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Lowering the cost of your Peoria car insurance is as simple as using the power of the internet to find great deals on this vital coverage. Insurance company premiums change all the time, and if you haven’t shopped for new quotes in many years, then you may be missing out on lower rates and better coverage terms. Of course, you won’t know if you’re receiving the best rates available without doing some comparison shopping.

Our convenient and easy-to-use tool gives insurance shoppers control over the entire decision making process. Simply enter your zip code in the form below and then answer a few questions. You’ll be able to instantly download quotes right to your computer desktop, and then begin the necessary step of comparing the different rates and coverage options available from top rated auto insurance companies offering coverage in Peoria.

Car Insurance Agents In Peoria

Peoria auto insurance agents are also available to assist consumers with finding the right type of coverage that will suit their budget and needs. Local drivers benefit from being able to drop by agent offices when service or assistance is needed, and insurance professionals are able to handle quoting new rates, helping drivers purchase a policy and even take care of service needs once insured.

Peoria Allstate Insurance Agents

There are 30 Allstate agents providing car insurance in Peoria and the nearby cities of Phoenix, Sun City, Glendale and Surprise. A majority of the agent offices offer bilingual Spanish services to those in the community needing assistance in this language.

Peoria Farmers Insurance Agents

Farmers Insurance maintains a network of 50 agents offering auto insurance in Peoria, Glendale and Sun City. Language support is available for those in the community needing help in Spanish, American Sign Language, Cantonese, Korean and Vietnamese.

Peoria Geico Insurance Agents

The Phoenix and Tempe Geico offices offer car insurance for Peoria drivers, and area residents may also contact the company directly via their website or support phone line for information about their car insurance policies.

Peoria Progressive Insurance Agents

Eight independent agents represent Progressive auto insurance in Peoria, and bilingual agents are available to assist Spanish and Chinese speaking residents.

Peoria State Farm Insurance Agents

A team of 50 State Farm agents provide car insurance coverage in the cities of Peoria, Glendale, Sun City, Phoenix, El Mirage, Surprise, Tolleson and Avondale. Agents are available to assist bilingual residents in Spanish and American Sign Language.

Arizona Department of Insurance Agent License Search

For information about licensed Arizona insurance agents, the Department of Insurance displays licensing status data on their informational website. Consumers may look up agents and find out about the types of insurance and the companies they represent in Arizona.

If your Peoria insurance company isn’t in our resource listing, please submit an add request using the contact form on our site. Individual agents seeking listings may use our paid feature option to be included in our resource page.

Peoria Car Insurance Rates

Car insurance rates in Peoria are much higher than the averages of both Arizona and the United States according to reports by CarInsurance.com. Annual auto insurance premiums in Peoria run $1,827 making them 16 percent or $291 higher than the Arizona average of $1,536 per year and 3 percent higher than the national average of $1,768.

Driving in Peoria

Peoria is situated in two counties: Maricopa and Yavapai with the largest portion of the population living in the Maricopa County area. As a major suburb located within the Phoenix metro, area drivers share in the heavy traffic congestion of Phoenix and neighboring cities.

Navigating through the city streets is much easier due to the fact that the street system is laid out in a grid pattern with roads running north/south or east/west. Highway 60 and 101 run through the city giving it access to Glendale and Phoenix. Both highways connect to Interstates 17 and 10 respectively so that drivers may travel within the state of Arizona or for further trips west to California, east to New Mexico and north to Nevada and Utah.

According to the Allstate 2011 Best Drivers Report, Peoria has some of the safest drivers in the country. The insurer placed the city 61st out of 200 cities for best drivers when comparing collision frequency with population size and average years between accidents.

unfortunately, Maricopa County doesn’t have the same type of safety results when it comes to traffic fatality rates. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration reports that the county had the most vehicle related deaths in the state of Arizona in the years 2006 to 2010. In 2010 alone, vehicle accidents resulted in 312 deaths with 96 caused by speeding and 79 by alcohol impaired drivers.

Arizona Auto Insurance Laws

Arizona car insurance laws are similar to most other states in that they mandate all drivers have liability and property damage auto insurance. You can learn more from our main Arizona auto insurance page.

Peoria Car Insurance Quotes

Because auto insurance rates in Peoria are so high, it is important to research and compare rates from multiple insurance companies in order to make sure you have the best rates and coverage benefits available. Our instant car insurance quoting tool allows you to quickly and easily obtain the quotes you need to make an informed decision, and in many instances, find better rates than what you may be paying on your existing coverage.

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