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Shopping for car insurance in Louisville just became a lot easier with our instant online quoting system designed to save you time and money. Why worry about calling or driving around town to find your auto insurance? Using the internet to find insurance for your vehicles gives you the freedom to obtain insurance quotes without ever having to leave your home or office.

When you enter your zip code in the form provided above, you’ll receive quotes from highly rated auto insurance carriers within seconds. Then you can research and compare rates and coverage right from your computer or laptop. Once you find the coverage that meets your needs, you can even purchase it right online – a definite time saving convenience!

Car Insurance Agents in Louisville

You also have the option of receiving personal service and attention from car insurance agents in Louisville. Because they live and work in Louisville, they understand the unique insurance needs of drivers in the city and can help motorists choose the right policy to fully protect their automobile.

Louisville Allstate Insurance Agents
Thirty nine insurance agents represent Allstate Insurance in the Louisville area including agents in surrounding cities such as Shepherdsville, Prospect and Crestwood along with nearby Indiana offices in Sellersburg, New Albany and Jeffersonville.

Louisville Farmers Insurance Agents
Farmers Insurance does not provide auto insurance in Louisville or other cities in the state of Kentucky. Their sister company, 21st Century Insurance, offers online quotes for Kentucky drivers on their website.

Louisville Geico Insurance Agents
Geico Insurance does not offer car insurance policies in Kentucky.

Louisville Progressive Insurance Agents
For car insurance in Louisville, Progressive Insurance has 6 insurance agents offering coverage for autos, motorcycles, ATVs, dirt bikes, snowmobiles and golf carts. Agents are available to provide services in Spanish and American Sign Language.

Louisville State Farm Insurance Agents
State Farm provides a team of 50 insurance agents for auto insurance in Louisville and surrounding cities. Spanish services are available to those in the community needing assistance in their own language.

If you do not see your agency on our resource list, notify us using our contact form. At this time, individual agent listings are only available with our paid feature option.

Louisville Car Insurance Rates

CarInsurance.com evaluated state and national average annual premiums and discovered that Louisville car insurance rates are some of the highest in the state of Kentucky. Louisville’s average annual auto insurance premiums run $1,969 while Kentucky’s average premiums are $1,826. Louisville’s insurance rates are 7 percent higher than the state average and 15 percent higher than the national average of $1,678.

Driving in Louisville

As the largest city in Kentucky, Louisville’s claim to fame is also the Kentucky Derby, which has been held in the city since 1875 and has been an annual event as part of horse racing’s famed Triple Crown ever since. With a population of 597,000, Louisville also composes a merged metropolitan area within Jefferson County that encompasses several smaller towns surrounding the city so that the total region is home to over 741,000 residents.

Residents know Louisville as one of the top ten safest cities in the United States, and the city has held that distinction for the past five years. Major highways run through Louisville, and with all the people in the area, traveling through the town’s traffic can be a challenge.

The Inrix.com National Traffic Scorecard ranked Louisville as 47 out of 100 cities for its traffic congestion, and delays of up to 62 minutes are frequent during peak periods of rush hour traffic. While navigating through traffic in Louisville can be a challenge, the city didn’t fare too poorly in the Allstate 2011 Best Drivers Report. This study named Louisville as 70 out of 200 cities for safe drivers, and the likelihood of being involved in an accident in the city is only 2.8 percent.

While the city of Louisville has fairly safe drivers for the most part, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recorded that Jefferson County, where Louisville is situated, is ranked number one for traffic fatalities in Kentucky. In 2010, the county experienced 73 deaths from vehicle related accidents representing a 28 percent increase from the prior year 2009 statistics. Of those fatalities, 23 involved drivers with alcohol or drug impairment while driving.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet hosts a traffic website that offers traffic reports for Louisville and cities throughout the State of Kentucky. Residents and visitors may visit the site to receive information about road closures, traffic accidents and congestion. Locals can also dial 511 on landlines or cell phone to receive free statewide traffic information.

Kentucky Auto Insurance Laws

Kentucky car insurance laws are very specific about the types of coverage drivers must obtain to comply with state requirements. The state has set a minimum amount of bodily injury and property damage liability along with basic personal injury protection that each driver must obtain in order to legally drive on Kentucky roads.

As with most other states, motorists must carry proof of vehicle insurance, and without proper coverage, drivers face large fines, revocation of registration, suspension of license plates and even jail time. For the most part, Kentucky is considered a no fault state except that in practice there are differences when compared to states with pure no fault laws. These differences mainly lie with basic personal injury protection coverage and the right of lawsuit. Learn more by visiting our guide page concerning Kentucky auto insurance law.

Louisville Car Insurance Quotes

Obtaining Louisville auto insurance will ensure that your vehicle is appropriately covered in the event of an accident. Without proper coverage, drivers face severe penalties by the state for driving without insurance and potential financial liability that will require out of pocket costs if involved in an accident. Find the Louisville car insurance you need by requesting an insurance quote from our online tool. Proposals with rates and coverage will be delivered instantly so that you can find the policy that provides the right amount of coverage at the best pricing for your budget.

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