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When trying to find auto insurance in Fort Wayne, Indiana, it’s not possible to know if you are getting the best coverage or rates unless you compare the quote you receive from one company to another. By shopping online for Fort Wayne auto insurance, you’ll be able to obtain far more information about rates and coverage than if you just seek one source of data.

Online car insurance quotes benefit insurance shoppers because of how quick and easy they are to acquire. Then, they allow consumers to compare and research the information so that they know that the rates will be affordable and coverage will fit their needs perfectly.

Car Insurance Agents in Fort Wayne

In some instances, drivers will also want to seek the counsel of professional insurance agents so that they can have assistance in evaluating online quotes and then also compare them to what agents are able to provide. Comparing both online and agent quotes further enhances the decision making process and can add up to big savings on your Fort Wayne car insurance.

Fort Wayne Allstate Insurance Agents

Allstate Insurance is home to 19 agents that provide car insurance in Fort Wayne, New Haven, Leo and Churubusco.

Fort Wayne Farmers Insurance Agents

Farmers Insurance offers 50 agents with expertise in Fort Wayne car insurance. Offices are conveniently located throughout the community including the nearby cities of Auburn, Huntington, Warsaw, Marion, Peru, Rochester, Elkhart, Muncie, Plymouth, Osceola, Kokomo, Mishawaka, Logansport, South Bend, Anderson, Noblesville, Pendleton, Monticello, Westfield, Fishers, La Porte, McCordsville and Carmel. Agents are also available who can communicate with those in the community who need service in Spanish or American Sign Language.

Fort Wayne Progressive Insurance Agents

There are 8 Progressive independent insurance agents serving Fort Wayne.

Fort Wayne State Farm Insurance Agents

Forty-eight State Farm insurance agents call Fort Wayne home and can provide rates, coverage and claims servicing for their clients.

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Fort Wayne Car Insurance Rates

Car insurance in Fort Wayne is relatively affordable considering that the average annual premiums are $650 less than national rates overall. Fort Wayne auto insurance averages $1,347 per year while the U.S. average rates are $1,998 according to CarInsurance.com. Indiana drivers can always assure that they are receiving the best possible rates by accepting new quotes on car insurance at renewal each year.

Driving in Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne has the second largest population in Indiana at 253,000 and is also the county seat for Allen County. The city’s population is combined by the U.S. Census Bureau into a statistical metro area that includes six other counties: Wells, Whitley, Adams, Noble, Huntington and Dekalb.

The combined population for the entire metropolitan region is just over 615,000. Just a few miles from the borders of both Ohio and Michigan, Fort Wayne is served by two major interstate highways – Interstate 69, which runs north to Michigan and south to Indianapolis as well as Interstate 469 that loops through the city as well as the south and east sides of New Haven.

Traffic in the city as not as bad as other large metro areas. In fact, the Fort Wayne area did not even make the INRIX top 100 traffic congested metro areas. But the city did make the 2011 Best Drivers Report by Allstate where it was ranked very high for having safe drivers in the city.

The report listed them as 16th out of 200 cities demonstrating what even the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration documents in their report on traffic fatalities between 2006 and 2010. Allen County, where Fort Wayne is located, experienced a 16 percent decrease in car related deaths between 2009 and 2010.

The number of fatalities totalled 21 in 2010, and considering the population is over 355,000, that number represents a very small percentage of the population.

The Indiana Department of Transportation runs a program called TrafficWise that provides Indiana residents and visitors with real time traffic reports in Fort Wayne and other large Indiana cities. Travellers may view the website to find out driving conditions such as road closures, traffic accidents and construction work.

Indiana Auto Insurance Laws

Indiana auto insurance laws require that drivers obtain car insurance and then keep proof of that coverage with them when driving. If you are stopped and an officer requests your insurance card, failure to provide it can result in misdemeanor or felony charge, license suspension and heavy fines. Our Indiana minimum insurance requirement resource guide provides details of car insurance laws in Indiana.

Insurance shoppers will want to carefully review state requirements to make sure that their auto insurance policy meets the minimums. Talk to your agent about the coverage you need because in many cases, comprehensive and collision insurance with higher policy limits than those required by the state are needed in order to fully protect drivers and their vehicles.

Fort Wayne Car Insurance Quotes

Save time by using our valuable online form to receive free and instant Fort Wayne car insurance quotes. You’ll be able to compare coverage and rates of multiple, highly rated insurance carriers with your existing coverage, and if you find a policy that suits your needs, even purchase it right online. Insurance shopping online simplifies the whole process of finding auto insurance in Fort Wayne.

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