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You can get an instant auto insurance quote above. Yet, if you are in Maine and are looking for car insurance, you should avoid rushing things and take all the time you need. This is because the majority of people who are looking for car insurance, settle for the first available deal they find. They end up spending more money than they need to.

What these people and you should do is try getting a Maine car insurance quote (see above). In fact, you should get as many quotes as you can so that you can compare all the prices as well as all the advantages and disadvantages of each of the auto insurance policies. However, how do you know how good a policy is unless you know what you are legally required to have?

Below you will find information about your minimum auto insurance requirements, other important Maine insurance laws, average rates and traffic safety information. There’s a lot to know, so let’s get started.

Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements In Maine

In Maine you are required to have three separate types of insurance included in your policy. Each of these types of insurance have their own minimum requirements. Thus, let’s look at each in turn.

The first type of insurance you are required to have is liability insurance. This is the most common type of insurance required and is very important to have. Essentially, liability insurance financially protects you up to your policy limit, if you’re found at-fault in an accident. Your minimums are as follows:

  • $50,000 per person for bodily injury liability insurance;
  • $100,000 per accident for bodily injury liability insurance;
  • $25,000 per accident for property damage liability insurance;

For the liability portion of your policy you can also get a combined policy of at least $125,000 which covers both your bodily injury requirements and your property damage requirements. Additionally, you may wish to consider an Umbrella liability insurance policy which can provide additional libailty protection, but is not required by law.

The second type of insurance you are required to have is Uninsured/Underinsured motorists (UM) coverage. This type of coverage protects you in the event of a hit and run, if you get in an accident with a driver who does not have insurance (uninsured) and/or if you get in an accident with a driver who has less liability insurance than you do (underinsured).

You are required by law to have the same amount of Uninsured/Underinsured motorists coverage as you do liability insurance on your policy unless you explicitly opt for less coverage. The minimum amount you can legally have is the same as minimum bodily injury liability insurance, so $50,000/$100,000. Beware that property damage is not covered by standard Uninsured/Underinsured motorist coverage. It only covers injuries.

Finally, you are required to purchase Medical Payments coverage. It pays for all reasonable medical and funeral costs up to the prescribed limit that result from accidents that occur in your car for you and your passengers. The laws states you need to carry at least $2,000 worth of this coverage on your policy.

Please be aware that all numbers listed above are minimums only and may not fully protect you in an accident. To learn more about your Maine insurance requirements and other types of coverage you may wish to have a look at A Consumer’s Guide to Personal Auto Insurance, published by the Maine Bureau of Insurance.

Maine State Auto Insurance Laws

Like all other states, Maine sets it’s own Motor Vehicle Laws. The most important of which from an insurance point of view are those contained under Title 29-A, Chapter 13 – Financial Responsibility and Insurance.

The main thing to know is that Maine requires you to be financially responsible for your vehicle in the state. This is why you are required to purchase insurance. You also must be able to show proof of insurance when required or demanded under certain situations.

Failure to show proof of insurance or worse yet providing false proof of insurance is not taken lightly by the Maine government. Penalties can range from license suspension, to fines to imprisonment. Therefore, you want to make sure that you purchase and maintain coverage on all vehicles you own. The penalties will be far worse than the cost of insurance if you fail to do so.

A few other important legal considerations are covered on the Bureau of Insurance’s website in far greater detail than they can be here. For example if you are concerned about how the claims process works in Maine, you should have a look at Making the Claims Process Easier and the Auto Claims FAQ.

Should you like to know more about your insurance company’s legal right to cancel and/or not renew your policy you should have a look at A Consumer’s Guide To Cancellation or Nonrenewal of Personal Automobile and Homeowners Insurance. Most of it is pretty common, sense e.g. pay your premiums on time, do not misrepresent yourself, etc. You can also learn more about cancellation and other important aspects of Maine auto insurance on the Auto Insurance FAQ published by the Maine Bureau of Insurance.

Maine Car Insurance Companies

Maine has many licensed insurance companies and insurance agents to choose from. This choice is both good and bad. The good is that competition generally means lower prices. The bad is that comparing all these companies takes time.

The largest insurers can be found below. We should point out that we are in no way endorsing any of these companies. They are simply companies that have at least a 1% market share of the Maine car insurance market and/or have 5 or more complaints against them. Thus, they may be good or not so good. You can learn more about Maine insurance company complaints for 2010 here.


Amica Insurance

Concord Group Insurance


The Hanover Insurance Group

The Hartford

Horace Mann Insurance

Liberty Mutual

The Main Street America Group

MetLife Auto & Home

MMG Insurance Company

Nationwide Insurance

Patriot Insurance Company


Quincy Mutual

Sentry Insurance

State Farm

Tower Group Companies

Travelers Insurance


Vermont Mutual Insurance Group

Zurich Insurance

Remember, always do your homework before buying from any insurance company. If you ever have an issue with your insurer you do have the right to file a complaint with the Maine Bureau of Insurance.

Average Maine Auto Insurance Rates

Maine drivers, on average, pay significantly less than those in the rest of the United States. According to the Insurance Information Institute the state is the 9th cheapest in the country. In 2008 they found average premiums in the state were just $600 per year (US average was $789). also has figures that support the idea of the state being a cheap place to insure a vehicle. Their premium index for 2011 has found that drivers in Maine have been quoted an average premium price of $1,053 per year versus a US average $1,441.

As a result, if you drive in Maine you should pay less for your car insurance than those driving in higher cost jurisdictions. Of course that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to save even more money. You can learn more from 10 Things You Should Know About Buying Auto Insurance.

Maine Car Accident Statistics

Maine’s crash and accident statistics are interesting. According to Maine Crash Data from the Bureau of Highway Safety and information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) the state is just slightly safer than average to drive in.

In 2009 there were 159 traffic fatalities and a little under 1,000 serious injuries on Maine’s roads. This put the fatality rate at 1.1 per 100 vehicle miles traveled compared to a US average of 1.14. So the good news is that the state is doing just a little bit better than the average. The bad news is that unlike the majority of other states, Maine’s fatality rate has not been falling in recent years. Therefore, it seems likely the state could be doing more to help get the rate down even further.

In 2009 the NHTSA found that 7 counties had 10 or more traffic fatalities in them. They were: York County, Cumberland County, Kennebec County, Aroostook County, Penobscot County, Androscoggin County and Oxford County. Please be careful when driving on Maine’s roads because you want you and your passengers to arrive safe and sound.

Why You Should Get Maine Car Insurance Quotes Online

The advantage to getting Maine auto insurance quotes online is that the likelihood of you finding a good deal is increased exponentially. The reason is simple. By shopping online there are a lot more companies to choose from. Plus, you can get quotes from them much faster than alternative methods.

There are several things to take into consideration whenever looking for car insurance. Bear in mind that the cheapest car insurance may not necessarily be the best option available. Some factors which determine the worth and value of your car insurance policy are the coverage and benefits it offers you in the event of an accident.

People choose to get a Maine car insurance quote online usually because it is more convenient and they don’t have to fill out lengthy information questionnaires. However, one thing that you have to remember whenever getting a Maine car insurance quote online, is that you should never ever rush through the questionnaire. Otherwise the quote that you’ll get may be inaccurate.

You have to make sure that you fill out the questionnaires properly, so that the quotes you get are accurate or you’ll end up wasting a lot of your time on false quotes. Not to mention if you purchase a policy based on false information you’re breaking the law and could have your claim refused in the event of an accident.

A Maine car insurance quote is very easy to get. You just need to make sure that you know exactly what you are protected against and what your limitations are so that you regret nothing in the end. Try getting a free one using this form:

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