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Before driving your car around the roads of North Dakota, you will need to secure a North Dakota car insurance quote. Getting one quote or many quotes is your first step to getting an affordable insurance policy. You don’t want to be caught without proper insurance in the state.

To get your quote right away, just use the form above. You can learn more about auto insurance in North Dakota from the following sections. You can find out about mandatory insurance requirements, insurance laws in the state, average rates, accident statistics and ways to save money through getting a quote, which you can do right now above.

Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements In North Dakota

North Dakota has five separate types of insurance that you are required to buy, if you want to legally drive in the state. These insurance requirements are greater than those seen in many other states. It is important you understand each before buying your policy.

By law you must have all of these types of coverage in the following amounts:

  • Bodily Injury Liability: $25,000 per person/$50,000 per accident for injuries and death if you are at fault;
  • Property Damage Liability: $25,000 per accident for damage you cause to other people’s property (not your own);
  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage: $25,000 per person/$50,000 per accident for injuries caused to you by a driver without insurance (does not include property damage);
  • Underinsured Motorist Coverage: Must equal your Uninsured Motorist Coverage for injuries caused to you with less liability insurance than you (does not cover property damage);
  • Basic no-fault: $30,000 per person for economic loss (medical bills, lost wages, etc.) paid to you no matter who is at fault in an accident. Also known as Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage.

The amounts above will keep you legal but may not keep you financially protected. You should strongly consider getting higher libailty insurance limits, along with an equal amount of uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. Your insurance company will only pay up to your policy limits, if the costs from an accident go above this, you will be responsible.

You should also know that while collision and comprehensive insurance are not normally required (they are always a good idea to have) your lender can legally require you to purchase them, if you borrow money to purchase your vehicle. If you do not, they can ‘force’ you to do so by buying it on your behalf and then adding the cost to your loan.

Therefore as you can plainly see North Dakota does not have the simplest auto insurance requirements. It is for this reason that you are strongly encouraged to speak to a licensed North Dakota auto insurance agent and/or company before buying a policy. They can explain in much greater detail what each type of coverage does and does not cover, along with how much coverage you should have given your personal situation.

North Dakota State Auto Insurance Laws

As mentioned above, North Dakota auto insurance is very complex. For that reason you are always advised to speak with a licensed agent and/or company before purchasing anything. We have provided some brief legal information below, but be advised it is in no way a substitute the advice an agent or company can provide.

The first thing you need to know is that North Dakota is considered a no-fault state, due to the fact that basic no-fault insurance is mandatory. Some think this means they cannot be sued if they get in an accident. This is untrue! North Dakota no-fault only covers economic loss (lost wages, medical bills, etc.).

It does not cover property damage and more serious injuries. This is why you are still required to purchase liability insurance and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. They protect for things no-fault coverage does not. You can learn more about the role Independent Medical Examinations play in no-fault insurance from this report.

The other really important thing to know is that driving in North Dakota without proper insurance is a crime. If you are caught without proof of insurance (in the form of an insurance card) you will be charged with a class B misdemeanor and a fine of at least $150. If you get caught without insurance in accident you will have your driver’s license suspended and will still be liable for all costs incurred if you were at fault.

Finally, some people get confused about their auto insurance policy. The main thing to know is that your insurance policy is a legally binding contract between you and your insurer. Your insurance company can cancel your policy within the first 60 days, however after 60 days they can only cancel it under extreme circumstances (e.g. nonpayment of premiums, fraud, license suspension, etc.)

So before buying any insurance policy, make sure you know what you’re getting into. Your insurance company or agent and the North Dakota Insurance Department can help provide you with the information you need.

North Dakota Car Insurance Companies

There are a multitude of companies who sell North Dakota auto insurance. In fact you can see a complete list of licensed insurers here. The trick is to find the one that has the best policy for you. One place to start is with the largest insurance companies.

The following members of the Insurance Information Institute sell the majority of car insurance policies in North Dakota.


Allstate Insurance Group

Bituminous Insurance Companies

Chubb Group Of Insurance Companies

Farmers Group, Inc.


The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc.

The Hartford Financial Services Group

Harleysville Insurance

Holyoke Mutual Insurance Company

Kemper Corporation (formerly Unitrin)

Liberty Mutual Group

MetLife Auto & Home

Michigan Millers Mutual Insurance Company


OneBeacon Insurance Group

Safeco Corporation

SECURA Insurance Companies

State Auto Mutual Group

State Farm


Westfield Group

Zurich North America

Nevertheless, just because they sell the most policies doesn’t make them the best. You should make sure you get a few instant car insurance quotes too, before looking at the companies listed above. Always be sure to have a look at complaint and financial information from the company you are thinking about buying from.

If you have an issue with your insurer, you yourself can file a complaint, so long as you find that your problem can’t be resolved by any other means. Finally if you can’t buy insurance on the open market, it may be time to turn to the North Dakota Automobile Insurance Plan. They help eligible drivers find insurance.

Average North Dakota Auto Insurance Rates

North Dakota drivers may have the cheapest average insurance rates in the whole country, at least according to the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.). In the 2008 the I.I.I. found that North Dakota had the lowest insurance rates in the whole country with drivers paying on average just $503 per year to insure their cars.

2011 figures from confirm that the state is below average when it comes to cost, but may no longer be the absolute cheapest. They have found that average premiums in the state are about $150 less per year than those in the rest of US.

You can get far more accurate information for your circumstances from the Insurance Department’s Cost Comparison Survey. You may also be interested in reading their September 2010 Property and Casualty Market Analysis, which explains the insurance market in North Dakota in far greater detail than we can here.

North Dakota Car Accident Statistics

Based on information presented by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the North Dakota Department of Transportation North Dakota is a more dangerous state to drive in than the average state in the Union.

In 2010 there were 17,076 traffic crashes in North Dakota. These resulted in 4,682 persons injured and 105 people killed. The good news is that 35 fewer people were killed in 2010 compared to 2009 (although 220 more people were injured). Overall, the fatality rate per 100 million vehicle miles traveled declined from 1.72 to 1.26 compared to a US average of 1.14 in 2009 and 1.09 in 2010.

The state has a problem with drinking and driving. In 2009 39% of all fatalities were caused by drivers with a blood alcohol content over 0.08 compared to a US average of 32%. Worse yet, the percentage of fatal crashes involving alcohol rose to over 50% in 2010. So the state has a long way to go to discourage drinking and driving.

The following counties were the most dangerous, according to the NHTSA. Each county recorded more than 5 traffic fatalities in 2009: Mountrail County, Ward County, Burleigh County, Mckenzie County, Rolette County, Cass County and Richland County. Yet, no matter which county you drive in, make sure you don’t drink and drive. Plus, make sure you obey all other traffic laws too.

North Dakota Car Insurance Quotes For Lower Premiums

The ultimate goal of any North Dakota car insurance quote is to get lower insurance premiums, along with a policy that offers the coverage you want and need. Keep reading for a few ways you can save money.

Before getting a North Dakota car insurance quote, try to do these things first. These simple steps can help you find the most affordable insurance policies that are perfect for your budget and unique needs.

The simplest way to keep your insurance premiums low involves the process of consolidating your multiple insurance policies into one policy. If you have separate policies for your house, recreational vehicle, and car, you can combine all these policies by choosing a single company that can handle all of them. Aside from eliminating all the hassles of working with multiple insurance agencies, you will also get substantial discounts from consolidating your insurance policies together.

You can also create savings by comparing the policies offered by various companies. Ask your friends and family members for referrals and recommendations. Next, browse through the official websites of the insurance companies you want to work with. Use their sites to get free North Dakota car insurance quotes that can provide an estimate about how much your insurance premiums will likely cost.

Insurance comparison websites can also help you locate the most affordable policies offered by insurance companies. For example, you can get quotes from many different companies using our simple form below. Simply enter your zip code and you’ll be presented with companies who want to offer you their best quotes.

With these simple tips, you can easily find a cheaper North Dakota car insurance quote without sacrificing the amount of protection you will receive. For more savings ideas, have a look at our article how to save money on car insurance. To get a your quote now just enter your zip code:

Enter Your North Dakota Zip Code:

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