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With over three million people as its recorded population, San Diego is one place where numerous car insurance companies compete. Auto insurance in San Diego like the rest of the state of California is a mandatory requirement before one can lawfully drive around in his or her car. From sedans, SUVs and sports cars, to motorcycles and trucks, a vehicle insurance policy is mandatory.

These days the easiest way to ensure a low price is to get a free online quote. However, if you prefer dealing with an insurance agent you have several options in and around San Diego.

San Diego Car Insurance Agents

Here are just some of the agents you can find in San Diego. At the current time we primarily list agents from the largest insurance companies, however if you would like to be included please read the information below the agent listings.

San Diego Allstate Insurance Agents

Allstate has a large number of agents in San Diego. At last count they had 66 agents in and around the city who can do business not only in English but also Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Mandarin, Cantonese and many other languages too.

San Diego Farmers Insurance Agents

Farmers is one of the larger insurers in the city with over 50 agents available to help you with a variety of your car insurance needs.

San Diego Geico Insurance Agents

In keeping with it’s primarily online only image, Geico does not currently have any local insurance agents for the San Diego area. However, you can always visit their website to get a quote.

San Diego Progressive Insurance Agents

Progressive also does not have a very large presence in San Diego. At the current time it only has deals with 6 local insurance agencies to sell their policies and no agents of their own.

San Diego State Farm Insurance Agents

State Farm is another major national insurer with many local agents. At the time of writing they employed at least 50 local San Diego based agents to help you with your auto insurance needs.

Your insurance agency not listed? If you own an insurance agency that operates in San Diego and would like to be included in our listings above please use our contact form. At the current time we do not accept individual agent listings except as part of our paid featured listing option.

Average San Diego Auto Insurance Rates

At the current time the average San Diego car insurance rate is about $1,318 per year according to CarInsurance.com. This is roughly $100 less than the national average, but about $50 more California state average. Therefore, while San Diego auto insurance rates aren’t cheap, they could be a whole lot worse.

Driving in San Diego

Driving in San Diego like driving in the rest of California is not always fun. In fact it is the 13th worst city in which to drive, according to INRIX. However, there are some easy ways to make it easier, helping keep you accident free which in turn will help keep your car insurance rates low. Your first stop is to get an idea where traffic is happening now. Fortunetly, the California Department of Transportation has site giving you real time traffic reports for San Diego.

If this is your fist visit to San Diego you may need something a little more basic. Thus, you may want to have a look at VirtualTourists.com’s list of San Diego driving tips. Moreover, you need to be careful as San Diego topped the list of cities with the most drunk driving offenders. So watch out!

California Auto Insurance Laws

15, 30, and 5 are the numbers that represent the minimum car insurance requirements in San Diego, California. $15,000 represents the insurance coverage for injuries or death of a person; $30,000 embodies the amount of insurance that is allotted for accidents involving death or injuries of multiple people; and $5,000 corresponds to the coverage for property damage that has been caused by an accident where you are found to be at fault.

However, getting coverage is not enough you must always provide proof of financial responsibility (insurance) also known as an SR-22 form at anytime you’re on the road. You must provide this: When requested by law enforcement, When renewing vehicle registration, and/or When the vehicle is involved in a traffic collision.

Most people simply buy car insurance coverage, but California does offer a few alternatives to those who are unable or unwilling to purchase coverage. You can find out more about these alternatives from the California Vehicle Registration Suspensions and Insurance Program FAQ page.

Finally, just keep in mind that the rules listed above specify the minimum coverage options only. As noted above driving in San Diego can be dangerous so you are strongly advised to buy more than the absolute minimum coverage. You may be surprised by how little you can get coverage by getting one or more free quotes.

Types Of San Diego Car Insurance Quotes

San Diego car insurance companies have all kinds of auto insurance packages that are suitable for every kind of driver. San Diego auto insurance companies have policies suitable for new drivers, teenage drivers, older drivers, classic cars owners, luxury cars, and any other type of driver you can imagine. Now with the internet, it is easy to get car insurance quotes online for all these policy types.

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