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Car Insurance Agents In Hialeah

Some drivers like to visit local insurance agent offices in order to receive personalized attention and service for their auto insurance policies. We’ve provided the following resource to make it easy to locate reputable auto insurance companies and their agents in the local community.

Hialeah Allstate Insurance Agents

There are 25 Allstate Insurance agents in Hialeah and the surrounding areas of Miami Lakes, Doral, Miramar, Miami, Pembroke Pines and Coral Gables. Nineteen of these agent offices offer insurance services in Spanish.

Hialeah Farmers Insurance Agents

Farmers Insurance offers auto insurance in Hialeah through one of their group companies, 21st Century Insurance. This Farmers company provides online quotes only.

Hialeah Geico Insurance Agents

There is not a Geico office in Hialeah; however, one Miami Geico agent offers car insurance in Hialeah since the city is only 8 miles from Miami. Hialeah residents may also choose to obtain quotes or purchase coverage by phone or on the Geico website.

Hialeah Progressive Insurance Agents

Progressive Insurance maintains a network of 20 agents and agencies who provide auto insurance in Hialeah and the neighboring communities including Miami Springs and Miami.

Hialeah State Farm Insurance Agents

A team of 50 State Farm agents provide Hialeah car insurance to drivers in the local community, and a majority speak Spanish to help those who need assistance in their native language.

Florida Department of Financial Services Agent Lookup

Consumers may look up the records of agents, agencies and companies doing business in Florida using the Florida Department of Financial Services website. Up to date licensing records, company appointments and disciplinary actions are all available online to the public.

If your Hialeah insurance agency is not listed in our resources, please let us know using our contact form. Individual agent listings are only accepted through our paid feature option at the present time.

Hialeah Car Insurance Rates

Car insurance in Hialeah is higher than both the Florida and national averages according to CarInsurance.com. The cost of Hialeah auto insurance averages $2,576 per year, and when compared to Florida’s $1,980 and the nation’s $1,998, that represents a 23 percent and 22 percent higher rate respectively.

Why Hialeah’s rates are so much higher than the state and national rates is open to speculation, but what is most important for Hialeah area motorists is to evaluate existing auto insurance coverage each year and obtain new quotes to make sure that both the coverage and rates are the absolute best available.

Driving in Hialeah

As part of Miami-Dade County, Hialeah is situated in one of the most heavily populated cities in Florida. It ranks 6th in size in Florida and 10th in United States cities for population density. Transportation is a very important consideration in the city with the public transit system operating both bus and rail transports throughout the area.

The city is accessed by every major highway and thoroughfare in the area including Interstate 75, the Florida Turnpike, US Highway 27 and the Palmetto Expressway. Traffic congestion is a given in this area since it joins all the major metro areas in this part of the state.

As part of the Miami metro area, Hialeah is part of the 15th largest traffic congested areas in the county out of 100 other major metropolitan areas according to the Inrix.com National Traffic Scorecard. This congestion combined with being 183 out of 200 for safe drivers according to the Allstate Insurance 2011 Best Drivers Report can shed light on why car insurance in Hialeah is so expensive when compared to other cities of the same size.

In fact, this same driving report ranks the likelihood of being involved in a traffic accident when driving in Hialeah at 52.5 percent.

Miami-Dade County (where Hialeah is located) has the highest number of traffic fatalities of any other county in Florida according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. In 2010 alone, there were 246 traffic deaths with 107 involving intersection crashes and 52 caused by an alcohol impaired driver.

Florida motorists can find up-to-date traffic reports in Hialeah using the Sig Alert website. On this site, there is detailed information about traffic closures, accidents and construction so that drivers may plan their driving route more effectively especially during peak times of travel.

Florida Auto Insurance Laws

Unlike other states, Florida does not require drivers to purchase auto liability coverage. The state’s only mandated requirement is for personal injury protection and property damage liability. Because Florida is also a “no fault” state, the insurance company pays for accidents and claims no matter which driver is at fault.

Find out more about Florida auto insurance laws using our state resource guide. It lists important car insurance requirements for Florida that all motorists need to understand before purchasing coverage.

Hialeah Car Insurance Quotes

With Hialeah auto insurance rates at a premium, it is important to find affordable car insurance that offers the most protection for you and your vehicle. Finding the best car insurance in Hialeah is as simple as entering your zip code in the box below. You’ll instantly receive multiple quotes from highly rated carriers so that you have all the information you need to make the best choice for protecting your auto.

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