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Finding quality Reno car insurance is easier than you think. While many auto insurance companies are raising rates or reducing coverage options, smart shoppers can still find affordable policies without sacrificing coverage by shopping online.

Our convenient insurance quoting tool assists consumers with obtaining quotes from multiple Reno auto insurance companies. As a one-stop site for finding auto insurance in Reno, you’ll be pleased with how quick and easy it is to buy auto insurance coverage.

By having several quotes on hand, it allows drivers to research rates and coverage while comparing the available options. Once you’ve found the right policy at the best price, you can even purchase your car insurance coverage online.

Car Insurance Agents in Reno

Understanding your insurance needs is vital to the process of building an effective insurance protection program. Licensed auto insurance agents in Reno offer professional assistance and guidance in evaluating and choosing policies that will work best for each individual situation. Our resource listing below offers links to popular car insurance carriers and their local area agents, who are available to assist drivers with car insurance in Reno.

Reno Allstate Insurance Agents

A team of 21 insurance agents provide Allstate auto insurance in Reno, Sparks, Incline Village and Fernley. A majority also offer services in Spanish. a

Reno Farmers Insurance Agents

There are 30 Farmers Insurance agent offices in Reno, and several locations offer services in Spanish and Filipino. An additional 20 office locations are available for communities surrounding Reno including Sparks, Incline Village, Dayton, Carson City and Fernley.

Reno Progressive Insurance Agents

Progressive Insurance does not have any Reno office locations. Instead, Reno drivers may obtain quotes, coverage and service from the Progressive offices in Las Vegas.

Reno State Farm Insurance Agents

State Farm is home to 40 insurance agents that offer car insurance in Reno and the neighboring suburbs of Sparks, Incline Village, Dayton, Carson City, Fernley, Stateline, Minden, Gardnerville, Yerington and Fallon, Nevada.

Can’t find your company in our insurance resource listings? Let us know by sending a message on our contact page. At present, individual agent listings are accepted in our paid feature section only.

Reno Car Insurance Rates

Average annual auto insurance rates in Reno are some of the lowest in the State of Nevada according to CarInsurance.com. With annual premiums averaging $1,449, Reno’s car insurance rates are 29 percent lower than Las Vegas and 30 percent lower than the national average of $2,060.

Driving in Reno

As seat for Washoe County and home to world famous casinos, Reno, Nevada has the 2nd largest population in Nevada just behind Las Vegas. The population for Reno is a little over 220,000 according to the United States Census of 2010, but when combined with the greater metro area that also includes the city of Sparks, the overall population numbers closer to 400,000. As a popular tourist destination, noise and traffic congestion can be bothersome especially during peak driving hours.

Drivers in Reno are some of the safest in the United States according to the 2011 Allstate Best Drivers Report. The city ranked 8th out of 200 cities for safe driving when compared to frequency of collisions. The average time between accidents is 12 years.

Although Washoe County came in 2nd in the top 10 counties for traffic fatalities in 2010 by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the number of fatalities compared to the size of the population is very low.

There were 30 vehicle related deaths in Washoe County in 2010 while Clark County, which ranked first for traffic deaths, experienced 148. Of those 30 fatalities, more than half involved single vehicles and departure from the roadway.

The Nevada Department of Transportation offers current traffic reports for Reno and the entire state on their Safe Travel website. Users may visit online to find out current road conditions, traffic closures, congestion, accidents and weather.

Nevada Auto Insurance Laws

Drivers in Nevada face strict requirements when it comes to purchasing car insurance in Nevada. The Nevada auto insurance laws require that all drivers carry minimum limits of liability, and there is constant monitoring of coverage using an electronic validation system.

Penalties for being uninsured include $250 to $1,750 in fines and possible driver’s license suspension. Because state mandated liability limits are fairly low, most insurance agents and companies suggest carrying higher policy limits and adding additional comprehensive and collision coverage.

Reno Car Insurance Quotes

Drivers do not need to sacrifice car insurance protection for lower rates. By taking time to shop insurance online, you will have access to multiple quotes from a variety of carriers so that you can compare each policy until you find the one with the most coverage and affordability. Enter your zip code in the provided box today to get started.

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