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Shoppers must consider a lot of information when evaluating coverage for auto insurance in Little Rock. Items like deductibles, policy limits and per occurrence are technical terms that need to be understood in order to choose the right coverage. Policy rates affect budgets so insurance quotes must also be competitive especially during renewal of existing policies.

If you’ve been with the same insurance company for many years, you may not realize that you could be paying too much for your existing Little Rock car insurance. Often, car insurance renewal occurs automatically, and it is up to you to review existing coverage and check for potential discounts that might not be offered if you don’t ask.

Online insurance quotes can be an excellent resource to help you shop and compare with multiple insurers to make sure you’re receiving the best deal on your auto insurance. Receive free quotes now to explore available opportunities to save on your car insurance.

Car Insurance Agents In Little Rock

Little Rock insurance agents provide vital services to local area residents. They can assist with obtaining quotes, finding additional discounts and filing with claims when an accident occurs. In some cases, you can even purchase your car insurance online and then choose a local agent to serve your needs once insured.

Little Rock Allstate Insurance Agents

Allstate Insurance offers a team of 18 agents to provide car insurance in Little Rock, Bryant, Maumelle and Benton, Arkansas.

Little Rock Farmers Insurance Agents

There are 50 agents offering auto insurance in Little Rock with additional locations in Sherwood, Maumelle, Bryant, Benton, Jacksonville, Redfield, Conway or Cabot.

Little Rock Geico Insurance Agents

A Geico location is available in Little Rock with an agent available who can assist with rates, coverage and policy services.

Little Rock Progressive Insurance Agents

Twenty-two independent insurance agents represent Progressive Auto Insurance in Little Rock and the surrounding communities.

Little Rock State Farm Insurance Agents

State Farm maintains a network of 50 insurance agents with office locations in Little Rock, North Little Rock, Sherwood, Maumelle, Jacksonville, Bryant, Cabot, Benton, Lonoke and Conway.

Arkansas Insurance Department Producer Lookup

A short visit to the Arkansas Insurance Department will yield information about any licensed insurance agent or company in the state. Consumers may check license status and whether any complaints have been filed against the agent or company. The site also lists company appointments and insurance lines that agent may represent.

If your Little Rock insurance agency is not in our resource listings, please let us know with our email form. Individual agent listings are only accepted in our paid feature section at this time.

Little Rock Car Insurance Rates

Car insurance in Little Rock is almost double the average rates for Arkansas. According to CarInsurance.com, the annual auto insurance premium in Arkansas is $750 while Little Rock auto insurance averages $1,431.

That is 48 percent higher than the state’s average although it does come in 31 percent lower than the national average of $2,060. Because of the disparity in rates for the city of Little Rock compared to the state overall, it is important for Little Rock drivers to stay aware concerning the rates they are paying on existing policies and shop for competitive quotes before renewal each year.

Driving in Little Rock

As the capital and most populous city in Arkansas, Little Rock has a population of 193,000; however, the whole metropolitan area has closer to 887,000 according to the 2010 US Census. The city is also the seat of Pulaski County. Little Rock has several major interstates that meet within the city limits including I-40, US 70, US 67 and I-30.

The city has a highly developed public transport system with regular bus routes and shuttle service that operates daily except for Sundays. A street car system also provides service to the Downtown area to ease congestion in this part of Little Rock. The area experiences a typical volume of traffic congestion, and according to the Inrix.com National Traffic Scorecard, Little Rock comes in 77th out of 100 cities for most congested metro areas.

The 2011 Best Drivers Report by Allstate Insurance found that the city’s drivers were average on safety. Little Rock placed 119 out of 200 cities for collision frequency, and drivers in the area have a 13.4 percent likelihood of becoming involved in an accident while driving through the area.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration published a Traffic Safety Facts report for Arkansas for the years 2006 to 2010. It found that Pulaski County ranked first in the state for traffic fatalities. In 2010 there were 46 vehicle related deaths; however, that rate was decreased by 19 percent from the previous year’s fatalities.

The Arkansas Matters website provides live metro traffic reports in Little Rock with information about traffic congestion, accidents and road closures.

Arkansas Auto Insurance Laws

Drivers in Little Rock can expect to pay high auto insurance costs for full protection even though the Arkansas car insurance laws only require liability coverage. With the high expense associated with car accidents, it is important for drivers to consider adding collision and/or comprehensive coverage to their liability policies in order to protect their finances in the event of an accident.

While this coverage is additional to the state requirements, many drivers are not aware that liability coverage alone will only pay the cost of repairing the other person’s vehicle not their own. Our Arkansas state resource guide on insurance provides additional details about auto insurance laws in Little Rock and is an excellent resource to those shopping for a new policy.

Little Rock Car Insurance Quotes

Finding affordable car insurance in Little Rock is not as hard as you think. By obtaining quotes instantly from our site, you’ll quickly be on your way to receiving free insurance coverage and rate information from some of the nation’s most reputable carriers. Once you receive them, you’ll have all the time you need to compare and research companies so you make the right decision for your needs. Get started today simply by inputting your zip code in the form below.

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