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Shopping for car insurance in Aurora doesn’t have to be confusing. With online resources to guide you in the process of reviewing and comparing auto insurance coverage, you can confidently make decisions about which policy is the best for your situation. Use our free insurance quote system above to locate affordable Colorado auto insurance rates instantly.

Once you’ve received your instant insurance quote, take time to review the coverage to make sure that you purchase the right limits of insurance to cover your vehicle and any potential injuries or property damage that may occur when involved in an accident. While affordability is always important for budgetary reasons, purchasing too little auto coverage will leave you financially responsible for any costs after the insurance company has paid up to the policy limits.

Car Insurance Agents in Aurora

Sometimes it’s helpful to have a professional auto insurance agent assist in evaluating your risk and determining what coverage will be the best fit. Purchasing Aurora auto insurance from highly rated insurance companies will help you have the peace of mind to know that when an accident happens, the company will take care of making everything right. Learn more about the following well known insurers and the agents that represent their product lines to the community by reviewing the resource list below.

Aurora Allstate Insurance Agents

Allstate Insurance company has 42 insurance agents representing the city of Aurora including 13 bilingual agents to serve the Spanish speaking residents in the area.

Aurora Farmers Insurance Agents

Farmers offers Aurora auto insurance through 50 insurance agents to the local community. Bilingual Allstate agents are available to assist clients in multiple languages including Spanish, Tagalog, German, Swedish, Korean and Russian.

Aurora Geico Insurance Agents

There are no GEICo insurance agents in Aurora itself.

Aurora Progressive Insurance Agents

Aurora is home to 9 Progressive insurance agents who provide rates, coverage and claims service for the company.

Aurora State Farm Insurance Agents

Fifty insurance agents represent State Farm in Aurora and surrounding communities including Denver, Centennial and Greenwood Village.

Colorado Division of Insurance Agent Enforcement

When a licensed agent or agency is part of a disciplinary action by the Colorado Division of Insurance, the agency lists their information and any enforcement actions on their websites. Consumers may visit the site to learn more about any actions against prospective or current agencies.

If your insurance agency is not part of our list of resources, please send a message using our contact form. At this time, only paid feature listings are available for individual agents.

Aurora Car Insurance Rates

When it comes to car insurance rates, Colorado has one of the lowest average insurance premiums in the United States according to CarInsurance.com. Annual auto insurance premiums in Colorado total $847 while the national average is $1,678 meaning that Colorado’s rates are 50 percent lower than national rates. Unfortunately, Aurora car insurance rates follow the national average more closely. The annual average for Aurora auto insurance is $1,644, 48.5 percent higher than Colorado’s.

Driving in Aurora

As part of the Denver, Aurora and Broomfield metropolitan area, the city of Aurora is ranked as the 3rd largest population in Colorado and 56th in the entire U.S. The population of both Denver and Aurora combined totals 2.5 million strong even though the two cities make up only half of the entire Denver metro. Becoming more skilled at safe driving practices and having the right Aurora car insurance is vital in such a heavily populated, high traffic area. The Inrix.com National Traffic Scorecard confirmed this in their research of the most congested cities in the country. The Denver, Aurora and Broomfield area ranked 16th out of 100 cities in 2010 for traffic congestion issues. According to the study, drivers can expect to add 24 minutes of drive time due to traffic congestion during peak driving periods

In the Allstate 2011 Best Drivers Report the insurance company places Aurora 60 out of 200 when evaluating safe drivers based on collision rate statistics. In fact, the likelihood of an accident in Aurora when compared to national averages is only -0.1 percent.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that Arapahoe County where Aurora is located ranked 7 out of 64 Colorado counties for fatalities involving a vehicle. In 2010, the county had 19 car related deaths representing a 34 percent decrease in traffic fatalities over the five year period between 2006 and 2010. Of the 19 deaths that year, six were caused by alcohol impaired driving.

The Colorado Department of Transportation offers a useful website for traveler information throughout the state. Called CoTrip, the site lists traffic reports for Aurora including road conditions, weather related information, live traffic speeds and estimated travel times as well as road closures, traffic incidents and streaming live camera feeds of major highways.

Colorado Auto Insurance Laws

Colorado auto insurance laws are not as strict as other states, but the state does have minimum requirements of bodily injury, medical payment and property damage liability insurance that every driver must purchase. Proof of insurance must be carried in the car at all times, and if caught driving without insurance, motorists are subject to suspension of their license. Details about Colorado minimum car insurance requirements may be found on our Colorado car insurance page. The bottom line is that every driver in Colorado should maintain more than just the minimums required by the state in order to fully protect themselves in the event of an accident>

Aurora Car Insurance Quotes

Obtaining car insurance in Aurora is as simple as filling in our form below with your zip code. You’ll have the opportunity to review quotes from several insurance companies to find the best coverage for your vehicle. When evaluating policies it is best to avoid choosing a company based solely on price alone. Different quotes may have varying limits of insurance so compare them carefully to make sure that you are purchasing the most coverage that your budget will allow.

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