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You’re a savvy shopper. Whenever you make large purchases you always take the time to shop around to make sure you’re getting the best deal you possibly can. The same holds true when it’s time for you to get car insurance. You always take the time to compare car insurance quotes.

In the past, you’ve spent hours comparing insurance quotes. You had to call each insurance company individually. You probably had to sit on hold while waiting for an agent to become available. No doubt you’ve also had to wait while on the phone with the agent while that person checked on information or prices.

Often the process of being able to compare car insurance quotes took more time than it did to actually pick out the car and fill in all of the paperwork. In fact, studies indicate that, prior to the Internet, very few people checked with more than two insurance companies for rates. It just took too much time to do much research (unless you were truly determined).

Using The Full Power Of The Internet For Car Insurance Quotes

Fortunately those days are over. The Internet has enabled people to have instant access to all kinds of information. You can get instant bank account information, instant car safety records, and instant car insurance quotes.

There are two primary options for obtaining an instant car insurance comparison. You can either go to each individual auto insurance company’s website and request a quote or use a multiple quote site like ours.

Pretty much all insurance companies now have a user-friendly website which will explain what coverage options are available and how much they cost. They will also have a short quote form for you to fill out to enable you to get a quote right then and there. For example see the sites of such insurance companies as AllState, StateFarm, Nationwide and Geico.

There are also separate insurance search sites which will provide you with an instant comparison for multiple companies. There is still a form to fill out, but in this case you’ll only have to fill in one form. For example, you can use the form at the top or bottom of this page to compare auto insurance quotes instantly.

What You’ll Need

Whether you go to individual sites or opt to use an insurance search site, to get an instant car insurance comparison you will need to provide a physical location for the vehicle, an e-mail address, and provide basic details about the car itself. You’ll need the make, model, and year. You may also need to know if the car comes with any special safety equipment such as ABS brakes, air bags, car alarm, or other extras.

You may also find a site which wants information regarding your driving record before providing you with a quote. Generally speaking the more information you provide for a quote the more accurate it will be.

Comparing Auto Insurance Quotes

Once you’ve filled in the very short form you’ll rapidly be provided with the information to compare auto insurance quotes from those companies. Sometimes the quote is provided immediately, but it’s also possible that the company may prefer to e-mail the quote to you. Either way this process will hardly take any of your time at all.

If you want to ensure that you’re really going with the best insurance company you can afford it’s definitely worth the minimal effort required to compare car insurance quotes online.

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