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If you need Cincinnati auto insurance, then you’ve found just the resource to make shopping for insurance quick and easy. Car insurance provides protection from accidents and property damage that could financially devastate drivers if left on their own to handle the liability.

If you’re a Cincinnati resident, then simply enter your zip code in the box above to receive free auto insurance quotes customized to your needs. You’ll also want to cover the rest of this resource to learn more about local rates and agents in the area as well as Ohio insurance laws and requirements.

Car Insurance Agents in Cincinnati

Cincinnati auto insurance agents offer a variety of services to help drivers with obtaining the appropriate coverage to meet their budgets. In addition to providing instant insurance quotes online, we’ve also included information on the largest insurance companies in the area and their local agents who offer personalized service to the community.

Cincinnati Allstate Insurance Agents

Allstate Insurance has 49 agents representing their insurance product line for Cincinnati.

Cincinnati Farmers Insurance Agents

Farmers insurance agents in Cincinnati total 50, and they cover not only downtown but suburb areas such as Saint Bernard, Blue Ash, Springdale, Fairfield, West Chester, Milford, Mason and Hamilton.

Cincinnati Geico Insurance Agents

Traditionally Geico Insurance offers insurance via their website and phone only. However, Geico does have one local agent who can personally assist residents with finding auto insurance in Cincinnati.

Cincinnati Progressive Insurance Agents

Cincinnati is home to 6 Progressive independent insurance agencies with agents available to provide insurance rates, coverage and claims service.

Cincinnati State Farm Insurance Agents

Fifty agents represent State Farm Insurance for Cincinnati area including 4 that offer services in Spanish.

Ohio Department of Insurance Agent Lookup

Finding additional licensing information about prospective or current insurance agents is simple when using the Ohio Department of Insurance agent – agency locator. Simply input the first and last name of the agent or the business name of the agency, and you can learn more about the types of insurance they are licensed to sell. There’s also a lookup feature to find out if they have been subject to any administrative actions by the Department of Insurance.

If you don’t find your company on our resource list, please notify us by using our contact form. Individual agents are only eligible for listing through our paid feature option.

Cincinnati Car Insurance Rates

With an average premium of $1205 per year, the state of Ohio offers substantially lower car insurance rates than the national average of $1678 according to CarInsurance.com. In fact, that represents a 29 percent lower rate. Although Cincinnati auto insurance rates are much lower than the national average; however, at $1,221 they are slightly higher by 1 percent of the state’s average premiums.

Driving in Cincinnati

As in most big cities, traffic congestion in Cincinnati can be pretty heavy especially during rush hour. According to the Inrix.com National Traffic Scorecard the entire region from Cincinnati, Middletown OH, Kentucky and Indiana ranks in the top 50 most congested cities. They scored 29 out of 100 cities evaluated in the study. The city’s average amount of extra time needed to travel during peak times is 33 minutes.

The 2011 Best Drivers Report by Allstate showed Cincinnati came in 110 out of 200 cities for safe drivers. In fact, the city averages 10 years between accidents making the likelihood of experiencing an accident while driving there only 11.3%.

That ranking is consistent with the results found by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for Hamilton County where Cincinnati is located. In Hamilton County, there were only 41 car related fatalities in the year 2010. Of those 41 deaths, 15 were attributed to accidents involving drivers that were alcohol or drug impaired. Overall, Hamilton ranks 5th in vehicle related fatalities in all 88 Ohio counties, and for 2010, the county saw a decrease in car related deaths by 9 percent.

Cincinnati television station WLWT offers live Cincinnati traffic reports via their website. Plan your morning or afternoon commute by finding the latest road closures, traffic incidents and construction zones. When on the go, their traffic hotline keeps you up to date in real time – just call (866) MY-TRAFC.

Ohio Auto Insurance Laws

Ohio requires that every driver in the state have car insurance. They must also carry proof of their Cincinnati auto insurance or face penalties such as license suspension, vehicle impound, court fees and costs. Ohio auto insurance laws also mandate minimum insurance amounts that drivers must obtain. Typically, state minimums are the absolute least that a driver should purchase. In fact, most insurance companies and agents will recommend substantially higher insurance coverage in order to fully protect their clients. Because the state is considered an “at fault” state, if you are found to be responsible for causing an accident, then you will be held financially responsible.

In today’s litigious society with the high costs of medical and court expenses, this amount could run into tens of thousands of dollars. Having the most appropriate amount of auto insurance in Cincinnati that you can afford can truly make a difference in how protected you are from potential financial devastation should you be held liable during an accident.

Cincinnati Car Insurance Quotes

In society today, making sure that you and your possessions are fully protected with the right insurance is a necessity. Being able to understand the requirements and determine the right coverage amounts when purchasing Cincinnati car insurance does not have to be confusing. Our instant quotes online will offer you all the information you need to make an informed decision about the best coverage for your situation. Enter your zip code below to get started on saving money on your car insurance in Cincinnati.

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