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When shopping for Moreno Valley car insurance, you may have noticed there are plenty of differences between companies and the coverage they provide. Most carriers base their coverage terms and rates on a number of factors including individual driving history, where you live and the type of vehicle you drive. But finding quality car insurance in Moreno Valley requires more than just attention to pricing.

California drivers need reliable protection to take care of all expenses associated with an accident so shopping for auto insurance based solely on rates alone may cause more problems in the long run. You want to find a financially stable company that pays its claims. The right policy limits and coverage types also ensure that you can have peace of mind when an accident occurs.

Our informational resource about Moreno Valley auto insurance will give you the knowledge and understanding needed to select the best coverage for your budget. Using our free instant quotes from top rated carriers, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about this important and necessary insurance coverage.

Car Insurance Agents In Moreno Valley

Local agents for auto insurance in Moreno Valley are available city wide to provide advice and answer your questions about insurance coverage. They can help you evaluate coverage options and pricing to determine the best fit for your needs. Below you’ll find reputable insurance company information with links to local agents who offer car insurance in Moreno Valley and the surrounding areas.

Moreno Valley Allstate Insurance Agents

There are 2 Allstate Insurance agent offices in Moreno Valley along with an additional 11 locations in the neighboring communities of Redlands, Riverside, Yucaipa, Loma Linda, Grand Terrace, San Bernardino and Colton.

Moreno Valley Farmers Insurance Agents

Farmers Insurance is home to 10 insurance agents providing quotes and coverage for car insurance in Moreno Valley. Six of the 10 agents speak Spanish.

Irvine Progressive Insurance Agents

A team of 8 independent insurance agencies represent Progressive Insurance in Moreno Valley.

Moreno Valley Geico Insurance Agents

One Geico agent provides car insurance in Riverside County including coverage for Moreno Valley residents. Drivers may also contact Geico directly to obtain rate information and purchase coverage.

Moreno Valley State Farm Insurance Agents

State Farm offers auto insurance to residents of Moreno Valley through 4 insurance professionals

California Department of Insurance Agent Lookup

For licensed California insurance agent information, consumers may check the state’s Department of Insurance website to find out information about licensing status for individual agents and agencies, completed continuing education classes, types of insurance agent is licensed to write and companies they represent as well as any complaints on file with the Department.

If your Moreno Valley insurance company is not included in our listings, please send an add request via our email contact form. At this time, individual agent listings are only available in our paid feature section.

Moreno Valley Car Insurance Rates

Auto insurance rates in California are much lower than the national average. CarInsurance.com reports that auto insurance premiums in California average $1,540 per year while the United States average is 15 percent higher at $1,810 annually.

Moreno Valley auto insurance averages an estimated $1,481 per year making it 19 percent lower than U.S. rates but only 4 percent lower than the state of California’s average annual premiums.

Driving in Moreno Valley

Located in the Inland Empire county of Riverside and adjacent to the city of Riverside, the county’s seat, Moreno Valley’s population numbers a little over 193,000. The city is also home to March Joint Air Reserve Base, one of the oldest in operation in the United States. It also serves as a crossroads between the California desert cities in the east, San Diego in the south, San Bernardino in the north and the cities of Riverside and Los Angeles as well as the beach cities of Orange County in the west.

Highway 60, also known as the Moreno Valley Freeway, runs through the city and is one of the most traveled roads taken by those traveling to Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Interstate 215 also connects the city to Riverside in the west and ultimately ends in the south at Interstate 15, which runs all the way to San Diego.

Due to its close proximity to Los Angeles and the beaches in Orange County, the area experiences large amounts of traffic especially in the areas of town closest to the neighboring city of Riverside, which is ranked 48th in the country for traffic congestion by the 2011 INRIX Traffic Scorecard.

Drivers safety when traveling through Moreno Valley is fairly average. The 2011 Best driver’s Report by Allstate Insurance Company ranked the city as 106th out of 200 when comparing collision frequency with average number of years between accidents.

The study found a 10.7 percent likelihood of experiencing an accident when driving in Moreno Valley. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration discovered in its Traffic Safety Facts report that Riverside County is ranked 3rd out of all California Counties for traffic fatalities.

In 2010 there were 202 traffic fatalities in Riverside County, which was a 10 percent decrease from 2009. These vehicle related deaths included 59 fatalities caused by alcohol impaired drivers, 68 involved speeding and 36 were motorcycle related deaths.

California Auto Insurance Laws

Read out California guide to auto insurance to find out everything you should know about coverage.

Moreno Valley Car Insurance Quotes

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