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Buying car insurance in Honolulu may seem more complex than buying it on the mainland, but the basic principles are the same. You first need to start out getting multiple insurance quotes. Then you need to narrow down your choices and find out more about a few of the best looking companies.

Look into customer complaints, financial health, pending lawsuits and anything else that may affect your ability to get coverage, and god forbid have to make a claim. It is important to do this research now, rather than after buying your policy. On a related note you may be interested in speaking to a live agent about what type of coverage you should get.

Honolulu Auto Insurance Agents Who Can Help You

There are all sorts of agents you can talk to about your coverage options. Listed below are agents from some of Hawaii’s largest insurers. However, in addition to these you may also wish to speak to independent Honolulu insurance agents as well, who don’t work for any one company.

Honolulu Allstate Insurance Agents
You have a choice of 20 Allstate car insurance agents in Honolulu itself and several more throughout the state.

Honolulu Farmers Insurance Agents
At the current time Farmers does not have any agents serving Hawaii.

Honolulu Geico Insurance Agents
Geico currently does not sell Hawaii car insurance.

Honolulu Progressive Insurance Agents
You can choose from 6 agents and/or brokers in Honolulu who sell Progressive insurance.

Honolulu State Farm Insurance Agents
State Farm currently lists 29 agents on their website offering Honolulu car insurance.

Your insurance agency not listed? If you own an insurance agency that operates in Honolulu and would like to be included in our listings above please use our contact form. At the current time we do not accept individual agent listings except as part of our paid featured listing option.

Honolulu Insurance Rates For Local Drivers

Living in Honolulu has many perks. The great weather, the amazing food and the friendly people. One other side benefit is that car insurance in Honolulu costs less than one would expect from a city its size. According to CarInsurance.com drivers in the city pay about $1,200 per year for car insurance. That’s over $400 less per year than drivers in the rest of the country. Why live anywhere else?

Important Honolulu Driving Conditions And Information

The state of Hawaii in general and Honolulu in particular is an interesting place to drive. You don’t have to worry about snow storms and icy roads you’d find in the North-East. However, there are far more tourists who drive on the roads of Honolulu compared to the typical US city. That’s why the accident rate is slightly above the US average. A typical driver could expect to get in an accident once every 9.4 years in Honolulu, about 6% more often than drivers on the mainland.

Two potential issues are the fact that you have may tourists on the roads, who are unfamiliar with the roads of the city. These people in particular should check out a Honolulu traffic report before driving anywhere. The second issue is that since many people are on vacation they may be more likely to drink and drive. Again, just remember that just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean the law still doesn’t apply to you.

The Hawaii Auto Insurance Laws You Need To Know About

Hawaii is a no-fault state, which broadly speaking means your insurance company pays no matter who is at fault in an accident. As a result Hawaii based insurance companies have imposed certain minimum insurance requirements. You’ll need at both liability insurance and $10,000 worth of PIP (Personal Injury Protection) coverage. Moreover, if you are coming in from outside the state you should pay particular attention to Hawaii’ other car insurance laws, as these may be very different from your home state. Ignorance of your responsibilities will not wash with the police if you get in an accident without proper insurance coverage.

Get The Right Honolulu Car Insurance Policy With A Free Quote

As we’ve already seen above Honolulu car insurance rates are well below those seen in the rest of the country. Still, Honolulu is not a cheap place to live. So wouldn’t it be great if you could save even more money. The good news is that now you can by simply getting a free Honolulu car insurance quote using the form below. It just takes a few minutes and you can start right now, by seeing which companies are offering quotes in your zip code.

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