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If you live in Tucson, AZ, you need to have an Arizona car insurance policy before you go places with your beloved vehicle. The good news is that getting a good deal on that policy has never been easier. For example, just enter your Tucson zip code above and you can get free instant car insurance quotes.

Yet, you may be thinking you don’t know enough about car insurance in general or about Arizona’s car insurance laws. If that is the case you’ll know how to get car insurance for Tucson when you read this article.

So if you need insurance now, please use the zip code form at the top of the page for your online auto insurance quotes. Otherwise, keep reading to find out a bit more out Tucson car insurance.

Major Tucson Auto Insurance Agents

Tucson Allstate Insurance Agents
Allstate currently has 41 agents serving the Tuscon area.

Tucson Farmers Insurance Agents
Farmers has just over 50 insurance agents within 5 miles of central Tuscon.

Tucson Geico Insurance Agents
Geico has one agent in Tuscon, who you can find at 3255 East Speedway Blvd.

Tucson Progressive Insurance Agents
Progressive does not have their own agents, but does have 12 agents and/or insurance agencies who sell Progressive products on their behalf.

Tucson State Farm Insurance Agents
State Farm has well over 50 agents in and around Tucson, AZ. Chances are you can find one to help you out today.

Arizona Insurance Agent And Company Licensing Search
Find out if your agent is licensed to sell insurance in Arizona.

Your insurance agency not listed? If you own an insurance agency that operates in Tucson and would like to be included in our listings above please use our contact form. At the current time we do not accept individual agent listings except as part of our paid featured listing option.

Typical Tucson Car Insurance Rates

While Arizona is among the cheapest states in the whole country for car insurance, rates in Tucson are significantly higher. According to CarInsurance.com, the average annual premium for a Tuscon Arizona driver is $1,514. This is only slightly higher than the US national average, but is almost double the Arizona state average. Therefore, if you live in Tucson you need to make sure you get several auto insurance quotes.

Driving In Tucson

For a medium sized city Tucson is actually quite safe to drive in. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Pima county records just over 100 road fatalities a year. Still far too many, but this is only about a third of what Maricopa county records each year.

On a more positive note, the INRIX National Traffic Scorecard found that Tucson was the 88th most congested city in the country. Even when traffic is bad, it’s still only 1% of the congestion you would find in LA. Similarly, the Allstate America’s Best Drivers Reportâ„¢ claims that Tucson is the 14th safest city in the country when it comes to all accidents. On average, you can expect to get in one accident every 11.7 years, 14% less than the US average.

Nevertheless just because Tuscon is safe, does not mean you shouldn’t have a good insurance policy. Make good use of our free Tuscon car insurance quotes to find policies that suit you at a price that won’t break the bank.

Arizona Auto Insurance Laws

Each state has their own requirements for the auto insurance that their residents are legally required to buy. Tucson, AZ residents need to follow Arizona’s state auto insurance laws, if they want to legally drive in the state. Arizona requires a basic coverage amount known as the 15/30/10 coverage. Specifically, this coverage is for bodily injury liability, which has a limit of $15,000 per person and a limit of $30,000 per accident; and property damage liability which has a limit of $10,000. This is a requirement for all Arizona residents, so if you live in Tucson, you should get car insurance of at least this amount.

Just for a little perspective, the Arizona minimums are very low. Most states have higher liability insurance limits and many require other types of auto insurance as well. Therefore, consult you licensed insurance agent or company to find out how much coverage you’re likely to need given your financial situation.

One other thing you should know about Arizona is that it follows the Tort system within a pure comparative negligence system. This means degrees of fault can be assigned in an accident. Each driver is responsible for paying their share of costs in proportion to the degree of fault. So if you’re 65% at fault in an accident, you or your insurance company will have to pay 65% of the other driver’s costs. This is why you need insurance.

Instant Tucson Car Insurance Quotes Online

Getting Tuscon car insurance quotes is very easy as you saw at the start of this article. All you have to do is enter your zip code and you can instantly be matched with insurance companies looking for new customers. You can then get quotes quickly and easily.

If you have other car insurance questions like why you car insurance rates are so high, you can ask them from the insurance company’s website. Even if you don’t have any questions, it is a good idea to research each insurance company before buying a policy from them. The cheapest carriers don’t always have the best policies.

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