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If you drive without car insurance in Modesto, an unexpected accident could ultimately cause a lot of stress and cost quite a bit of money. Fortunately, obtaining Modesto car insurance will save you from the consequences of being uninsured, and once you know where to look, you’ll find that auto insurance coverage is easy to acquire both on or offline.

One of the best ways to find affordable auto insurance coverage in Modesto is with online quotes. Our quoting form allows you to obtain rates and coverage information from multiple insurance carriers so you’ll be able to ascertain which policies will fill your needs and meet your budget at the same time.

You can even speak with a local agent to help you compare and evaluate coverage right in your hometown. The following resource data offers all that you need to find the coverage that’s right for you and your family.

Car Insurance Agents In Modesto

Personal car insurance agents provide personalized service in a location right near your home or office making them a convenient resource for area drivers. They can offer expert advice about the right type of coverage that meets state requirements while also fully protecting you and your vehicle.

Modesto Allstate Insurance Agents

Twelve Allstate agents offer auto insurance in Modesto and surrounding cities including Manteca, Ceres, Oakdale and Turlock. Eight of the 12 offices offer assistance to Spanish speaking residents.

Modesto Farmers Insurance Agents

Modesto is home to 50 Farmers Insurance agents who provide car auto insurance in Modesto and neighboring cities. A majority of the agents also offer services in Spanish.

Modesto Geico Insurance Agents

The Geico Insurance locations nearest to Modesto are the San Jose and Sacramento offices. For Modesto auto insurance, drivers may work with agents in these locations or contact Geico directly using the company hotline or website.

Modesto Progressive Insurance Agents

For auto insurance in Modesto, Progressive Insurance has a team of 6 independent agents to serve the local community.

Modesto State Farm Insurance Agents

A network of 50 insurance agents represent State Farm Insurance in Modesto, Ceres, Salida, Riverbank, Ripon, Turlock, Oakdale, Patterson, Manteca, Newman, Tracy, Stockton, Atwater and Merced. A majority of the State Farm agents speak Spanish.

California Department of Insurance Agent Lookup

The Department of Insurance for California hosts a website for consumers to lookup licensed insurance agents in the state. The site provides status, continuing education, company appointments and any complaints.

If your company is not on our resource list, submit your data with our contact form. Our paid feature category is the only option for individual agent listings at the present time.

Modesto Car Insurance Rates

Those living in Modesto can expect much lower rates when compared to other states. Modesto car insurance rates are 24 percent lower the national average according to research by CarInsurance.com. Modesto auto insurance averages $1,528 per year while the United States average is $1,998.

Driving in Modesto

With a population of 201,000, Modesto has the 18th largest population of any other city in the state. It also serves as the county seat for Stanislaus County and is centrally located between Fresno, San Francisco, Sacramento and Stockton.

Interstate 5 connects the city north and south with California Route 99 and 132 linking the city to San Francisco in the west and Route 108 connecting to the east. City planners installed many roundabout roads within the city limits to help relieve traffic congestion apparently with some success since the National Traffic Scorecard by INRIX ranked Modesto as 97th out of 100 metro areas for traffic.

The city also placed 91st for safe driving conditions according to the 2011 Best Drivers Report by Allstate Insurance.

Having safe drivers in the city has also kept the number of traffic fatalities down in the Stanislaus County. The 2011 report by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration indicates that only 50 fatal crashes occurred in 2010 representing a 12 percent decrease in traffic related deaths from 2009. Considering there are over 514,000 people in Stanislaus County, the fatality rate due to car accidents is extremely low.

California Auto Insurance Laws

California auto insurance laws require that all drivers carry liability coverage for their vehicles. Learn more about the required coverage as well as the minimum car insurance limits the state requires by visiting our resource page.

Modesto Car Insurance Quotes

Many insurance companies provide auto insurance in Modesto so California drivers have plenty of options when it comes to finding coverage for their vehicles. Shopping online takes the guesswork out of shopping for policies. You can easily obtain quick quotes online from your home or office.

Then, take the time needed to review coverage and rates until you find the right policy for your needs. To get these quote comparisons instantly right to your laptop or computer, enter your city zip code below and start saving on your car insurance today.

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