Why Do Car Insurance Companies Advertise ‘Free No-Obligation Car Insurance Quotes’? Does Anyone Actually Pay For Them?

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You may be wondering, aren’t all car insurance quotes free? Insurance websites big and small advertise ‘free,’ ‘no-obligation’ quotes. You can even get your own free quotes right now, simply by using the zip code form above. So does anybody actually pay for auto insurance quotes?

The simple answer is that no, no one in the right mind pays for car insurance quotes. Insurers advertise ‘free quotes,’ just as a way of enticing consumers to get quotes from them. Who doesn’t want something for free? At the end of the day, it is just hollow advertising pitch.

Similarly, you often see insurance companies advertising that you can get a no-obligation car insurance quote. Again, a quote is just a quote, you are never under any legal obligation to buy a policy just by getting one. Now that doesn’t mean insurers won’t do their utmost to get you to buy a policy on the spot. However, you can always walk away.

The key is to make sure you get several car insurance quotes from multiple different companies before settling on just one. If a company wants to charge you for a quote or will only give you one on a conditional basis, it means that it is not a company you should be doing business with.

Therefore, instead of free auto insurance quotes, you should be looking for ways to actually save money when you get a quote instead. Of course you can only get accurate quotes when you know what kind of auto insurance policy you’ll need.

Types Of Car Insurance

Your first step to getting the cheapest, but correct insurance policy, is knowing what type of car insurance you need, and how much you need to buy. You can find out what your state requires from our auto insurance by state page.

Liability insurance (including bodily injury and property damage portions), no-fault insurance, Personal Injury Protection (PIP), Uninsured motorist coverage, collision and comprehensive are just some of the types of auto insurance available to you depending on where you live.

The basics are as follows:

Liability insurance usually comes in two types of coverage, bodily injury and property damage. Both are mandatory in almost all states. This coverage protects you when you are at fault in an accident. It pays out to others, but does not provide you any personal protection for yourself.

No-fault insurance is mandatory in some states and optional in a few others. Basically, in an accident your own insurance policy pays you and the other driver’s insurance policy pays them, no matter who is at fault. In the US there are no pure no-fault states, so it is always a good idea to have liability insurance coverage, even if it is not mandatory.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage, is often the type of coverage you buy in no-fault states. It provides coverage for injuries, and in some cases lost salary, but not property damage. Be aware that some liability states, also require the purchase of PIP coverage as well.

Uninsured motorist coverage, covers you when you get in an accident with an uninsured driver. Your insurance company pays you, and then may try to get money from the guilty party. Without this coverage you would have to seek legal recourse yourself. This coverage is mandatory in many states.

Collision coverage, provides protection in case the policyholder’s car needs major repair work after an accident. It is generally not mandatory unless you have leased or purchased your car on credit.

Comprehensive coverage, provides protection in cases where your car needs repairs from certain itemized acts of god and should also protect you in the event of theft. Similar to collision coverage, it is not mandatory unless you have a car loan or your car is leased.

These are just some of the myriad of car insurance policy options out there. Always, check with your insurance provider and/or agent before buying a policy. You need to make sure you have all the parts that are legally required in your state. To learn more what your quote is based on, keep reading.

Want To Obtain Lower Priced Quotes?

Getting lower priced or cheaper quotes is easy when you know how to search properly. The first step will be to actually get an initial price quote. To get one you’ll need to enter your personal details such name, age, gender, marital status, address, telephone numbers, car model number and year of purchase and so on. The information that you provide under these tables, impacts your car coverage rates.

For instance, most companies offer lower premium rates to women as compared to men. The reason why this happens, is that they have found that on average, women get in fewer severe car crashes compared to men. They thus cost less in claims and can therefore get lower rates.

The same is true of older more experienced drivers. If you are older and have remained claims free for many years, you can expect to see your rates come down over time. However, you should know that car insurers can’t price discriminate based on race or ethnicity.

Other obvious things that impact your auto insurance rates include:

The kind of car that you drive. Sports cars, for example, are more expensive, whereas a compact may be cheaper.

Where you live. If you, reside in area where there is a higher crime rate then you will have to shell out even more for premiums. However, do not assume that it is impossible to get cheaper coverage.

Your driving history. The fewer accidents you have the better. Also, the longer you go claim free the better. Finally driving related convictions, especially DUIs and DWIs, will really send your rates into orbit.

Your credit score. Those with better credit scores can generally get lower insurance premiums.

More Ways To Save:

If you have installed any safety equipment in your car, such as anti-theft devices, automatic locks, etc., then you are more likely to be offered a cheap car insurance quote.

Some companies also offer discounts on insurance rates if you buy another policy from. For example getting two cars insured rather than one or getting a homeowners insurance policy on top of your auto insurance.

To get lower priced quotes you can also undertake driving lessons and get a flat discount on your auto insurance policy. Thus, in short you have to show any auto insurer that you fall in the low-risk category.

Why Online Car Insurance Quotes Make the Most Sense

A free online auto insurance quote helps an you to locate the ideal auto policy for you. You can acquire as many as quotes as you want for free. The specifications of coverage will vary from one company to another. Hence, you need to specify and fill in accurate information, so that you can obtain the perfect quote for your budget.

Now there is no hard and fast rule about how many auto insurance quotes you should get. Some get only a few, and other get dozens. The right number is probably somewhere in between. Somewhere between 5-10, will probably give you a good general idea of what you can expect to pay.

This is your chance to play around and see how different coverage options affect your potential premiums. You always want to make sure you purchase at least the minimum amount of coverage required in your state. Still you can see how getting more coverage, can often be very affordable and provide a lot more protection.

Once you’ve found an insurance company or two that look promising, you need to look up their rating and reputation. For more information, you can visit the site of your local BBB (Better Business Bureau) and see if a particular insurance company is present on the list or not. Don’t just pick the cheapest company, make sure it has a good ratting too before hand.

Thus, getting your free auto insurance quotes online is beneficial for numerous reasons. Most important among these, is that it saves you the time and effort of having to visit an agent or company office.

Better yet is the fact that by comparing rates quickly and easily online, you are almost certain to find the best deal for you no matter what your circumstances. Better yet, you can make sure that the low rate you’re quoted comes from a reputable insurance carrier and not some fly-by-night operation. So, if you are contemplating applying for an affordable policy, use the form below to get a ‘free car insurance quote’ instantly.

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