Low-Mileage Deductions: How The Occasional Driver Can Save on Car Insurance

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May 9, 2013
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Low-Mileage Deductions: How The Occasional Driver Can Save on Car Insurance

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Low Mileage Deductions How The Occasional Driver Can Save on Car Insurance A low-mileage driver can save plenty of money on his or her auto insurance policy. In fact, most companies routinely quote occasional drivers lower prices. Of course, when getting a quote for auto insurance, the consumer must understand the process.

Eligible: To qualify, a motorist, usually, must drive less than 7,500 miles a year. Of course, the insured must verify what threshold the insurance company has.

Usually, the insurer will take a customer’s word for it, but they can verify the odometer reading. Remember to ask the company about their mileage threshold as the amount drastically varies between insurance providers.

Sign up: When looking for big savings, a customer must be proactive. Once a consumer finds a company, he or she must ask about the discount. When signing up, the insured should have their mileage numbers ready; this will help the process goes smoothly.

Savings: Most consumers can expect to save, at minimum, five percent. However, some insurers will offer a reduction in rates pushing twenty percent. A person who drives less than 2,500 miles a year will qualify for an even lower rate.

When putting less than 2,500 miles a year, a consumer can cut his or her bill in half. Without a doubt, the savings are drastic, and a consumer should shop around when looking at low-mileage discounts.

Careful: While a consumer will save a lot of money, he or she must be careful. When dealing with the insurance company, a customer must be completely honest about his or her mileage. Otherwise, a driver will run into serious problems in the future.

Remember, insurance providers have the right to verify that the customer is giving an honest mileage estimate. When lying about the mileage driven, a customer can have their claim denied.

Habits: For some, it is difficult to drive occasionally. Luckily, most drivers can alter their driving habits to qualify. Ideally, one should carpool to work and combine their trips. When doing so, a motorist can cut his or her mileage and be eligible for large savings. When changing habits, a driver will save money on fuel and insurance.

In the end, a savvy consumer must look at every available reduction. When simply asking about a discount, a motorist can lower his or her insurance tab significantly. Without a doubt, an occasional driver should have no trouble saving a significant amount of money on his or her insurance costs.

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