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When shopping for Huntington Beach car insurance, figuring out which policy is right for you can be frustrating. Many insurance companies promise low rates, but without other company’s rates and coverage options to compare, you can never be sure if you are receiving the best deal available.

Fortunately, there is an easy and convenient way to research and compare car insurance in Huntington Beach. Our car insurance site offers free quotes from multiple insurance carriers so that you have all the information you need to make the best insurance decision right at your fingertips. Simply enter your zip code in the provided box to have rate and coverage information delivered instantly to your computer screen.

Car Insurance Agents In Huntington Beach

For those insurance shoppers seeking personal attention and custom designed Huntington Beach auto insurance plans, car insurance agents are an excellent resource. Because they live in the local community, they are uniquely aware of individual insurance needs as they relate to the area. Auto insurance offices are usually located in areas convenient to home or office to make it easier for clients to stop by for insurance quotes or policy services.

Huntington Beach Allstate Insurance Agents

There are 15 Allstate Insurance offices offering auto insurance in Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, Westminster and Garden Grove. More than half of the agency offices provide service in Spanish.

Huntington Beach Farmers Insurance Agents

A total of 50 Farmers Insurance offices offer car insurance in Huntington Beach and surrounding communities of Fountain Valley, Westminster, Santa Ana and Costa Mesa with several locations offering service in Spanish, Vietnamese and Cantonese.

Huntington Beach Geico Insurance Agents

There are no Geico locations in Huntington Beach. The nearest Geico offices are in Riverside and Ontario, California. For Huntington Beach car insurance, residents may purchase from these two locations, online or by phone.

Huntington Beach State Farm Insurance Agents

For Huntington Beach car insurance, State Farm maintains 50 insurance agent offices including locations in Fountain Valley, Westminster, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Santa Ana and Garden Grove.

California Department of Insurance Agent Lookup

For information about licensed insurance agents in California, the Department of Insurance website offers consumers details about licensing status, education, companies that agent represents and complaints on file.

Can’t find your company in our resource listings? Be sure to let us know by contacting us through our email form. Agent listings are only accepted in our paid features section at this time.

Huntington Beach Car Insurance Rates

While Huntington Beach drivers benefit from annual insurance premiums that are 31 percent lower than the national average of $2,060, their rates are still 16 percent higher than California’s average auto insurance premiums of $1,238 according to CarInsurance.com.

With such disparity in rates from city to city within California, we encourage motorists to regularly shop their auto insurance each year in order to secure the lowest prices possible.

Driving in Huntington Beach

With residents numbering almost 192,000, Huntington Beach has the largest population of any other beach city within Orange County. A popular tourist and resident destination for hitting the soft, sandy coastline for sunning, swimming and surfing, Huntington Beach enjoys an 8-1/2 mile long beach area that offers an ideal Mediterranean climate for surfing all year long.

Accessed mainly by Pacific Coast Highway 1, the area can often be jammed with cars vying for the opportunity to enjoy the relaxing beach, gourmet dining and luxury shopping so prevalent in the area.

Traffic in Orange County particularly around the beach areas is naturally an issue, and driver safety while navigating through the area is an equal consideration. The city ranked 111th out of 200 cities for overall driver safety according to 2011 Best Drivers Report by Allstate.

This report measures collision frequency to population size in order to determine which cities have the safest drivers. The report reveals that there is an 11.4 percent chance of becoming involved in a traffic incident when driving through Huntington Beach.

Orange County, in general, experiences a fairly high rate of traffic fatalities when compared to the other 58 counties in California. Reports by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration ranked the county in 8th place for vehicle related deaths.

In 2010 alone Orange County had 105 deaths; however, the good news is that this number reflects a 32 percent decrease in fatalities as compared to 2009. Of the 105 fatalities, 36 were caused by alcohol impairment and 42 by speeding.

The Orange County Register offers traffic reports in Huntington Beach on their website. Drivers may visit the site to find out about road closures, traffic accidents and delays in order to plan their driving route each day.

California Auto Insurance Laws

California auto insurance laws are very specific about drivers having liability coverage in amounts determined by the state. All drivers in California must maintain liability insurance of $15,000 for bodily injury or death of one person, $30,000 in bodily injury for two or more and $5,000 for property damage.

While these are the absolute minimums required for auto insurance in California, most drivers will need additional types of coverage and higher policy limits for full insurance protection in the event of an accident. Visit our California car insurance resource page to learn more about requirements and penalties for being uninsured.

Huntington Beach Car Insurance Quotes

Obtaining affordable Huntington Beach auto insurance is as simple as logging on to your computer and entering a few details. Within seconds, you will be on your way to finding great deals on car insurance and saving yourself a whole lot of time in the process.

Once you’ve received our free insurance quotes, you’ll be able to compare rates and coverage to determine which policy will best suit your situation. Then, with a click of a mouse, you’ll be able to purchase that coverage without ever leaving your computer. And that makes shopping for insurance very convenient indeed!

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