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Driving a vehicle in Akron requires paying heed to the state law and requirements that make auto insurance in Akron mandatory. Because all drivers must have this coverage, shopping for the best rates and coverage means taking time to research and compare companies. You want to make sure you have just the right amount of Akron auto insurance just in case of an accident.

By taking time to enter your zip code in the box above, you’ll be on your way to obtaining insurance quotes from some of the highest rated carriers in the country.

Our free insurance quotes download instantly right in your computer’s browser. You’ll receive numerous Akron car insurance quotes from multiple insurance carriers so that you can make the most informed decision about which policy is right for you. When you find the best coverage, you’ll even have the opportunity to purchase your car insurance right online all from the comfort of home.

Car Insurance Agents in Akron

Buying car insurance in Akron from local insurance agents is also an excellent way to receive professional service from experts in the industry. Local representatives are familiar with the unique driving needs of area residents so they are able to tailor auto insurance plans to suit each individual. The following resource displays information about top United States car insurance companies and links to their agents that serve the local community.

Akron Allstate Insurance Agents

Allstate Insurance has 24 agents representing their insurance products to Akron and neighboring areas including Barberton, Tallmadge, Cuyahoga Falls, Mogadore, Wadsworth, Stow and Uniontown.

Akron Farmers Insurance Agents

Fifty Farmers Insurance agents serve Akron and the surrounding communities of Norton, Tallmadge, Fairlawn, Cuyahoga Falls, Barberton, Uniontown, Medina, North Canton, Twinsburg, Rittman, Streetsboro, Canton, Hinckley, Macedonia, Massillon, Northfield Center, Aurora, North Royalton, Brunswick, Solon and Bedford. There are also agents available who speak German and Korean for those in the community that need assistance in these languages.

Akron Geico Insurance Agents

While Geico does not have an agent in Akron, there is an agent office in Cleveland, just 45 minutes away. Ohio drivers may obtain quotes or purchase Akron car insurance from any Ohio Geico office or by contacting the company directly on their Customer Support line or website.

Akron Progressive Insurance Agents

Twenty Progressive Insurance agents offer insurance for cars, RVs, ATVs, motorcycles and boats in Akron.

Akron State Farm Insurance Agents

Akron is home to 50 State Farm Insurance agents who provide Akron auto insurance to area residents.

Ohio Department of Insurance Agent Lookup

For those who wish to learn more about insurance agents and companies they are considering, the Department of Insurance provides a website with a licensed agent search feature. Consumers may learn more about agent license status, companies they represent and if they have been involved with any complaints or disciplinary action. T

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Akron Car Insurance Rates

Car insurance in Akron is substantially lower than many other states according to CarInsurance.com. The city’s annual average car insurance premiums are $1,175 making Akron’s rates an amazing 41 percent lower than the national average of $1,998. The State of Ohio is even lower than Akron’s at $1,048. With such low annual auto insurance premiums, shoppers can rest assured that finding affordable auto insurance in Akron is much easier than in other areas of the country.

Driving in Akron

As the 5th largest city in the state and county seat of Summit County, Akron’s population is almost 200,000, and when combined with the greater metropolitan area of Portage and Summit counties that also include the city of Cleveland, the entire region has a population of almost 2.8 million residents.

As with most larger cities, Akron is connected between two major interstate highways including 77, which connects the city running north and south to Marietta and Cleveland, as well as Interstate 76 that runs east and west. Home to many large industries including rubber, technical, medical, transportation and education, the city has its fair share of traffic congestion especially during worker commute times.

According Inrix.com National Traffic Scorecard, Akron’s traffic congestion is not as problematic as other large metro areas. The city ranks 73 out of 100 for most congested areas. Allstate found in their 2011 Best Drivers Report that Akron has some of the safest drivers in the country assigning the city 49th out of 200 cities for safe driving conditions.

The statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration seem to confirm Akron’s reputation for being a fairly safe city to drive in. According to their 2010 study, Summit County experienced only 30 traffic related fatalities, and of those 30, thirteen involved an alcohol impaired driver. Compared to the population size of both the city and county, this fatality rate is extremely low.

The Buckeye Traffic site hosted by the state’s Department of Transportation provides traffic reports for Akron and other major cities in Ohio. Area residents and visitors may visit the site to learn about current driving conditions, road closures, accidents and construction zones.

Ohio Auto Insurance Laws

As in most other states, Ohio mandates that all drivers have Ohio auto insurance. Proof of this insurance must be with drivers at all times because if they are stopped and cannot provide this proof, they are subject to license suspension and/or car impoundment.

The state also requires that drivers carry minimum amounts of liability coverage so that if they are involved in an accident and cause damage to someone else’s car or property, the insurance will pay up to the policy limits for repair or replacement.

Most insurance companies and agents recommend higher limits to fully protect drivers, and you can learn more about coverage specifics by visiting our local guide to Ohio car insurance for details.

Akron Car Insurance Quotes

Many motorists are concerned with finding affordable Akron car insurance. In order to make sure you receive the best possible pricing on auto protection, you will want to obtain a number of quotes from different companies.

By reviewing different coverage levels and rates, you’ll have a better idea of what features you want and need for your auto insurance. That, in turn, will simplify the process of selecting the policy that is right for you.

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