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The first step to getting cheaper Phoenix auto insurance is to get some free quotes. Use the form above to get started right away, with quotes from the internet’s leading insurance companies.

Alternatively, you can keep reading below for information about buying insurance in Phoenix and Arizona as a whole. Do things like find local agents, get information about average rates and/or learn why free quotes are a great way to find lower rates for coverage on your car.

Phoenix Auto Insurance Agents

Even though online quotes are still the best way to save money on your car coverage, some still prefer dealing with an agent. Here are local listings for the biggest insurers. You are still advised to get some online quotes first to give yourself a bargaining position when it comes to buying a policy.

Phoenix Allstate Insurance Agents

Allstate relies on the agent model more than other companies when it comes to selling insurance. As of right now they have 39 agents in Phoenix proper and another 130 or so in the rest of Arizona.

Phoenix Farmers Insurance Agents

Another company that relies on it’s network of local agents is Farmers. They have no less than 50 agents in and around Phoenix.

Phoenix Geico Insurance Agents

At the other extreme you have Geico, which specializes in online auto insurance, who have just a single agent in Phoenix.

Phoenix Progressive Insurance Agents

Progressive Insurance is similar to Geico in that they specialize in direct to consumer insurance sales. As a result they only have 6 agencies and brokers in Phoenix.

Phoenix State Farm Insurance Agents

State Farm is another insurance company with many local agents in Phoenix. As of right now they have at least 50 agents who may be able to help you buy a policy or answer your other Arizona auto insurance questions.

Your insurance agency not listed? If you own an insurance agency that operates in Phoenix and would like to be included in our listings above please use our contact form. At the current time we do not accept individual agent listings except as part of our paid featured listing option.

Phoenix Car Insurance Rates

Like most big cities getting your car insured in Phoenix is more expensive than the state as a whole. CarInsurance.com reports that in 2011 the average quoted rate for an auto insurance policy in Phoenix is $1,700 per year versus $993 per year in Arizona as a whole. As a result, it is very important you take the time to get at least a few car insurance quotes so you don’t overpay.

Phoenix Driving Information

Despite being the 12th largest metropolitan area, the INRIX traffic scorecard claims Phoenix is only the 19th most congested city in the United States. This means on average you’re better off driving here than in bigger cities like LA and New York (1 and 2 most congested respectively).

The only really problematic corridor is the I-10 in the evening. The city doesn’t have any bottlenecks in the top 1000 in the US. Still to avoid accidents you want to be up-to-date the latest traffic reports, road closures, etc. That’s why the Arizona Department of Transportation has created AZ511.gov that can help you with all the latest driving related news and information.

Arizona Car Insurance Laws

As you no doubt already know auto insurance laws are set at the state level. Thus, Phoenix auto insurance falls under the auto insurance laws of Arizona. There are many important things to know about Arizona car insurance. A good first place to visit is the Arizona Department of Insurance’s Consumer Guide to Auto Insurance that outlines the amount and type of coverage you need. Remember, you need at least 15/30/10 coverage or $40,000 combined liability and property damage coverage.

For a more in-depth look you can always read the full text of the Arizona Financial Responsibility Act, specifically Title 28 which deals with transportation. The key thing to know is that Arizona like the majority of states in the US operates under the tort system, where someone is always found at fault in an accident. They (or their insurance company) then must pay the costs arising from an accident.

There are other important things you should know like always carrying proof of insurance, when an insurance company can cancel your policy, how to update insurance information etc. The Arizona Motor Vehicle Division has a good FAQ about various insurance issues you are likely to face.

Phoenix Car Insurance Quotes For Cheaper Rates

It’s perfectly normal to seek cheap rates for your Phoenix car insurance. It’s a really important part of owning a vehicle. Yet, many people think that their rates are too much for something that they’ll use only during emergencies.

People that have gotten involved in accidents appreciate the price they had to pay for the insurance but then again, that shouldn’t stop you from seeking affordable auto insurance. If you can make it cheaper, why not? Luckily, there are ways to obtain auto insurance cheap. Follow these simple principles that wise insurance shoppers follow to get the best deals.

The most basic yet always taken for granted advice is to shop around. Unbelievably, many auto insurance companies will suck up to you just so you will buy their Phoenix car insurance. Exercise your freedom as a potential policy holder and shop around.

Read insurance policy reviews and listen to the feedback of their previous and current clients. This will be the best gauge if they render good service or not. Also, take advantage of the Internet and shop around for instant car insurance quotes. They tend to offer cheap quotes because they don’t hire agents to assist clients all the time.

Finally, if you can’t find what you’re looking for online consider an auto insurance agent, if you need help or have additional questions about car insurance in Phoenix. The insurance agent will provide you with a list of viable quotes for you to choose from.

These are likely to be from fewer companies and generally speaking will be at a higher price than online quotes. Nevertheless, some people still prefer the personal relationship you can only get with an agent. Still get some free quotes now and you’ll be in a better potion to negotiate later.

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