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If you don’t shop for quotes on your auto insurance in Huntsville, you may be paying too much. Insurance companies frequently change rates from year to year, and often their rates will decrease when they have a good year. But if you are not regularly obtaining Huntsville auto insurance quotes, you may never know of any rate changes that would save you money.

There are also other highly rated insurance companies out there that offer better coverage with affordable pricing. That makes it very important to take a look a month or so before your policy renews to make sure you’re receiving the best rates available.

Using internet resources such as our instant car insurance online quotes can make the difference in helping you find the right coverage for your needs. Our free quotes download instantly to your computer so that you can take your time to compare rates and benefits from multiple companies. This comparison shopping can often lead to the best deals on car insurance in Huntsville.

Car Insurance Agents In Huntsville

Huntsville car insurance agents also provide excellent resources for evaluating coverage and helping their clients select the policies that are the best fit. With a local agent, Huntsville drivers may stop into the office and spend time with an agent who is expert at custom tailoring insurance protection plans. The following links provide information from top rated insurance companies and the agents that represent their auto insurance coverage in Huntsville.

Huntsville Allstate Insurance Agents

Allstate Insurance has a team of 20 agents providing car insurance in Huntsville, Madison, Athens, Brownsboro and Harvest, Alabama.

Huntsville Farmers Insurance Agents

There are 50 Farmers Insurance agents providing car insurance coverage in Huntsville, Madison, Hampton Cove, Laceys Spring, Hazel Green, Athens, Decatur, Hartselle, Arab, Guntersville, Albertville, Section, Cullman, Boaz, Killen, Oneonta, Fort Payne, Muscle Shoals, Florence, Gadsden and Russellville. Bilingual agents are also available to assist clients in Spanish,

Irvine Progressive Insurance Agents

Twelve Progressive Insurance agents offer Huntsville car insurance to area residents.

Huntsville Geico Insurance Agents

There is one Geico office in Huntsville to serve the insurance needs of area residents. Drivers may also contact the company directly for auto insurance rates and coverage by visiting the company website or calling their hotline.

Huntsville State Farm Insurance Agents

There are 28 State Farm Insurance agent offices in Huntsville with 20 additional nearby locations in Madison, Hampton Cove, Meridianville, Athens, Decatur, Arab, Hartselle and Guntersville.

Alabama Department of Insurance Agent License Lookup

Consumers who would like additional information on licensed Alabama agents may visit the informational website hosted by the Alabama Department of Insurance. Information about license status, company appoints and complaints are available for the public on the site.

If your Huntsville insurance company is not in our resource listings, let us know to add you by sending a message through our email form. Listings for individual agents are only accepted in our paid features category at this time.

Huntsville car Insurance Rates

When compared to the national annual average cost of auto insurance, Huntsville’s car insurance rates are much lower according to CarInsurance.com reports. Huntsville auto insurance coverage averages $1,278 making the cost 43 percent lower than U.S. rates. With this kind of savings, Huntsville drivers are able to apply for better insurance protection to fully cover their needs when an accident occurs.

Driving in Huntsville

According to the 2010 United States Census, Huntsville, Alabama has a population of 180,000; however, when combined with the suburbs, the entire metro area’s population is closer to 418,000. Huntsville is county seat to Madison County and is the 4th largest city by population in the State of Alabama. Several major highways course through the city including Interstate 65, which runs to Tennessee and Interstate 565 that connects the city with Decatur, Alabama.

The public bus system is thoroughly developed, and Huntsville also has a shuttle service with 11 stops near downtown and shopping. Trolley cars offer memorable transport for tourists, and handicapped individuals in the community have access to a carpool and transit system solely for their use.

When it comes to safe drivers, Huntsville has some of the best according to the 2011 Allstate Best Drivers Report. The city placed 5th out of 200 cities for having the best drivers when evaluating collision frequencies. With a low rate of accidents, driving through the city is relatively a safe venture for residents and tourists alike.

The Traffic Safety Report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration supports the safe driving conditions within the city. In their study of traffic fatalities from 2006 to 2010, Montgomery County experienced very low incidents of vehicle related death. In 2010 there were only 17 vehicle related deaths with 5 of those caused by alcohol impaired drivers and 5 related to speeding. The 2010 fatality rate also represented a 23 percent decrease in traffic fatalities from the previous year, 2009.

Local news station WHNT-10 provides a website with traffic reports for Huntsville so that area drivers and visitors may check to find out if there are any traffic delays, road construction, congestion or closures.

Alabama Auto Insurance Laws

Alabama car insurance law requires that every driver carry liability insurance. Uninsured drivers face stiff penalties including fines of up to $1,000, license and license plate suspension. Carrying proof of car insurance is a must while driving in the state.

Minimum requirements dictated by auto insurance laws in Alabama are mainly the bare minimum of coverage that drivers should carry; however, in most cases, additional coverage and higher policy limits are needed.

Liability insurance only covers payments to repair the other person’s vehicle or pay their medical bills. It does not cover your own personal vehicle. In order to protect yourself financially and have funds to pay for your vehicle damage when in an accident, you must have collision coverage.

Huntsville Car Insurance Quotes

Insurance shoppers have many options when choosing Huntsville auto insurance. By obtaining our free quotes, you’ll be able to compare and evaluate coverage by many insurance providers. That way you’ll also be able to make an informed decision about which policy meets your budget and needs.

To get started saving on your car insurance, enter your zip code in the box today. Within minutes you’ll have a selection of quotes to review and compare with your existing coverage.

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