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Scottsdale car insurance shopping can be quick and easy with our online resource tool that offers the convenience of researching auto insurance policies from the comfort of home from some of the nation’s top insurers. Long gone are the days where you have to spend countless hours on the phone trying to find the best car insurance rates or driving around town looking for the right insurance agent.

Our instant online quoting tool delivers results right to your laptop or computer screen so you can compare rates of multiple policies to find the one that is right for you.

There is no shortage of Scottsdale auto insurance information online, but sorting through all the data requires plenty of time and is often confusing. By entering your zip code in the box above, you’ll be on your way to receiving everything you need to make the right insurance decision all in one place.

Car Insurance Agents In Scottsdale

Local car insurance agents offer personal service and attention that some shoppers need in order to choose the best auto insurance in Scottsdale. Agents in the community have locations close to home or office to make it convenient for drivers to drop in and learn more about required car insurance in Scottsdale. The following resource lists highly rated insurance companies with links to their local area agents so that consumers may contact agents for coverage and additional policy services.

Scottsdale Allstate Insurance Agents

A team of 50 Allstate Insurance agents provide car insurance rates and coverage for Scottsdale and the surrounding communities of Mesa, Phoenix, Cave Creek, Fountain Hills, Apache Junction and Carefree, Arizona.

Scottsdale Farmers Insurance Agents

Scottsdale is home to 50 Farmers Insurance agents who assist residents with finding appropriate car insurance coverage, and bilingual agents are available to those in the community that need assistance in Spanish or German.

Scottsdale Geico Insurance Agents

While there is no Geico location directly in Scottsdale, there is an agent in Phoenix to assist drivers with car insurance in Scottsdale. Insurance shoppers may also purchase coverage directly from Geico by phone or the company website.

Scottsdale Progressive Insurance Agents

There are 5 Progressive Insurance agents in Scottsdale and Phoenix. Two offer services in Spanish and Russian.

Scottsdale State Farm Insurance Agents

State Farm offers 50 agents to assist drivers with auto insurance in Scottsdale. Fourteen of those agents provide insurance services in Spanish. F

Arizona Department of Insurance Agent License Search

For consumers who would like additional information on insurance agents or companies licensed to sell insurance in Arizona, the Department of Insurance offers a website that allows users to look up agents to find out licensing status, the types of insurance agent may sell and any disciplinary action that agent might have received.

If you don’t find your company on our resource list, email us using our contact form. Individual agent listings are accepted through our paid feature option only.

Scottsdale Car Insurance Rates

According to CarInsurance.com Scottsdale auto insurance rates are much higher than the State’s average annual auto insurance. Arizona averages $1,320 compared to Scottsdale’s average of $1,485 – making the city’s annual average auto insurance 11 percent higher than Arizona’s but still 26 percent lower than the nation’s averages.

Driving in Scottsdale

Scottsdale, Arizona is located in Maricopa County just about 12 miles from Phoenix. It is actually part of the greater Phoenix metro area and boasts a population of about 217,000 according to the 2010 U.S. Census. With a large young adult population, the city is known to be a hotspot for the social hotel scene and late night parties.

It is also home to prestigious resorts and golf country clubs. As the corporate headquarters for many well-known corporations and brands, Scottsdale experiences typical traffic conditions since in similar large population centers.

In fact, the city scored highly in the 2011 INRIX National Traffic Scorecard which listed the Phoenix, Mesa and Scottsdale greater metropolitan area as 19 out of the top 100 most congested metros in the U.S. The Allstate 2011 Best Drivers Report gives a slightly better picture by ranking Scottsdale 25th out of 200 cities for safe driving conditions.

Drivers in the Scottsdale area do not experience a large number of traffic accidents when compared to cities of similar size.

Although Scottsdale drivers are safe when out on the roads, Maricopa County where the city is located unfortunately has the highest number of traffic accident fatalities of any other county in Arizona according to National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. There were 312 traffic related deaths in 2010 with 79 of those attributed to alcohol impaired driving and 97 involving intersection crashes.

Arizona Auto Insurance Laws

Arizona car insurance laws require that all drivers maintain a minimum amount of auto liability insurance and carry proof of that coverage with them while driving. The State of Arizona is considered an “at fault” system meaning that drivers who cause traffic accidents or property damage will be held liable and be required to pay the costs associated with the accident.

See our Arizona auto insurance guide for detailed information about specific laws important for drivers to understand before insuring their vehicle and driving on Arizona roads.

Scottsdale Car Insurance Quotes

Scottsdale auto insurance requirements are easy to follow when you use our instant car insurance quote online tool to find. The ability to compare and research car insurance quotes online helps to save time, and the ease of purchasing coverage from your computer puts you in control of the rates and coverage options that are most important to you. Enter your zip code below to get started finding auto insurance savings today.

Enter Your Scottsdale Zip Code:

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