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Car insurance is not as fast changing as the world of technology or social media but it remains very important. There are many issues and things people would like to know about. For example, how their insurance policy works or how it stacks up compared to their neighbors.

The following car insurance reports attempt to provide information about different aspects of the insurance industry. You can learn about rates, mandatory insurance requirements, scams and most popular of all, ways to save money.

If you are unsure about some insurance related issue you can also have a look at our car insurance questions page, which attempts to answer some of the more common questions asked about insurance.


Uninsured Drivers By State And Corresponding Auto Insurance RatesMarch, 2012 – Look at how states stack up in terms of the number of uninsured motorists.

Minimum Mandatory Car Insurance Requirements By StateDecember, 2011 – Lists the type and minimum amount of insurance coverage required in each state.

Average Car Insurance Rates By State – Auto Insurance Premium TablesNovember, 2011 – Current average auto insurance rates by state and rankings by state.

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