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The need for car insurance in Fremont goes far beyond the state’s requirement that all California drivers carry liability coverage. Fremont auto insurance protects drivers from having to pay for accidents out of pocket and also keeps the costs of insurance down as well. Digital technology also has contributed to saving drivers time and money on their car insurance.

Shopping for Fremont car insurance on the internet allows people to instantly find information about rates and coverage without having to drive around town or spend hours on the phone hunting for bargains. With the simple click of the mouse, insurance quotes from multiple carriers can be viewed, compared and researched all from home or office.

Finding savings on car insurance has never been so easy, and the convenience of online insurance purchases is a real time saver too.

Car Insurance Agents In Fremont

When looking for auto insurance in Fremont, many drivers may want the personal service and attention of a local insurance agent. Meeting with agents in the local community allows motorists to know firsthand the person they are dealing with, and agents live and work in the community so they are completely familiar with driving in the area and the insurance needs of area residents.

Some of the largest, highly rated insurance companies have professional representatives in Fremont to assist drivers with obtaining rates, purchasing coverage and filing claims when necessary.

Fremont Allstate Insurance Agents

Allstate Insurance offers 17 local agents in the Fremont area with over half of the representatives able to provide bilingual Spanish services to those in the community who need it.

Fremont Farmers Insurance Agents

A team of 50 Farmers Insurance agents provide auto insurance in Fremont and surrounding areas, and because there are a wide variety of languages and cultures in the area, agents are available that speak Hindi, Punjabi, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Cantonese, Tagalog, Mandarin, Spanish, Taiwanese, Portuguese and Russian.

Fremont Geico Insurance Agents

The San Francisco and San Jose Geico offices provide car insurance in Fremont and neighboring cities. California drivers may also purchase auto insurance from the company directly using their hotline or website.

Fremont Progressive Insurance Agents

Progressive Insurance has 5 insurance agents and 1 broker that represent their auto insurance product line to Fremont and surrounding cities including Stockton, Modesto and French Camp, California.

Fremont State Farm Insurance Agents

State Farm Insurance agents in the Fremont area total 50 with half of the representatives offering service in Spanish.

California Department of Insurance Agent Lookup

Consumers may look up agent licensing information with the California Department of Insurance by visiting their website. The site provides individual agent license status information, companies that agent is authorized to represent and continuing education classes. In addition, if there are any complaints or records of disciplinary action, that data will also be listed on the site.

If your Fremont auto insurance company is not represented in our resource listing, let us know using our contact form. Presently, we accept individual agent listing only through our paid feature program.

Fremont Car Insurance Rates

According to research by CarInsurance.com average California car insurance rates of $1,574 per year are about 21 percent lower than the national average of $1,998.

Fremont auto insurance of $1,543 is just a percent lower than the California average making it relatively affordable to drive and insure vehicles in the region. Because coverage rates can differ from company to company, drivers shop insurance rates each year just to make sure the rates they are receiving are competitive and remain affordable.

Driving in Fremont

Located in Alameda County, the city of Fremont is actually part of the Bay Area of San Francisco and the largest suburb of the entire metro area. Home to over 214,000 residents, the city has major freeways that connect through various districts of the region.

Many areas of the city have elevated sound levels due to the traffic moving along many of the freeways, especially Interstate 880. As with other cities similar in size, Fremont experiences heavy traffic congestion during peak rush hours particularly for driving commutes going into and coming out of San Francisco and Oakland.

The Inrix.com National Traffic Scorecard confirms the area’s traffic issues. The San Francisco, Oakland and Fremont metro area was ranked 6th in the country for traffic congestion.

And the city didn’t fare too well on having safe drivers either. The Allstate 2011 Best Drivers Report listed Fremont as 158 out of 200 cities for safe conditions with a 30.2 percent chance of drivers experiencing an accident when driving through the city.

The good news for drivers in Fremont is that Alameda County where Fremont is located does not experience a lot of traffic related fatalities compared to the size of its population.

In 2010, Alameda County had 64 vehicle related deaths, and of those only 18 involved alcohol impairment according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. This represents a 10 percent decrease in deaths compared to the previous year’s traffic fatality rate (2009).

California Auto Insurance Laws

The State of California mandates that all drivers obtain and maintain California car insurance. In fact, this coverage is needed for registering and renewing vehicle registrations.

There are specific policy minimums that drivers must carry, and we recommend that you take a look at our state auto insurance guide for California to make sure you comply with state requirements since the penalties for being uninsured are heavy.

Fremont Car Insurance Quotes

Shopping for Fremont car insurance is quick and convenient with our free insurance quote form. Start saving today simply by entering your zip code in the box below. You’ll instantly receive rate and coverage information from multiple auto insurance companies. By obtaining quotes online, you’ll be able to find affordable policies that offer just the right coverage for your needs.

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