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If you live in Massachusetts, a Massachusetts car insurance quote is a necessity for you. Car insurance gives you the confidence that no matter what happens, the insurance company has you covered.

This of course assumes you’ve bought insurance from a reputable insurance company. Keep reading to learn the key things you need to know about Massachusetts auto insurance. A few minutes today could save you hundreds of dollars and many headaches down the road.

Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements In Massachusetts

Massachusetts has a greater variety of minimum insurance requirements compared to many other states. At the present time you are required to have 4 separate types of insurance coverage for your car.

They and the minimum amounts of each are as follows:

  • Bodily Injury Liability Coverage (for others) of $20,000 per person and $40,000 per accident.
  • Property Liability Coverage (for others) of $5,000 per accident.
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP) of $8,000 per person, per accident.
  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage of $20,000 per person; $40,000 per accident.

Keep in mind these are minimums only. The website of the Attorney Generals states that: “Given the high costs associated with serious accidents, most drivers buy coverage limits beyond the minimum requirements.”

Moreover, drivers may also opt to buy additional types of coverage to become more fully protected. The two most popular options are collision and comprehensive coverage.

Massachusetts State Auto Insurance Laws

There are several important things to know about Massachusetts’ auto insurance laws. The first is that the state operates under the no-fault system of insurance. This means in most basic accidents, both parties own insurance companies pay for costs to their own respective policyholders. There are certain situations where fault is assessed at more than 50%.

The next thing to know is that there is a Massachusetts Consumer Bill of Rights for Automobile Insurance. Among other things it states that: “Massachusetts law requires that every vehicle operating in Massachusetts be insured.” However, it also states that you have the right to buy auto insurance.

As a result if you are denied coverage from the major insurance companies you can opt to buy insurance with the help of the Massachusetts Auto Insurance Plan (MAIP). They state on their website: “If you cannot find an insurance company willing to write you a policy, you will be assigned to an insurer through the MAIP.”

You can read the full text of the two main laws on the Massachusetts Legislature’s website. They are MGL c.90, s.34A-34R – Motor Vehicle Laws and MGL c.175, s.113A-113U – Compulsory Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance.

Massachusetts Car Insurance Companies

According to the Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs the following companies are allowed to write private passenger auto insurance policies in the state:

Allstate Insurance Company

American Automobile Insurance Company (Fireman’s Fund)

American International Insurance Company (AIG)

Amica Mutual Insurance Company

Arbella Mutual Insurance Company

Bankers Standard Insurance Company (ACE)

Citizens Insurance Company of America (Hanover)

Commerce Insurance Company

Electric Insurance Company

Encompass Insurance Company of Massachusetts

Farm Family Casualty Insurance Company


Green Mountain Insurance Company

Harleysville Insurance Company

IDS Property Casualty Insurance Company (Ameriprise)

Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

Massachusetts Homeland Insurance Company (OneBeacon)

Metropolitan Property and Casualty Ins. Company

NGM Insurance Company

Norfolk & Dedham Mutual Fire Insurance Company

Occidental Insurance Company

Peerless Insurance

Plymouth Rock Assurance Corporation

Praetorian Insurance Company

Preferred Mutual Insurance Company

Premier Insurance Company of Massachusetts

Progressive Insurance Company

Quincy Mutual Fire Insurance Company

Safety Insurance Company

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company

United Services Automobile Association (USAA)

Vermont Mutual Insurance Company

You can find out more about complaints against any of these companies from the compiled list of Consumer Complaint Data.

Average Massachusetts Auto Insurance Rates

Average Massachusetts car insurance rates are above the national average. According to the Insurance Information Institute in 2008 the typical driver in the state paid $903 per year for their car insurance policy. This is above the national average from the same year of $789; placing the state as the 13th most expensive in the country.

Unfortunately, the average price paid for insurance is pretty much worthless. Every driver and vehicle owner has different circumstances and thus will pay a different amount for their policy. You can get a more accurate idea of what you should be paying by looking at sample Auto Insurance Premium Comparisons which are offered from the website of The Office of Consumer Affairs.

Their website also offers a publication Shopping For Auto Insurance: Step By Step Guide, which can help you lower your rates as well. One of the chief recommendations is getting lots of quotes for car insurance (see forms at the top or bottom of this page).

Finally, starting in 2006 the state started their Safe Driver Insurance Program (SDIP). It can help lower rates for drivers who maintain a safe driving record. Something that will be discussed in the next section.

Massachusetts Car Accident Statistics

Staying accident free is always a good idea in general. Not only do you avoid the risk of injury or death for you and your family; you can also keep your insurance premiums low. Massachusetts goes one step farther than most other states through their Safe Driver Insurance Program (see above). It rewards drivers who stay accident free with lower premiums.

So just how dangerous a state is Massachusetts to drive in? In turns out it is among the safest states in the nation. In 2008 (the most recent year for which data is available) there were 363 traffic fatalities and 3,747 serious injuries from a total of 136,384 traffic accidents. Now this may sound like a lot but it is in fact much better than the US average.

The key figure to look at is how many fatalities there are per 100 million vehicle miles traveled. For 2008, the figure for Massachusetts was 0.67 while the US average for that same year was 1.26. To put it another way, Massachusetts drivers have about half the chance of dying on the road as drivers in the US as a whole do. Looks as though the Department of Transportation safety programs are working!

Still just because the state is safer than average to drive in doesn’t mean there aren’t still problem areas. The following 5 counties were the most dangerous to drive in: Middlesex County, Worcester County, Bristol County, Essex County and Norfolk County.

Finally, if you do find yourself in an accident you may not be penalized for the rest of your driving career. You should inquire about Massachusetts accident forgiveness programs your insurer may have.

Massachusetts Car Insurance Quotes For Savings And Peace of Mind

Sometimes, accidents are inevitable. When you are driving, you have no say about how others drive. Collisions are bound to happen sometimes. If you come to think of it, all roads are somewhat perilous. Hundreds of people are driving cars, so what makes you think all of them will drive perfectly?

When doubts like these arise, it is always better to remain assured that no matter what happens, your car will be paid for when accidents occur. That is of course assuming you have proper insurance.

Yet, a lot of people who get car insurance do not take into consideration the potential to save. Americans tend to be very impulsive buyers. Many do not appreciate the importance of having to shop around and compare different prices. If you’re looking for Massachusetts car insurance quotes, you have to know that with the right choice comes great savings.

The best thing to do is to check out different companies and compare Massachusetts car insurance rates so that you can be able to arrive with the best deal. One technique is to find the highest deductible that you are able to afford, and get every accompanying discount.

Remember discounts can really add-up, so don’t forget to check these as well. In order to arrive at the best deal, there are a number of discounts that you may be eligible for. Insurance companies always ask for specific requirements to give you a discount.

If you’ve taken a driver’s education course, if you have an anti-theft mechanisms installed in your vehicle, or if you drive fewer miles, insurance companies may be able to give you a discount on your Massachusetts car insurance. In fact, there are too many ways to save to list here. For a complete list see our article on how to save money on car insurance.

You’ll be able to arrive at a cheaper car insurance policy if you do this. On the other hand, if you want full protection you should maintain your deductible and other coverage options. To save money focus your energy on comparing companies instead.

The best way to compare prices is by accessing various Massachusetts insurance websites. It is faster not to go to the websites of independent companies, but to websites that can give you the price of many Massachusetts car insurance policies all at once (like ours hint, hint).

Our site provides instant Massachusetts car insurance quotes, in that you can find out prices pretty much right away. See for yourself with the zip code form below:

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