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Finding ways to save money on car insurance in Santa Ana is often at the top of driver’s to-do list, but when it comes to actually sitting down to start the search, it can become overwhelming. With so many insurance companies and agents in the marketplace, some insurance shoppers just don’t know where to start.

Fortunately, we’ve taken care of that for you by providing a one stop resource for free Santa Ana auto insurance quotes right online. Simply choose your state in the drop down menu above and receive quotes from multiple insurers instantly.

As the county seat of Orange County, California, the city of Santa Ana is the 2nd most populous city in the county and the 57th largest population in the entire United States.With such a large population, the possibilities for traffic incidents increase exponentially. You can find the right Santa Ana auto insurance policy by entering your zip code as suggested above to start the process of obtaining competitive quotes or read on to learn about available local agents that can discuss your needs and assist you with personalized service for finding the best policy for your situation.

Car Insurance Agents In Santa Ana

Santa Ana offers many expert local insurance agents and brokers to help residents with finding affordable prices for the best coverage available. The following resource links will guide you to finding licensed insurance professionals from some of the largest auto insurance carriers in the United States. These professionals are experienced in the local Santa Ana community and can tailor programs to suit individual insurance needs.

Santa Ana Allstate Insurance Agents
Allstate maintains a network of 38 agents to assist clients with car insurance in Santa Ana. A large majority of these auto agents speak Spanish so that they can better serve those who need assistance in their native language.

Santa Ana Farmers Insurance Agents
Santa Ana is a melting pot of different cultures all living and working in harmony together, and Farmers Insurance provides 50 auto insurance agents who can assist residents with finding the Santa Ana auto insurance coverage they need. In fact, these Farmers agents speak a wide variety of languages to better assist clients in their own language. English, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese, French, Farsi, Italian, Japanese and Russian speaking Farmers agents live and work in the local community.

Santa Ana Geico Insurance Agents
Geico does not have a representative available in the immediate Santa Ana area. There are 8 Geico agents in California, but the nearest agent is almost two hours away in Oxnard and three others a little over 2 hours away in San Bernardino, San Diego and Riverside counties. For Geico auto insurance in Santa Ana, you may contact these agents or visit this direct insurer online.

Santa Ana Progressive Insurance Agents
Progressive Insurance handles Santa Ana insurance a little different than other large carriers. They offer two options to purchasing auto insurance through their company. You may choose local agents, who provide quotes and coverage on behalf of Drive Insurance and other carriers. They are paid commission directly by Drive Insurance, and according to California state law, may not charge any extra fees to clients. There are five local Progressive agencies in Tustin.

The other way clients can purchase insurance from Progressive is through their local broker network. Brokers work on behalf of clients to find appropriate policies. They are paid a commission by Drive Insurance and may also charge clients a fee for service. There are 3 local brokerages that serve clients based on this model.

Santa Ana State Farm Insurance Agents
State Farm offers 50 insurance agents to serve the needs of Santa Ana and surrounding communities. Twenty-six of the 50 speak Spanish to serve foreign language residents. Clients may stop by any agent’s office or give them a call for more information about policies, rates and coverage.

California Department of Insurance Agent Lookup
Consumers may find out more about the agents or brokers by visiting the California Department of Insurance website. The State offers an agent lookup so that individuals my check license status, continuing action and completed disciplinary action made against any licensed agent or broker in California.

If you have an agency in Santa Ana and do not find it in this resource list, please contact us about being added by using our contact form. At the present time, individual agent listings are only accepted through our paid feature option.

Santa Ana Car Insurance Rates

According to CarInsurance.com, the auto insurance rates for California are 23 percent lower than the nation’s average. California’s average rate is $1,215.85; however, Santa Ana car insurance averages $1616 per year making it 33 percent higher than the California average. California auto insurance shoppers need to review their insurance coverage each year and request quotes from many insurance carriers to make sure they are receiving the best rates.

Driving in Santa Ana

People come to California to fully enjoy all the wonders that are so conveniently close for everyone to experience. Besides a beautiful year round climate and sandy beaches for sun and surf, most other activities such as theme parks, snow skiing in the mountains and sipping delicious California wines in wine country are just an hour or two from Orange County.

With so many places to visit such a short drive away, this creates a growing population all trying to get where they are going quickly and with the least amount of traffic. Unfortunately, it also creates conditions ripe for traffic accidents. That’s why auto insurance in Santa Ana is vital to protecting your life and property.

The Inrix.com National Traffic Scorecard considers this entire Los Angeles-Santa Ana area to be the worst traffic congestion zone in the entire country just ahead of the New York-New Jersey metro areas. The Santa Ana Freeway (I-5) ranked in the top 100 most traffic congested corridors. The Allstate 2011 Best Drivers Report ranked the city of Santa Ana at 116 out of 200 when comparing collision rates to safe drivers.

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, Orange County, where Santa Ana is located, placed 8th in the top 10 list of counties with high fatality rates in car accidents between the years of 2006-2010. Orange County experience 105 fatalities in 2010 alone and 36 of those deaths were caused by alcohol or drug use by drivers.

Because drive times in Orange County are often extremely long due to traffic congestion, staying alert in real time about road conditions, closures and accidents will help drivers in planning their driving route. The Sig Alert system offers traffic reports for Orange County in real time. All that’s needed is to log-on to their website to assess traffic updates online to better ascertain driving conditions in Santa Ana and surrounding cities.

California Auto Insurance Laws

It is against the law to drive in California without car insurance, and drivers must be able to show proof of auto insurance for vehicle registration and renewal as well as if stopped by a police officer. While California auto insurance is mandatory, the minimum coverage amounts for liability are some of the lowest in the nation. Find out more about California car insurance requirements by visiting our minimum coverage and requirements page.

Santa Ana Car Insurance Quotes

Santa Ana car insurance may easily be obtained by contacting insurance agents in the local community. They can help evaluate existing coverage to determine if your policy is the right fit and make suggestions about which policies will work best for your situation. Insurance brokers and agents recommend that you obtain new quotes for auto insurance in Santa Ana each year or at least every other year to make sure that you are receiving the best rates available. Find an agent near you by entering your zip code in the box below.

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