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Save money on your auto insurance policy with free instant car insurance quotes here. Just select your state above to compare companies offering online quotes tailored to you. You can get quotes for all 50 states + DC above. You see the trick to getting the lowest rate on car insurance, is to compare quotes from every single company you can find. For more information about auto insurance, please have a look at our extensive collection of articles.

Remember that to get the best rates, you will have to spend a little bit of time online using free instant car insurance quote services like ours. Fortunately for you, the whole process is much faster and simpler than it was before the days of the internet. Back then you had to write, phone or visit insurance company offices just to get a rate quote. Now all you have to do is enter some basic info on a website and you get your quote instantly.

Compare Car Insurance Quotes

Once you have taken the time to get a few quotes you should move on to the next task. You need to compare your free instant car insurance quotes to one another to see which one offers the best deal for you. The answer may surprise you, since it may not be from a company you have ever considered before. Still, if they are offering good rates you should at least have a look at them.

The reason why auto insurance companies charge such widely varying prices has to do with their risk selection criteria. Some insurers accept clients with riskier histories than others. Moreover, they also use slightly different criteria to assess risk and thus each one have a different risk profile of you. These factors can change over your lifetime. So, it is very important that you get periodic quotes to make sure you are still getting the best price.

For example, a twenty-year old truck driver who has previously been in three car accidents, will pay substantially more than a fifty year old woman who has never been in an accident and who only drives her car twice a week. Insurance companies use all this information to assess how risky a person’s behavior is likely to be, before they give him or her a good quote.

How To Save Money On Your Quote

Yet, there are some things you could be doing that will further reduce your auto insurance premiums; no matter what your driving history. The biggest factor is what type of coverage you decide to buy for your car. Simple liability coverage is mandatory in almost all states, but things like collision, medical, uninsured and comprehensive insurance coverages are optional in many states.

So consider getting rid of the items you may not need to further reduce your rates. Just be sure you really don’t need the extra coverage before canceling any of it. If you are not comfortable canceling your collision or medical coverage, you may still save some money by raising your deductible.

This will still protect you in the worst case scenarios, but will not cost you as much month to month. You can see how much this will affect your potential premiums by playing around with the various options on your instant car insurance quote results page. Moreover you can learn about the rules and requirements for coverage in your state, from our state insurance pages.

Beyond this there are some pretty universal things you can do to reduce your premiums with virtually all companies. The best way to save on an any policy is to be a good driver. So, don’t speed, don’t drink and drive and most importantly don’t get into accidents. These three things will all cause your rates to skyrocket. Always do your best to obey all traffic laws.

If you remain claim free and ticket free for 5 or more years, you may be able to reduce the cost of your insurance even more in the future. Just a further incentive to being a good driver.

More Ways To Save Money

The good news is that there are other things you can do to save even more money, but they will require a bit more planning than the options above. For starters you can reduce the amount you drive each year. This will not only save you money on gas and repairs, but may also qualify you for low mileage discounts from your auto insurer.

When you are buying your next car, you should do a little research into how much each of the vehicles you are considering will cost. Some cars can cost twice as much to cover as others, even with the exact same driver. So do a little homework and you can save thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your car.

Other things you can do to lower your rates include: improving your credit score, living in a more desirable area and combining your other insurance policies with your auto insurance to get a bulk discount. Now I realize that not all of these options are realistic right now, but they should get you thinking about how you can save in the long term. To see how all these things may affect your overall insurance policy check our car insurance questions and answers page.

Step By Step To Getting An Instant Car Insurance Quote Online

To acquire one, you need to first visit the website of an insurance carrier and/or a site like ours that offers multiple auto insurance quotes. Make sure the site and companies promise not to share any personal information you enter. For example, this site does not store, share or sell any information with third parties. For more on how provides quotes, please read our How To Guide For Car Insurance Quotes

When using other sites it is recommend you stick with reputable large firms who have clearly defined privacy policies. These companies use encryption technology on their websites, so that unauthorized people cannot view your personal information. However, to get a quote you will have to enter some personal details, so that the insurer can give you an accurate quote. After entering the site of your chosen auto insurance company, click on the get quote button that should appear on the main page.

A questionnaire will appear which will ask you for your relevant details. In the first section, you need to fill in your name, residential address and location of your car or vehicles. In the next section, enter your age, gender, job status, date of obtaining a license, driving record and your current insurance status, along with any other information required.

In the third section, you need to fill-in information about your car. This will include things such as its model number, VIN, make and safety devices in it. If you have this information ready ahead of time, you’ll get an accurate car insurance quote that much faster.

Submit this form to obtain rate coverage information instantly. Repeat this step with other sites until you feel you have a good grasp of the policy coverage options available for you. There may be slight variation in terms, premium amounts and plans offered by different companies. Select an appropriate quote that offers a premium you can afford and go for that company’s policy.


If you are going to drive, you are going to have to pay for car insurance. Therefore, treat it the same way you would treat other factors when deciding what vehicle to purchase. With a little planning you can easily lower your car insurance premiums and improve your overall finances. So stop wasting time and get a free instant car insurance quote from the form below. You could be saving money in as little as 15 minutes.


Car Insurance Quotes
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