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When it comes to getting Florida car insurance quotes, it would be of great help if you were familiar with the different kinds of mandatory laws that are present in the state. This is because there are different laws for auto insurance for every state in the US. Thus, Florida has very different requirements compared to others.

Each and every quote you get for Florida car insurance should take note of these requirements. Nevertheless, it is helpful to review them both for your own personal information as well as a way of evaluating potential coverage options. Here are some of the more important things you should know.

Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements In Florida

Florida is unique in the amount and type of liability coverage it requires. Unlike virtually all other states you do not have to buy regular liability insurance coverage in the state. Instead, you must have at least $10,000 worth of Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage and $10,000 worth of Property Damage Liability (PDL) coverage.

The reason why Florida’s coverage requirements differ from other states has to do with the fact that it is a ‘no-fault’ state (explained in greater detail below). Despite the low coverage requirement it is strongly recommended that you buy more insurance than the legally mandated minimums.

Car accidents can cause huge amounts of pain and suffering, not to mention be extremely expensive. Therefore, to fully protect you, your family and your car you need to make sure you get as much coverage as you can afford. Consider additional types of auto insurance such as collision and comprehensive coverage to round out your policy.

Florida State Auto Insurance Laws

The number one thing you need to know about Florida’s auto insurance laws is that it is a ‘no-fault‘ state. In simple terms, ‘no-fault’ means your insurance company pays you in the event of an accident, no matter who is at fault. The goal is to avoid expensive lawsuits and trials, which should in theory mean lower rates for all parities involved.

The downside is that reckless drivers may not get the punishment they deserve. Beyond, the fact that Florida is a ‘no fault’ state you always need to make sure you always keep your vehicle insured and have proof of insurance. Failure to maintain proper auto insurance coverage will result in fines of least $150 for a 1st offense, rising to $500 for later ones.

For more information on all the laws governing insurance in the state of Florida it is a good idea to review the relevant statutes and rules. You can learn more by reading the full text of statutes Chapter 624 Parts III and V; Chapter 626 Parts II and IX; Chapter 627 Parts I, II, XI, XVI and XVII.

The full texts of all relevant rules can be found under codes 69O-170, 69O-171, 69O-175, 69O-176, as well as 69O-125.004, 69O-142.002, 69O-142.011.

Florida Car Insurance Companies

When looking to buy an auto insurance policy it is very important that you buy a policy from a reputable company. Fortunately, the state of Florida has two very useful resources when it comes to learning more about Florida auto insurance companies.

The first is the Florida Auto Insurance Company Directory, which lists all companies registered to do business in the state. The second is the Florida Complaint Comparison Website, where you can compare companies based on the number of complaints against them.

Our website aims to only give quotes from the most reputable Florida insurance companies. You can find out just how little you could be paying by getting a free quote from the top or bottom of this page. However, if you prefer dealing with one company in particular we do also have the following list of companies which are members of the Insurance Information Institute.

Allianz of America, Inc.

Allstate Insurance Group

Bituminous Insurance Companies

Chubb Group Of Insurance Companies

Farmers Group, Inc.


GuideOne Insurance

The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc.

The Hartford Financial Services Group

Harleysville Insurance

Kemper Corporation (formerly Unitrin)

Liberty Mutual Group

MetLife Auto & Home


OneBeacon Insurance Group

Safeco Corporation

State Auto Mutual Group

State Farm



Westfield Group

Zurich North America

If you ever have any issue with your insurance company that you can’t resolve on your own, you should get in contact with the The Division of Consumer Services. They handle complaints against insurers and can help with mediation.

Average Florida Auto Insurance Rates

According to the the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.), Florida is the 4th most expensive state in which to buy an auto insurance policy. In 2008, the average annual premiums paid per driver were $1,055 (US average $789). 2011 figures from put the average premiums paid by drivers who buy online at $1,700 per year (US average $1,441).

It should be noted that the online figures tend to be higher because younger drivers disproportionately buy online, driving up the average. The figures from the I.I.I. are overall more accurate, but are a few years out of date. Yet, no matter what the average price paid for auto insurance is in Florida, you can only get the lowest rate for you, by getting instant Florida auto insurance quotes below.

Florida Car Accident Statistics

When buying car insurance, it is a good idea to know how safe or dangerous a state is to drive in. The bad news is that, while Florida is not the worst state to drive in, it remains above the national average when it comes to traffic fatalities.

In 2009, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were 2,558 road deaths. The good news is that this about 1,000 less than there were just 4 years prior. The bad news is that Florida is still above the national average – with 1.31 traffic fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles traveled compared to 1.14 for the US as a whole.

On a more positive note, the incidence of drunk driving and DUIs in Florida are slightly below the US average. About 30% of accidents in the state involved drivers with a blood alcohol content above 0.08, compared to 32% nation wide.

The worst counties according the NHTSA were the following: Miami-Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County, Hillsborough County, Orange County, Duval County and Pinellas County. Each of these 7 counties recorded over 100 traffic fatalities in 2009.

Overall, what you take away from this is that you should always be sure to use your seat belt, own a car with airbags and never ever drink and drive. Doing these things will help protect the life of you and your family and may even help keep your insurance premiums low.

The Value of Florida Car Insurance Quotes

If you get your Florida auto insurance quotes online, there are a few certain things that you need to know. For example, things such as your car’s value, your own driving history and the laws concerning coverage in the state.There are a lot of options when it comes to cheap Florida car insurance, because there are a lot of companies that want to make sure that the residents of Florida are well taken care of.

If you are interested in acquiring instant Florida car insurance, then you should definitely get your Florida car insurance quote online. That way, you do not have to spend days and days going from one insurance company to another, asking for quotes and waiting around for days for them to come. All you need to do is to put in the right information and you are well on your way to becoming insured.

Your Florida car insurance quote may also include things like third party liability coverage, theft insurance and the like. These additional options can be a good way to protect yourself and your car. Since getting the best quote is tantamount to getting the best plan, you better make sure that you do try your best to get the best Florida car insurance quote.

Finally, your Florida car insurance quote must have a competitive edge to it. More and more companies are finding ways so that they can get people to sign with them. This includes better coverage for lower prices. Although, you need to make sure and read the fine print when it comes to buying from them. There are always people out there who are trying to take advantage of you.

We only partner with the best and most reputable auto insurance companies operating in Florida. Most are national carriers, although there a few local ones too. So just take a moment and enter your zip code below to get instant car insurance quotes for free.

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