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Car Insurance Agents In St. Petersburg

We’ve also included resource links to some of the largest auto insurance carriers in the country. Their team of professional insurance agents are available to assist local residents who would prefer personalized attention and service from experts in the industry. Some drivers enjoy dealing with their insurance needs in person, and agents are often a valuable resource for helping clients evaluate and choose auto insurance in St. Petersburg.

St. Petersburg Allstate Insurance Agents
Allstate Insurance maintains a team of 39 insurance agents to serve the car insurance needs of St. Petersburg and surrounding communities including Pinellas Park, Seminole, South Pasadena, Largo and Tampa.

St. Petersburg Farmers Insurance Agents
Farmers Insurance does not offer St. Petersburg car insurance rather 21st Century Insurance, part of the Farmers Group, writes auto insurance in St. Petersburg through their online quoting system.

St. Petersburg Geico Insurance Agents
Geico Insurance does not have an agent in the city of St. Petersburg; however, there are Geico agents in this region of Florida. Sarasota, Fort Myers, Orlando and Miami all have Geico agents available to assist motorists with car insurance in St. Petersburg.

St. Petersburg Progressive Insurance Agents
Progressive Auto Insurance offers 20 insurance agents in St. Petersburg and the surrounding areas, and their team includes bilingual agents providing insurance service in Spanish and Greek.

St. Petersburg State Farm Insurance Agents
St. Petersburg is home to 50 State Farm insurance agents with offices spread throughout the community to make it easier for residents to find an agent near their home or office. About 16 of the agents speak Spanish for those in the community needing assistance in their native language.

Florida Department of Financial Services Agent Lookup

Consumers interested in learning more about the insurance licensing status of potential agents may visit the Florida Department of Financial Services website. The Department provides an agent lookup feature that allows visitors to view licensing status, company appointments and any disciplinary action.

If your St. Petersburg insurance company is not represented in our resource listings, please feel free to email us using our contact form. Individual agent listings are only accepted through our paid feature option at this time.

St. Petersburg Car Insurance Rates

As reported by CarInsurance.com St. Petersburg car insurance costs are much lower than other areas in the State of Florida. The average annual auto insurance premiums for auto insurance in St. Petersburg is $1,630, which is 16 percent lower than the state’s average annual premiums of $1,937 and 3 percent lower than the national average of $1,678. Because St. Petersburg rates are so much lower than the rest of Florida, it is important to review coverage periodically to make sure that you are receiving the most competitive rates available in the area.

Driving in St. Petersburg

Located in Pinellas County, Saint Petersburg is the destination of choice for many vacationers from around the world. As the 4th largest city in Florida with a population of 245,000, it also makes up part of the Tampa Bay metro area where the population is close to 2.7 million. Because of its sunny, warm climate, tourists frequent the area year round, and the city is served by main interstate highways running north to south with causeways and bridges connecting the peninsula to Florida’s mainland.

The entire metropolitan area of Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater make up a traffic corridor that ranked 38 out of 100 cities for the most traffic congestion in 2010 according to results in the Inrix.com National Traffic Scorecard. Driving times during peak rush hours can be delayed by as much as 39 minutes, and although it can be challenging driving in the area traffic, the city did rank 74 out of 200 cities for safe driving in Allstate’s 2011 Best Drivers Report. As a matter of fact, the relative likelihood that drivers will experience a traffic accident is only 3.3 percent according to Allstate’s study so for the most part, time delays when driving will be most motorists main consideration when venturing out on St. Petersburg roads.

Saint Petersburg is located in Pinellas County where the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration study determined that in 2010 the county ranked 8th out of all 67 counties in Florida for traffic fatalities. The total number of accidents resulting in death for Pinellas County were 96 with 30 of those caused by alcohol impairment while driving. These results also represent a 8 percent decrease in car related fatalities from 2009’s records.

The Florida Highway Patrol offers an online site for real time traffic reports in St. Petersburg, Tampa, Pinellas, Brooksville and Lakeland areas. Drivers may visit to find out about accidents, road closures or congestion.

Florida Auto Insurance Laws

Florida auto insurance laws are very different from laws found in other parts of the country. The State of Florida does not require that motorists purchase auto liability insurance. Their only requirement is for personal injury protection and property damage liability in the amounts of $10,000 each. Although these requirements are low, most insurance agents will recommend that St. Petersburg auto insurance be purchased in much higher amounts to fully protect yourself in the event of an accident.

Another important consideration when purchasing car insurance in St. Petersburg is that Florida’s system is no fault meaning insurance companies will pay for claims without assigning responsibility to one driver over another. Learn more details about the state’s insurance laws by visiting our local Florida auto insurance guide.

St. Petersburg Car Insurance Quotes

Navigating through traffic in the St. Petersburg, Tampa metro area can be a challenge particularly during rush hour. The frequency of accidents in the area should definitely encourage Florida motorists to obtain St. Petersburg car insurance for the peace of mind in knowing that they are fully protected from the unexpected. Finding an affordable auto insurance policy is simple when you input your zip into the following box. You’ll receive instant insurance quotes from top carriers to make your insurance buying decision quick and convenient.

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