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Don’t let shopping for car insurance in Glendale overwhelm you. With our online resource you’ll find all the rate and coverage options available so you can make an informed decision about which Glendale auto insurance is right for you.

Many insurance companies and agencies list their services online, but sorting through so much data can be confusing and time consuming. We’ve taken on the hard work for you and created an online insurance quoting system to supply you with multiple auto insurance quotes from top rated insurance companies.

Once you’ve compared each proposal, you’ll even be able to purchase your policy right online all from the comfort of home. Simply input your zip code in the box above to get started.

Car Insurance Agents In Glendale

Glendale car insurance agents also provide a resource to local residents looking for personal one-on-one service when handling their auto insurance needs. Local agents can personalize insurance plans to provide the right amount of coverage to fully protect your property while also factoring in affordability. Our resource list below provides a listing of well-known insurance companies and the agents that represent their auto insurance in Glendale.

Glendale Allstate Insurance Agents

Allstate Insurance has a team of 27 agents serving the needs of Glendale and neighboring cities including Sun City, Peoria, Litchfield Park, Phoenix and Surprise.

Glendale Farmers Insurance Agents

Farmers Insurance agents live and work in the local community. Glendale is home to 50 agents with the expertise and knowledge to assist local residents with their car insurance coverage.

Glendale Geico Insurance Agents

Geico has two local agents in Phoenix and Tempe to assist residents with their auto insurance needs. Drivers may also visit the Geico website or call by phone to receive rate quotes or purchase coverage.

Glendale Progressive Insurance Agents

Progressive maintains a network of 11 local agents to provide insurance services to Glendale, and they also offer bilingual agents who speak Spanish, Russian and Vietnamese.

Glendale State Farm Insurance Agents

Fifty State Farm insurance agents represent the company’s Glendale car insurance policies, and a large majority offer services in Spanish in order to assist those residents in the community who need support in their native language.

Arizona Department of Insurance Agent License Search

The State of Arizona provides agent licensing information to the general public through the Department of Insurance website. Consumers may check the license status of agents and find out what types of insurance they are licensed to sell. There is also information about company appointments and disciplinary action (if any). The site also has a section for consumers to review licensing data for insurance companies, HMOs, dental plans and third party administrators.

If your Glendale agency is not listed in our resources, let us know using our contact form. At the present time, individual agent listings are only accepted through our paid feature option.

Glendale Car Insurance Rates

CarInsurance.com reports that Glendale car insurance rates are some of the highest in the State of Arizona. The average annual auto insurance in Glendale runs $1,812 making it 37 percent higher than the average state rates. Although Glendale auto insurance is much higher than the state’s norms, it is still 9 percent lower than the nation’s average insurance premiums of $1,998.

Driving in Glendale

Located in Maricopa County, Glendale is just 9 miles from Downtown Phoenix and has a population of almost 227,000 residents according to the 2010 U.S. Census. As part of the Phoenix metropolitan area, Glendale experiences some of the traffic overflow common in big urban regions especially during morning and afternoon rush hour.

The Allstate 2011 Best Drivers Report ranked Glendale 43 out of 200 cities for having safe drivers when comparing collision frequency in the city. When looking at the likelihood of accidents occurring for drivers, the report lists Glendale as have a – 4.1 percent chance of becoming involved in an accident while driving in Glendale.

While drivers in Glendale are relatively safe when compared to cities of the same size, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration ranked Maricopa County as the worst county in Arizona for traffic fatalities. Maricopa was 1st out of 15 counties with 312 deaths caused by car accidents. This was a 41 percent increase from the previous year’s fatalities. Of those deaths, 79 involved alcohol impaired drivers, 96 were caused by speeding and 97 occurred in an intersection.

Arizona Auto Insurance Laws

Arizona car insurance laws are very clear about the responsibilities of drivers in the state. All drivers must carry a minimum amount of liability coverage and keep proof of that coverage in the vehicle at all times. See our Arizona resource guide to learn more about specific requirements and auto insurance cancellation laws.

Glendale Car Insurance Quotes

While local agents can help you with finding Glendale car insurance coverage, our car insurance quoting tool offers ease and flexibility to obtaining the information you need to quickly in order to compare, research and purchase the right car insurance policy for your needs.

In the comfort of your own home or office, you can review available coverage options to pick and choose what works best for your situation. There’s no easier way to discover savings on your Glendale car insurance so get started now by entering your zip code in the box below.

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