush hour; however, according to a study by the Inrix.com National Traffic Scorecard Toledo ranks 93 out of 100 cities for its traffic congestion. So while the congestion might seem high for those driving in Toledo, when compared to other U.S. cities, it isn’t as bad.

When Allstate evaluated the best drivers by state in their 2011 Best Drivers Report, Toledo ranked 93 out of 200 cities with only a 6.9 percent likelihood of accidents when compared to the national average.

With a population estimated at 650,000 in the entire Toledo metro area, the city experiences a rather low rate of fatal accidents as found in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for Toledo’s county, Lucas County. This county only experienced 41 auto related fatalities in the year 2010 with only 10 of those related to driving while intoxicated. Lucas County ranks 4th in all 88 Ohio counties for car related deaths, and although their 2010 figures were relatively low compared to the population size, it still represented a 30 percent increase in car accident deaths compared to 2009.

The Ohio Department of Transportation manages the Buckeye Traffic site to give Ohio drivers and visitors up to date traffic reports for Toledo and other major Ohio cities. Just visit their webpage to find out about road conditions, closures and traffic incidents that will affect your morning or evening commute.

Ohio Auto Insurance Laws

All drivers in Ohio must carry Ohio auto insurance and keep proof of that coverage in their possession when driving. Without appropriate coverage, drivers can face stiff penalties such as suspension of their license or having their car impounded. The Ohio car insurance laws require that drivers carry bodily injury and property injury liability coverage as a minimum. As an alternative, drivers may also choose to purchase a surety bond of $32,500. Learn more about Ohio minimum auto insurance requirements by visiting our specific page dedicated to these laws.

Toledo Car Insurance Quotes

As you can see, driving in Toledo requires the right type and amount of coverage to fully protect your vehicle and loved ones. Finding car insurance in Toledo is easy when you understand the requirements and where to obtain the necessary rates and coverage. Whether you choose to use a local agent or obtain your coverage using our instant quote online form below, you can now make an informed decision about which coverage will best fit your needs and budget. See how much you can save on your auto insurance in Toledo by filling out the zip code form below.

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