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Car Insurance Agents In Glendale

For car insurance in Glendale, sometimes a local agent is the best choice. Insurance agents live and work in the community so they are very familiar with the unique insurance needs of area residents. They also offer personalized service to help client with custom insurance protection plans designed to fully protect client assets while also meeting family budgets.

Glendale Allstate Insurance Agents

Fifteen Allstate Insurance agents supply auto insurance in Glendale and the neighboring communities of Verdugo City, Burbank, Montrose and Eagle Rock. Of the available local agents, 12 speak Spanish.

Glendale Farmers Insurance Agents

Farmers Insurance agents maintain 50 offices in the Glendale area with support and service available in multiple languages including Spanish, Armenian, Arabic, Farsi, Chinese, Tagalog, Korean, Persian, Mandarin, Thai and Swedish.

Glendale Geico Insurance Agents

While there are no Geico insurance offices located in Glendale, there are Geico locations nearby in Riverside and Ontario. Consumers may also purchase Glendale car insurance by phone or on the company’s website.

Glendale Progressive Insurance Agents

Progressive Insurance does not have offices in Glendale. The nearest available Progressive Insurance agents are in Bakersfield.

Glendale State Farm Insurance Agents

A team of 50 State Farm Insurance agents provide car insurance in Glendale, Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, Burbank, Montrose, Hollywood, La Canada, La Crescenta and Pasadena.

California Department of Insurance Agent Lookup

The State of California’s Department of Insurance provides a website for consumers to look up licensed agent information. Consumers will find information on the site about license status, companies agent represents, continuing education hours and any complaints.

If your company is not listed in our resources section, please let us know using our email contact form. Individual agent listings are only accepted for our paid feature section.

Glendale Car Insurance Rates

Car insurance in Glendale average $1,816 per year making coverage in the city 13 percent higher than the state average pricing of $1,574 according to CarInsurance.com.

This annual cost still places the city’s rates 9 percent lower than the national average of $1,998. Because rates can vary so greatly within the various California cities, drivers will want to comparison shop to find the best coverage and rates available in their local area.

Driving in Glendale

Located in Los Angeles County, Glendale is the third largest population within the County and 22nd largest in California – 192,000 according to the United States Census of 2010. As part of the Greater Los Angeles metropolitan area, major highways run through the city including State Route 2 – the Glendale Freeway, State Route 134 – the Ventura Freeway, Interstate 210 – the Foothill Freeway and Interstate 5, the Golden State Freeway.

According to findings of the Inrix.com National Traffic Scorecard the Los Angeles area is ranked 2nd in the country for having the most traffic congestion, and with Glendale part of the L.A. metro area, it sees its fair share of heavy traffic conditions.

As far as safe driving conditions, the city does not have the best of drivers traveling its roads either. When comparing collision statistics for cities all over the United States, the Allstate 2011 Best Drivers Report ranked Glendale as 191 out of 200 for safe driving conditions with an 80.8 percent likelihood of drivers becoming involved in an accident when traveling in Glendale.

Los Angeles County is also ranked as the number one county for traffic fatalities between the years of 2006 to 2010. In 2010 alone, the county experienced 561 car accident related deaths with 157 of those fatalities involving alcohol impairment.

California Auto Insurance Laws

Unlike other states that mandate auto insurance coverage, California does have low minimum liability insurance requirements. All drivers must carry proof of insurance with them while driving. In order to register or renew vehicle registration, proof of insurance is also needed. Uninsured drivers face heavy fines, car impound or license suspension according to California car insurance laws. To learn more about specific requirements for California auto insurance, visit our state resource page for details about coverage and policy limits.

Glendale Car Insurance Quotes

The importance of carrying the right type and amount of Glendale car insurance is vital to fully protecting drivers and their vehicles. Auto insurance rates are based on much more than the year or type of car you drive. Insurance companies take into account such items as annual mileage, age of driver(s), credit history, occupation and driver history. By comparing quotes online, you can quickly find the right type of coverage to suit your budget.

Find this coverage quickly today by submitting your zip code to receive free insurance quotes instantly right to your computer’s screen. You’ll be surprised at the ease and convenience of shopping for insurance online and also discover significant savings at the same time.

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