Instant Car Insurance Coverage: What Are Your Options?

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Instant car insurance coverage options are available in many ‘shapes and sizes’ based on your requirements. You might want to get hold of some while letting go of others.

A range of choices exist, as far as car insurance is concerned apart from the usual liability and collision policies. Uninsured motorists, rental cars, comprehensive and towing are coverage options, among others, that provide a better sense of security, and hence, a better sense of peace of mind for you.

So what are the different instant car insurance coverage choices available? Here’s a short overview of the various options.

Liability Car Insurance: A liability car insurance policy is useful when the owner of the insured car is in the wrong and becomes liable for the damage caused to the other person or car involved in the accident. Liability insurance is of two kinds. One is Bodily Injury Liability, which as the name denotes, covers you in case your car hits someone and causes an injury. The other is Property Damage Liability policy that covers the compensation payable for the damage you may cause to another’s car or property.

Collision Auto Insurance Coverage: policies cover the damage caused to the insured car if it happens to collide with another.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Coverage: obviously, covers all the non-collision damages, which includes storm, theft, fire and vandalism.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage: is a kind of insurance coverage that can be used when the other party involved in the accident is at fault, causes the medical expense and property damage, and is not even insured to compensate for them. Although this is not a very popular or common type of insurance, it becomes great to have if someone who is uninsured runs into your car.

Gap Car Insurance Coverage: as the name indicates, takes care of the gap in the amount of money payable on the vehicle and its actual value. For example, if a car has an amount payable on it of $35,000 and its value is $28,000 gap insurance will cover the difference, the gap of $7,000.

Other Types of Car Insurance Coverage: can include towing, rental car coverage, and classic car coverage.

It makes sense to find out as much as you can about your options before you decide on any instant car insurance coverage. You would be amazed at the savings you can achieve with a little comparative shopping on the internet. No more calling, no more lengthy calculations on paper. Just compare rates on any of the car insurance websites online, and you can easily find the best policy for your needs.

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